C6Gooood morning, beautiful brides-to-be!

My goodness have we got a treat for you this morning: we’re gonna be showcasing three of our absolute favourite decor trends for Summer 2015. They’ll inject that dose of glamour, that show-stopping quality you’ve been seeking, that certain something to take your reception decor to the next level… Although I should totally warn you, they may well steal your thunder, girl!

I’m kiddin’ (of course!) but really, they’re kinda a big deal.

So, whether you plan to wed in a tipi, barn, warehouse, chateau or indeed the great outdoors, you need to seriously consider incorporating one (or all three!) of the following trends… (Yes, they’re that versatile!)

Timeless Romance: The Chandelier

Omgsh, you guys!

I have SUCH a chandelier crush right now. Like really, the struggle to resist spending my monthly earnings entirely on what is effectively a glorified lampshade is REAL!

I mean, how pretty though?!…

C45left: theLane  right: Shop Style

C8It all started when I saw the chandelier pictured above, a shot taken from theLane’s HQ.

Their beaded chandelier is just beyond perfect: it takes all the old-time glamour of a crystal chandelier and then takes an unexpected, yet perfectly formed, bohemian turn with those clay beads.

It’s stunning to behold, but in an earthy, majestic way, rather than the traditional sparkle… a.k.a it’s PERFECT for an outdoor bohemian wedding!

Hung at the centre of a rustic barn or from a huge tree, a chandelier really takes a blank canvas style venue to the next level, giving it that focal point, that sense of wedding luxe that we all love.

C7C1C32Yes, they’re an investment piece and the likelihood is you’ll only incorporate one into your wedding day, but my goodness what a centre piece!

Plus, hello? That is gonna make the raddest wedding keepsake of all time!

Frozen Art: Floral Ice Coolers

Babes, ice is so hot right now.

…Ahem, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but you know what I mean! From grown-up gourmet snowcones, to decorative ice cubes, the love for all thing frozen is big this summer, and not least here at FBrides: introducing the DIY ice cooler.

At the risk of things getting a little messy once they melt (although who cares if you’re getting married outdoors, right?!), these floral and fruit infused drinks coolers are stunning. Sure to fascinate your guests, while keeping that Champagne ice cold, they’re the perfect talking point and an amazingly unconventional way to incorporate flowers into your reception decor.

Best of all? They’re DIY-able and really pretty simple to pull together!

I8I7I45left: Flickr  right: Out the Front Window

Seriously though?! Hearts for eyes!

And not only are they perfectly suited to Spring/Summer weddings, simply change up your colour scheme, introducing evergreen textures and scarlet hues and they’ll suit a more wintery wedding too…

I1I2I36left: Sugar and Charm  right: Style Me Pretty

We love the mix of fruit and flowers, they’re each a work of art in their own right!

Beats a standard metal cooler, right?!

The Looking Glass: Mirrored Menus

Swoon. Just swoon.

Y’all know that signage is a huge deal in the wedding world right? From calligraphy-scrawled vintage A-boards, to an array of hand-cut arrows showing you the way, or of course an ornate mirror…

Wait, what was that last one? Yes, mirrors!

M2M3Injecting a serious dose of glamour into your festival wedding, mirrors are the go-to piece for signage this year.

Who doesn’t love a mirror, though? Reflecting that beautiful blue sky back at you, doubling the space your hosting in, or letting your guests quickly check their lipstick before ordering their drink at the bar… (hashtag real talk!).

Mirrors are beautiful: be it huge with an overstated gilt frame or a sweet vintage tabletop mirror, grab yourself a chalk pen and get writing!

M16left: Style Me Pretty  right: Poppies and PosiesM4M5I mean, come on! Full on bar-side chic, we LOVE!

I may have to start scrawling my to-do list on my mirror, I just can’t resist!

We can’t wait to see you guys incorporating these concepts into your beautiful day – so please do tag us (@festivalbrides) on Instagram – we wanna see it all!

Peace + Love

Clare X



Wedding beauty on its way!

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