21Good morning my honeys!

So, this morning we’re gonna be talking about my FAVOURITE subject right now:

(naturally, I’m on that bikini diet yo!)


YES! But not just any old wedding cakes (I mean, hello!? Did you see the opening image?!) we’re gonna be looking at the huge trend for flower focused cakes.

I hear you: ‘Been there, seen it, pinned it, eaten it’

But florals are still HUGE. Like, really, a big deal y’all. You only have to take a look at the gorgeous, petal covered sheer dresses gracing the pages of some of this year’s hottest look books to know that! And, of course, if one wears a trend, one should probably eat accordingly also.

Side note: don’t mind me if I burst into my diet mantra at random points for the duration of this post. The struggle is real.

Cake’s only ok at weddings. Cake’s only ok at weddings. Cake’s only…

2612What do I mean by ‘Flower Focused’ though?

How do you nail this trend? Whelp there are a couple of ways, and yup, I’ma walk you right through them all!

First up, is what I like to call, in my rather indulgent daydreams: show-stopper-toppers.

Yah. Came up with that one all by myself. Clearly too many sugar cravings going on over here.

Take a beautifully, but simply iced cake, be that palette-knifed buttercream or a more formal royal icing, of however many tiers you so desire (personally we’re loving the single super-tall smash cake styles) and quite simply adorn every inch of the top with beautiful blooms.

They don’t have to be edible, unless you desire, but you quite literally, create an additional bouquet for the top of your cake! The more the merrier, clustered high atop your cake they just scream lusciousness and summer frivolity.

We’re swooning over here, gals!

968233213303410Can we talk about those last two, though?! I mean!

I’ll take one of each, to go, please! No no, a serving knife isn’t necessary, just get me a fork!

This works with any colour palette you could imagine up for us, as long as your incorporating flowers into your day, your cake can reflect that oh-so-beautifully.

And that single bloom, balanced on the edge of the mint coloured gold leaf cake? Three words for you gals:

Festival Brides LOVES.

Of course, if the ‘show stopper topper’ (try that after a few glasses of vino, super tough!) isn’t quite subtle enough for you, our next look will surely tickle your floral fancy: dusted with petals.

Let me explain…

14 22Left: Bossa Cafez  Right: Maggie Austin Cake

29So, rather than a full-on arrangement of blooms atop that gorgeously frosted, fruit-filled, vanilla flavoured…

Cake is only ok at weddings. Cake is only ok at weddings.

…cake of yours, why not go for a slightly more caj look. A little more hunter-gatherer in style, a dusting of petals, or even whole flower heads, but just a little more deconstructed in their arrangement can produce the most stunning of effects.

Come on, though. A Pavlova sprinkles with pink petals and sweet Pansy heads… I’M GAME.

2 11Left: Persephones Sunset  Right: theLane

SAMSUNG CSC16 20Left: Bossa Cafez  Right: Call Me Cupcake 

311924 28Left: Chubbeh Face  Right: Paula Deen

Those unopened rose buds are just everything. Utter sophistication. They’re like: ‘I’m here, and FYI I’m totally gorgeous inside, but I don’t want reveal all my secrets to you’.

We heart. Big time.

And a cake completely encased in sugar coated rose petals? Who doesn’t want that in their life?

Next up? We’re taking one for those couples who just ain’t feelin’ the whole big cake thang.

Did someone say donuts? Wait, where? The mantra only specifies I can’t eat cake!

25 27Left: Ana Rosa  Right: Elizabeth Anne Designs 

1715We simply love those bite-sized indulgences.

A little more understated than a tiered cake, a mini Everest of sugar ring donuts, or your childhood favourite chocolate tray bake brings a super personal, fun-loving vibe to your wedding dessert! Which, incidentally looks totally rad adored with flower heads, or scattered in petals.

It’s just a match made in heaven.

For those die-hard naked cake fans, you’ll know all about the floral cake trend, right?!

If you just can’t resist the ever-popular naked cake style, the flowers are just a given. They’re perfection together.

335433 5Left: Twigg Studios  Right: Better Off Wed

Now, this section is gonna really test my endurance, because ummm, hi there chocolate cake!

I’ma let you in on Mary Berry’s first law of cake anatomy: Chocolate Cake + Flowers = Irresistable Indulgence.

Whether the dark chocolate is making your pink petals pop, or your cream milk choc frosting is just oozing deliciousness alongside an oversized pastel Peony, your guests will lose control.

For real though.

17Give. Us. All. The. Cake.

Assuming you’ve made it to the end of the post without legging it simultaneously to the nearest bakers + florists, congratulations!

Tell us, what are your cake plans? Are y’all still hooked on the old favourite, the naked cake? Or are you thinking of hitting up a butter cream frosting? We wanna hear what you think, and which flowers you’re planning to adorn your delicious creation with!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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