It’s hard too though don’t you think – to relax? It’s something that appears to come so naturally to some people, and should be like second nature to us all surely, but for me relaxing is something I find really hard to do.

We live in a society now where everything moves so fast. Technology, people, life…………the world  is growing at such a rate that finding the time to relax for many of us, and I mean truly relax, is becoming more rare now than ever. In fact, I would go as far to say that many of us don’t even know what it is to truly relax in our day to day lives. Do you? Can you hand on your heart say that you know how to stop your mind from dancing at the end of the day, or even the end of the week, and just be?

I was at home recently with Bob and I realised that for pretty much the entire evening we had both been glued to our phones. We had been sitting there in silence, with the TV on in the background, scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. This was after a day of sitting in front of my laptop and iPad working and then collecting India from childcare, preparing dinner and then getting her ready for bed. Why the hell am I then spending the only few hours I get in the evening to relax and spend time with just Bob on my phone?

I think a lot of us will admit that it is so easy to lose an evening consumed by our phones/tablets by social media, apps or just by simply searching the internet for whatever reason is important at the time. If you are reading this, then the chances are you are planning your wedding which means the evening is the only time you get to research ideas, suppliers and venues. That’s just the way it is right? Life is busy so we just have to get on with it. But all that time lost in technology surely can’t be good for our health? We need to relax – our bodies need to unwind – our brains need to stop being stimulated in order for us to recharge and function as we should. If they don’t, then our bodies or minds will start to crack.

For the past week I have been really struggling with my left shoulder to the point that I’ve not been able to move my left arm past a certain point. The pain is so bad that I can’t drive as I can’t change gear and getting dressed in the morning has become a two man job. Sleeping (or rather not sleeping) is an issue as I can’t get comfortable and even brushing my teeth is a nightmare (I’m left handed – typical huh!). However, despite all of this the most distressing part is I can’t pick up my baby girl. For a week now I haven’t been able to console her, bath her or play with her in the way I usually would because the pain has been so bad. It’s been breaking my heart. And what’s caused all of this? Yep, you’ve guessed it – stress. I’m stressed.

I don’t dedicate anywhere near enough time to relax and therefore tension has built up over time (we’re talking years here) and my body has finally gone ENOUGH! I’m now having regular sessions with an Osteopath and weekly massages to try and get my muscles to relax again and my neck to realign.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I truly believe that had I spent a little bit more time relaxing everyday over the last few years then perhaps this could have been avoided. If I’d spent just 30 minutes a day doing something that chilled me the hell out then maybe I wouldn’t be feeling this way.

So this weekend take 30 minutes out of your day to stop and relax. Whether you sit in the sunshine and read or you go for a walk – just do something that’s away from your phone, away from technology and away from your busy life. Go somewhere quiet and just slow down for 30 minutes. Give your body and mind this time to rejuvenate because otherwise you will end up like me – burnt out, tired and in pain and that is noway you want to be especially if you’re planning a wedding.

30 minutes peeps. Just 30 minutes a day.

It’s really not that long to spare and it will do you all the world of good.

Have a lovely weekend.

Laura xxx

Ps Yes I have really typed this with one hand and yes it has taken forever!


Wedding beauty on its way!

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