Dancing in the rain, firepits and chilled party vibes is where it’s at for Beth and Alex’s relaxed, DIY tipi wedding in the heart of Yorkshire. Their stunning wedding took place at Robinson’s Library, a sweet community hall in the village of Timble. This place struck a chord with these beauties, as it’s close to where they took their first date and even closer to where they very first said ‘I love you’…..aaawww!

If there is one thing this wedding didn’t lack, it was love! Both families united to create, organise and support the making of this wedding. Beth’s mum made the cake, Alex’s dad cut the wood slices and his sister chose the flowers from the local flower market. Oh, and don’t forget Beth’s Granny – she read Metallica’s lyrics to ‘Nothing Else Matters’ at the ceremony (this song holds a special place in my heart as it was sang at my own wedding – heart heart heart!)

I can’t explain the amount of love we felt around us on our wedding day and on the lead up to it! It’s an amazing feeling knowing you’re making a promise to the love of your life surrounded by people who love you. We had a lot of help from our amazing families with the cost, planning and DIY of our wedding and we really couldn’t have done it without them! 

Featuring not one but three tipis and captured by the epic Anna Wood Photography, Beth and Alex married in such an inspirational fashion – they stayed totally true to themselves, they embraced the UK rain (which actually became one of the day’s highlights!) and they remained cool and calm throughout the entire wedding. So many of us sweat the small stuff and stress over the smallest details, but they took it all in their stride and it paid off.

Here is the gorgeous bride to tell you all about her DIY tipi wedding to the love of her life….

Camping and Raindrops

We were married at Robinson’s Library in Timble, Yorkshire. My mum suggested viewing! We had some family camping in fields just 5 minutes up the road from the venue, but it rained all night and a lot of people woke up quite soggy! We hired 3 Papakata tipis; Kate at Papakata was a star, nothing was too much trouble and she was so friendly and warm – we would definitely recommend them.

We met at Leeds festival in 2009 and so we knew we wanted an outdoor wedding with relaxed vibes and live music. The whole celebration was pretty chilled.


Lyrical Metallica Ceremony Reading and Handmade Bunting

My Grandma read ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica (she doesn’t know the song and didn’t really get the lyrics, but did it to keep us happy!). Alex’s mum read an excerpt from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. We had handmade bunting and candles made by both of our mums and my amazing Godfather Paul helped move and arrange everything for the wedding before playing music and helping to seat people for the ceremony. We had over 500 candles lit throughout the ceremony.

Comfy Dress, High Street Bridesmaids and Last Minute Shoes

I bought my dress and veil from Wed2b – I wanted to be able to sit down and eat crossed legged on the floor in my dress! I forgot to buy shoes, so my sister had to nip to Next and quickly find me some white shoes! My hair and make up was done by Caroline Cooper. She was so lovely and chilled on the morning of the wedding and gave me the most perfect hair and make up! The make up even lasted throughout all my dancing in the rain!

Alex’s outfit was also from Next and the bridesmaid’s dresses were from Coast.

Hand Cut Wood Slices, DIY Table Plan, Firepit and Hay Bales

My mum and Louise (bridesmaid and Alex’s sister) did all the flowers. Alex’s mum decorated hundreds of jam jars with string and everything was handmade by us with the help of both of our families. I created the infinity table plan and all of the wood slices were hand cut by Alex’s dad. I bought a boat for £10 from an auction, sanded it, painted it up and filled it with drinks and ice for the wedding which meant that everyone had a free bar!

We had fire pits and borrowed hay bales from the farm with a cosy offering of blankets for the colder hours of the day. Everyone loved these!

Flowers from the Market and Stunning Acoustic Vibes

My mum and Alex’s sister Louise went to the flower market and chose the flowers, I stated I only wanted greens and whites, but they went against that and just got whatever they wanted – rebels! Although I am so glad that they did. The flowers were truly amazing!

We had the wonderful Micheal Mulholland who is an incredible acoustic singer and DJ – he was brilliant!

Homemade Cake and BBQ Feast

My amazing and talented mum made our cake and we used a company called Ribble Valley Catering to feed everyone. We had cheese and meat platter starters, BBQ and hog roast as our main followed by brownies, Eaton Mess and doughnuts for dessert. We had fresh pizzas made by them in the evening! All of the food was absolutely delicious!

Amazing Photographers and a Rainy End to the Day

Anna Wood Photography and Becky were our photographers and they were absolutely perfect – such lovely people and amazing photographers! They seemed to be here, there and everywhere and saved the day with umbrellas when it rained! We highly recommend Anna she is the real deal!

First Dance

Our first dance was to ‘Head Over Feet’ by Alanis Morrisette, partly because I sing it to Alex all the time!

Favourite Moment

I honestly couldn’t pick just one moment, as the day was amazing from start to finish. I didn’t even have a hangover the next day!

Any Advice?

Do not let the stress of planning the day get in the way, as things go wrong, but nobody will know apart from you! Also, don’t worry about rain on your wedding day – if it’s meant to be then see it as lucky, as it means you get to have a dance in the rain!

Also, don’t try to keep your dress clean and spoil your big day by trying to keep a white dress white! Mine got so dirty, but I’m never going to wear it again and actually I love seeing the mud because it reminds me of my perfect festival wedding to my perfect festival man!


The Line Up

Photographer: Anna Wood Photography
Venue: Robinson’s Library
Tipi Hire: Papakata
Bride’s Dress: Wed2b
Bride’s Shoes: Next
Groom’s Outfit: Next
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast
Catering: Ribble Valley Catering
Music: Micheal Mulholland



Wedding beauty on its way!

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