Morning, gorgeous people! And goodness do we have a figgin’ beautiful post in store for you today… No not a typo (as you may have guessed by now!) we’re talking figs this morning on the blog. And nope, we’re also not about to become a food-based blog! We are, however, taking an entire post to honour these beautiful fruits that, incidentally, are right on trend. Like, literally, I’m seeing figs everywhere right now!

A little about the fig first, which might explain their popularity in the wedding world right now: revered as a gift from the gods by the Greeks, the fig was known as the Tree of Life and honoured as a fruit of love and (not to get ahead of ourselves here!) fertility. Representing the element of fire and planet Jupiter, there’s an air of passion and abundance around them, with their seed symbolising universal understanding, unity, and truth. They’re also believed to hold powers of divination and protection, as well as good luck if kept/grown in the home… If y’all are into that kind of thing!

And if you’re not, all you need to know is this: figs are figgin’ beautiful and make the best natural, bohemian luxe detail for your wedding! Let’s explore a few ways to embrace them, shall we?

Fig. 1 – Figgy Puddin’

You know that bit in the 1996 version of 101 Dalmatians, where Glen Close sees nothing but spots wherever she turns? Ok, replace Glen Close with me, and the spots are now figs on cakes… They are everywhere, and we’re not even complaining! Not one bit!

A perfectly seasonal alternative to the edible flowers that topped all those beautiful summer wedding cakes, the fig is bursting with delicate texture, colour and interest… A gorgeous natural adornment that expresses an aura of abundance, and love symbolism.

Sliced to reveal that luscious pink inner flesh, kept whole to show off that gorgeously svelte shape and inky purple tone, heck we’ve even seen them completely gilded in edible gold for a little contrast. They just scream opulence… Except they don’t scream (they’re far too sophisticated for that) they sort of sing in alluring mellow tones.

Fig. 2 – Tipple Toppers

So, of course, as you’ll we know by now: what tops a wedding cake, will sooner or later make it’s way onto the other best bit of a wedding (just kiddin’!)… The cocktails.

Perfectly complimenting all the millenial pink that’s permeated the wedding world this year (including the world of pretty cocktails!), it’s no longer even remotely acceptable to have a slice of lemon or lime in your drink, hell nah! You need an entire friggin’ fig! So extra, and we love it!

Floating amongst the bubble or sitting pretty on the edge of your glass, there’s a sweet sensuality about these little additions. We love them paired with a sprig of thyme…

Fig. 3 – Decor Detail

Did we mention figs are the prettiest of fruits?!

It therefore makes perfect sense to use them in addition to your floral arrangements, right? After all, flowers and fruits are pretty closely related, and it’s a gorgeous way to really celebrate their beauty. Gorgeous antique brass bowls, spilling over with figs, or placed simply as a focal point of a place setting, they add depth of texture and colour giving a real bohemian luxe feel to table decor.

Fig. 4 – Fruit Feasts

Of course, cakes aren’t the only food-based use for figs! They’re a sumptuous addition to many savoury dishes too. Adorning baked cheeses and exotic salads, topping creamy desserts, hidden among the abundance of a grazing table, or even stuffed with all kinds of rich delicacies; the possibilities are endless and unbelievably hunger-inducing *stomach grumbles in the distance somewhere*…

Keep an eye out for the luscious chocolate and gold covered figs too, such a beautiful idea!

Fig. 5 – Sweet Stationery

Yes, even your stationery! Whether you simply keep some on hand to be used as a prop to shoot your gorgeous invites, or actually incorporate them into the design, their rich colour and delicate inner texture conjures stunning imagery for designers to create a botanical themed stationery suite.

And just in case that isn’t enough, you could even wear a fig-based scent to complete the love and passion-filled theme of your wedding! Trust me when I say this Jo Malone scent is utterly divine!

Obsessed. Totally and utterly. These ancient fruits, steeped in history, with their jewel-toned seeds and wonderfully soft tear-drop shape are the ultimate element to incorporate (in abundance, of course!) in to your wedding.


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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