For the past week I have been listening to the amazing debut album from Kyla La Grange called Ashes. Her music, voice and incredible lyrics have completely captured my heart………………..especially this song.

There is one line in The River that grabbed my attention the moment I heard it and has stayed with me ever since:

Now, fear is not a gentle thing although it has no fists
It crawls down from your thoughts and ties you by your skinny wrists

We all know how powerful your thoughts can be, especially when they are full of doubt or anxiety usually caused by a fear of some sort. Maybe a fear of not being accepted, maybe a fear of not being loved or maybe just a fear of not knowing what you want to do with your life. In this one sentence Kyla La Grange seems to sum up how restricting and paralysing this fear can be.

Whatever you are doing tonight, find time to give this song a listen. It’s truly amazing and the lyrics are incredible.

All I want to do is to float with the river so free……………

Have a great weekend peeps.

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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