5 Morning, you guys!

We’re chatting about an emerging venue trend that we are absolutely, head over heels for this morning: Glass Houses. Yes, I know I’m just making ‘Green Houses’ sound a little more fancy, but really though, if you haven’t considered one of these gorgeous structures for your venue, or even just to house your newly wed portrait shots, you really should.

There’s an old world charm about these structures, that lends them wonderfully to the world of the Bohemian, yet at the same time, with their glass and metal builds, the can swing easily into the more minimal chic camp or even an industrial decor theme. They’re versatile, they’re beautifully lit and they’re simply THE place to host your 2016 or 2017 wedding.

Need a little more convincing? Well, we’ve 5 reasons why you should embrace these divine structure with arms open wide, so let’s get started…


14I mean, are you not in love already?!

They’re such elegant while stand-out buildings – we’re crushing, in a big way!

Reason 1: The Outside Inside + The Inside Outside

This is our top reason for a festival bride: all you gals seeking that beautifully natural outdoors wedding of your dreams, but ever fearful of our charming British weather, a Glass House is the answer.

With plentiful natural light, and a panoramic view of the outdoors, an indoor venue doesn’t get more outdoors than this! (Ha, does that even make sense?!)

You’ll see the sunset, you’ll be able to gaze up at the night sky and all from the comfort and warmth of the Glass House…




20And on top that, you’ll find yourself embracing another of this year’s huge wedding decor trends: the Botanical.

With an abundance of hanging and standing plants, you can really blur the line of indoors and outdoors, creating a haven of greenery and life within your Glass House… Throw in a couple of vintage chandeliers and then we’re REALLY talking.

Reason 2: Unrivalled Abandoned Beauty

But seriously, I had the MOST fun researching this post.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am just captivated by these things, and seemingly the more deserted and abandoned looking they are, the longer it takes me to pick up my jaw from the floor!

With an air of old English beauty, secret gardens and timeless elegant, these structures are pure magic…





27They’re so mysterious and almost ethereal.

Guys, seriously, if you can get your lucky little mitts on one of these beautiful venues, I can’t imagine a more magical setting; even if it’s just for the cocktail reception, they’re unforgettably beautiful.

Reason 3: A Glowing Mirage

Ok, so if y’all though these things looked pretty in the day time, you better believe they look utterly STUNNING at night.

Surrounded by walls of glass, any lighting looks stunning in these venues, but throw in a few (hundred) fairy lights for good measure, and the multitude of twinkling reflections is simply astounding.

For a night time venue, doesn’t get much more chic than a Glass House.




22 Again, it’s the beauty of the outside, while you’re inside.

You’re under the stars, while in those luxuriously warm and beautifully dim lit surroundings. Opt for old school style lighting: hanging delicate festoons, multitudes of church candles under glass domes, or hanging vintage pendant bulbs for the ultimate warm glow.

Reason 4: Effortlessly Cool Portraits

With some of the hottest bridal designers opting to use this backdrop, I think it’s pretty absolutely safe to say that Glass Houses make for SUPER rad portrait shots.

With their delicate symmetry and pitched roofs, they make the perfect frame for bridal portraits, yes it can look a little ‘English Country Garden’ but lit and edited with the right cool tones, you can achieve some effortlessly cool, kinda badass shots.









21Is that last shot not stunning?!

We just love the depth of it, and the bright green foliage in the foreground, it’s like she’s playing a game of Hide and Seek in that magical setting. We LOVE.

Evidently all bohemian goddesses should play in Glass Houses!

Reason 5: A Flexible Space

And our final reason, which albeit a more logistical/practical one is just as exciting is the flexibility of these spaces.

Do they work for a ceremony?

Are you kiddin’?! They were BORN for wedding ceremonies! With either aisle-perfect, long rectangular shapes, or huge round spaces with lofty domes, they make for a simply breathtaking ceremony venue.

Case in point…




What about a reception venue?

Again, BORN for this moment.

Glass houses are the venue you could do the absolute bare minimum to, and your guests would still be in awe. With views of the great outdoors, and spaces perfect to house majestic long dining tables, or an intimate scattering of round tables, a Glass House will work beautifully for your reception, with the fading of the day’s natural light and the introduction of warm evening lighting making for a seamless transition into your night time party vibes.







31Really though, I dream (on a pretty much nightly basis right now!) of hosting a party under a glass roof such as these.

The ultimate in elegance and sophistication, with a heathly dose of magical history and bohemian charm… Glass Houses, you’ve got our attention.

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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