For all you festival lovers out there I just have to share this video with you because:

a)      It’s Friday and we all deserve a treat for getting through a week at work!

b)      Janelle Monae ROCKS!

c)       This will get you in the partying mood!

If you’ve never seen Janelle Monae live then you’re in for a treat! This performance, from Glastonbury this year on the West Holts stage, absolutely wowed the crowd and music critics.

I’m warning you this video is 10 minutes long but stick with because it’s AWESOME!


If you can find a live act to play at your wedding who’s ½ as good as Janelle Monae then please please PLEASE can I come!? I’ll just hang out at the back – you won’t even know I’m there!


Wedding beauty on its way!

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