This week, I’m really pleased to join Kelly and Laura at Festival Brides and share some thoughts on choosing a dress for your festival Wedding.
As a bespoke designer most of my job is about designing my brides an amazing dress, but I’m also obligated to add a little bit of fuctionality too. That’s not a word I’m a huge fan of, but it’s no good rocking up at a slightly muddy festival wedding with a 10 foot train in the most precious lace.

  • What is the weather likely to be like?
  • Will the ground outside be muddy, wet, long grass? Do you mind the hem of your dress getting dirty?
  • Are you likely to get cold? A funky jacket might be needed.
  • If you’re planning on dancing the night away, straps to hold up your dress may be a good idea.
  • Are you likely to fall over? A short dress may be a risky idea.

A festival wedding is about having fun, great music, relaxing with your friends and having a jolly good dance. A ballgown, or corset or tight fitting and restrictive styles may not be the best choice for comfort, but I’m not going to dictate if that’s what you want to wear. Ultimately, your wedding is your choice.

When you start thinking about your wedding dress, no doubt there are so many dresses that you would love to own for your wedding . . . but which one is perfect?! Many of the brides who I design for show me a whole range of different styles that they love, and then it’s my job to choose the most flattering features from each inspiration and the prettiest details, and define which will work best for the bride.

I’ve collected some inspiration which I think of when designing for a festival bride. In general, the structure of a comfortable gown which you can enjoy your wedding festival in will be simpler in structure, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on details. Whatever gown you decide, you will always look amazing amongst the surroundings of your wedding!
70's Boho inspirations

70s boho

Image 1. Pinterest via Electric Frenchie , Image 2. Coral Vintage at Etsy , Image 3.  Antonio Beradi,  Image 4. Amy Catherine Fashion 
“70’s boho styles in general lend themselves amazingly to free-spirited festival weddings. The 70’s was the dawning age of festivals after all!? Think soft and deep frills, daisy motifs,  flowing fabrics, maxi skirts and cute kaftans.”
Feather inspiration


Clockwise from top left
Image 1. Pinterest Via The Gifts Of Life,  Image 2. Valentino Couture, Image 3. Pinterest Vis Glamourous Chic Life 
Image 4. Dior Couture, Image 5. Pixie Market 
“Feathers would work brilliantly at an outdoor festival wedding. They catch the breeze beautifully and will look amazing in your photographs. I love the way that feathers can be ‘glammed up’ with extra jewels and details, but they look just as beautiful in a more natural state too. It’s very difficult to ‘mess-up’ feathers too, as they look great a bit ruffled too, so you can feel free to have as much fun as you like!”
bow inspiration


Clockwise from top left
Image 1. Minna , Image 2. Pinterest via Styleesas Closet, Image 3. LuvStonedVintage at Etsy , Image 4. Nordstrom, Image 5. Shop Ruche
“ Bow’s are one of my favourite details. Surprisingly, there can be so many different styles of bows to suit any outfit. And by playing around with the positioning of the bow, you can create a totally different feel too. Bows are great for a festival wedding because they’re so girly and carefree.”
casual inspiration


Clockwise from top left

Image 1. Valentino RTW, Image 2. Massimo Dutti, Image 3. Valentin Yudashkin, Image 4. Bustown Modern Vintage at Ebay , Image 5. Zahavit Tshuba Bridal
“ When I say ‘casual wedding dress’, I don’t really mean that. I don’t think there is a word for what I’m trying to say. What I mean is an idea that you’re wearing a super glam dress, but in a really casual way – like you wear a dress like this every day! I love vest styles with flowing skirts, leather belts, and pockets.”
intricate inspirations

Intricate details

Clockwise from top left

Image 1. Read between the Lining Via Pinterest , Image 2. Retro Vintage Weddings at Etsy , Image 3. One Wed via Pinterest , Image 4. Pinterest , Image 5. Marchesa Couture
Image 6. Pinterest , Image 7. Veluz Reyes Bridal
Image 8. Claire Pettibone, Image 9. Pinterest 
“ Intricate details sewn onto an invisible mesh are really magical, and make the wearer look really dainty. The invisible mesh means that you can wear really complex designs which look like jewelry, but it will save you getting in a tangle.?Embroideries and jewels can ‘float’ in the middle of your backless dress, without the need for straps, which can take away from the effect.?I love to add details that are hidden too, so that only the bride knows about it. I don’t know why, I just have this idea that’s it’s really lovely to have a pretty little secret.”
textured inspirations


Clockwise from top left

Image 1. Free People , Image 2. Pinterest , Image 3. Pinterest 
Image 4. Claire Pettibone
Image 5. Pinterest 
“ Textures and layers mean that you can combine several influences in your look. For example, can’t decide between the Gatsby look and 70’s boho? Do them both, there’s no problem with that. I design bespoke wedding dresses, and I’m used to brides choosing a thousand and one inspirations which are all completely different. It’s really fun to think you’re having several of your favourite influences in your design, and owning a dress completely unique. I’m really just there to make sure the dress stays chic.”
Thanks so much to Charlotte @ Wilden Bride.. We just love her beautiful designs. Check back in a few days to see her design sketches based on her inspirations above xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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