Afternoon, beauties! Now, while I’m sure most us are still in a state of utter disbelief that November has arrived (in fact we’re a good half way through it now, man alive!), it is here nonetheless and we’ve been really feeling those frosty mornings we’ve had so far… So, you guessed it, we got all excited, headed over to Pinterest and voilá: a mood board was born!

Cool tones, with an undercurrent of frosty blue, an abundance of almost-white greys, mixed with some deep cranberry tones for those winter berries. If you’re looking for the finishing touches for your upcoming winter wedding, or if you’re planning ahead for this time next year, wrap up warm, because things are about to get a little chilly here on the blog!

Kicking off with arguably one of the most important parts of any wedding: the dress? Oh no honey, the CAKE.

Just kidding, well kinda! Nevertheless, whether it’s frozen berries atop a demi-naked buttercream iced sponge, springs of pine-tree like rosemary adorning glazed donuts, or a sweet fawn topper stood amidst a dusting of icing sugar frost…

Now, onto the (actually most important) bride and groom style, and we’re loving a dishevelled wavy look to our locks (not least because they kinda act like a scarf, keeping you warm!), paired oh-so-glamourously with a faux fur jacket in washed-out grey tones, or snowy white.

Gowns are fully sleeved, with fitted tattoo lace, or awash with shimmering silver sequins. While grooms are rocking perfectly rugged beards (if that’s your man’s thing!) and all the deep, rich accessories; that cranberry + navy plaid scarf is just perfection with his laid back open collar look.

I can’t even deal with that pair! Such a utterly divine look between them, that’s how to do winter wedding, right there. I mean, need I even continue?!

Yes. Yes I will continue, because oh HELLO! We’ve got major *heart eyes* for these frosty venues. Now sure – I hear you – a lot of this is down to sheer luck with your winter wedding (unless you head to colder climes?! I mean, I’m just putting it out there, could be awesome though!), but you can definitely get that cooler vibe without the snow!

Relying on that naturally cooler, low-sun winter daylight is key; pair with festive old-time festoons or candles to keep light dim and soft. And be aware of foliage when choosing your venue: is the outdoor ceremony area surrounded by evergreens, preferably pines? Are the structures wood built? If so, they’ll translate beautifully for a frosty wedding! Or maybe consider creating a winter foliage and floral mandala to stand upon for the ceremony, and hire in those simple Scandi-style benches for your guests… The devil’s in the detail!

That’s the dream though, right?! A snowy white carpet!

When it comes to frosty blooms, it’s all in the texture. Opt for big white snowball-like blooms, or even stems of cotton, with their soft white fibre balls. Don’t be scared to add alternative or dried elements to your bouquet (it’s actually very seasonally appropriate!) and the addition of these naturally crisp textures can create real depth and interest. And of course, foliage with a blueish undertone (yes, of course I’m alluding to my fave: Eucalyptus!) will give bouquets that wonderfully cool vibe.

Greyish blue sheer pastel fabrics, paired with hints of deep dark navy velvet, candle light and pops of berry red create the perfect frosty November decor for your wedding.

We love this palette paired with pale Scandi-style wood furniture, while for eats (of course) think all things chocolate! From a warming DIY cocoa station, to melting pillowy mallows by the fire.

If it’s warm, rich and indulgent, it’s the perfect antidote to the frosty weather! We’re all about balance!

Brrr! Chilly stuff right?! I’m off to get myself a hot chocolate after all that cool-toned goodness! If you want more of where that came from, head over to our Winter is Coming Pinterest board (I do love a GOT pun, you’re welcome!)


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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