So today is my birthday and I am 30……I’m not quite sure how I feel about being 30 at this very moment although I have received so many positive comments on twitter this week! I’ve been told that your life really does begin at 30, you have more confidence in your beliefs and have a better idea of who you are and the direction you want to take with life. If this is true then I’m hoping my 30’s will bring me more happiness than my 20’s. I thought I may wake up this morning and say ‘wow I know who I am and what I’m meant to be doing’ – miracles can happen!

All joking aside, the reason my 20’s have ‘not been what I expected’ is because of my own personal high expectations and the pressure I put on myself to achieve all of my life goals before I’m 30! I’ve now realised that this is not the way to live – we must choose to live in the now and saviour the special moments that create our memories. After all, it’s these memories and experiences that make us who we are and shape our future and the decisions we make.

So thanks 20’s – It has been emotional to say the least and as for my 30’s…………….well bring it on I say!

Here is my 30 before 30.. As you see high expectations is an understatement!
1. Start a company
2. Get married and buy a campervan
3. Have children
4. Get a dog
5. Buy a house
6. Forget the past and move on
7. Move to Australia or live somewhere sunny
8. Make a million
9. Take up photography
10. Sell something I made 
11. Learn to be patient
12. Learn to focus 
13. Ride horses
14. Get into cooking and baking
15. Get a tattoo (Getting one for my 30th)
16. Read more 
17. Keep a diary 
18. Learn to make decisions 
19. Find a man to love me
20.Have a house party (or a few) 
21. Hold a dinner party 
22.Glastonbury (maybe next year) 
23. Find my spiritual self  
24. Laugh more often (without being drunk) 
25. Get tidy 
26. Travel around America  
27. Live in the country 
28. Excercise more and practise to yoga once a week
29. Get out the rat race 

30.  Be thankful for what I do have and not focusing on what I don’t (friends and family) Thankyou for your love and support now and always!

Reading through this list has made me realise that all these hopes and dreams don’t have to be achieved all at once or within a set time frame. Life is a journey, not a destination!! It’s also made me appreciate how much I have achieved so far so maybe being 30 isn’t going to be so bad after all…..


Wedding beauty on its way!

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