Oh heyyy, Blushing Brides!

I just wanted to take a moment today to affirm to you guys that here at Festival Brides, we still adore the Blush trend. It’s been around a little while now, but it’s not going anywhere fast. Soft, warm pinky hues remain a huge trend across the realms of florals, dresses and stationary for 2014. Embrace it full on, or gently splash a tint of watercolour pink across your invites… There’s a multitude of ways to approach the blush trend and they’re all just so darn gorgeous.


A Deep Shade of Blush

So, I was kinda scared that you boho gals might take one look at the title of this post and run a mile, for fear of something way too prissy pink! But have no fear, I’m not particularly a pink girl myself, but we’re keeping our blush looks totally boheme and subtle. This is sexy blush, nothing too cute.

For us, it’s all about how you blush. To avoid that sickly sweet, super girlie look, combine blush hues with quirky elements like the fun ‘Next Step’ save the dates below, or bohemian patterns such as the Morroccan tile print. Keep it subtle, and if you’re still unsure, try deepening the shade of blush you’re using or, at the opposite end of the scale, washing it out to a paler tone.

13 14 5

Sipping on Rosé

If  drinks could say ‘Come Hither’, my goodness would it be these beauties! Blush hued cocktails are some of the most beautiful. Yes, half of them are adorned with flowers or herbs and yes, the majority are fruit based, but make no mistake, they’re grown up and seriously cool. Top tip? Add an edible Hibiscus flower from Ocado to any clear drink to give it a beautiful pink tint. Go ahead and seduce your guests with one of these little numbers…

23 4 19 33 34 35 36 29

…That last image? Yeah, that’s for me to drool over. Blush macarons will always be an absolute delight. Keep them styled simply and juxtaposed with a lovely green palette to compliment those pale pink tones. Uh, delectable!

Layers, Textures & Depth

Yeah, this is so, so important. Whether you’re wearing blush, hanging it to decorate or holding a bunch of blush coloured blooms; use many layers and variety of textures to give it depth, thereby avoiding a flat, one dimensional use of pink. To contrast with the soft colours, use heavily woven fabric with rough edges and don’t hesitate in using slight variations of the pink you’ve gone for. Contrast with hard elements, like those beaten up brass bells… It’s blush, but with a Rock n’ Roll edge.

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam 16

As with the invites, if you’re thinking of blushing blooms for your bouquet, keep it boho cool by adopting one of the following suggestions: a single, massively oversized stem, paper flower variations (so stinkin’ sweet) or embrace last week’s Glorious B.I.G. bouquet trend with a huge bundle of blush coloured peonies. These concepts will create a luscious, textured blush bouquet that simply screams gorgeous, or if you’re as rad as Kinfolk, you’ll put your blooms in an ice cream cone (obviously, right?!)

6 7 8 9

Boho Brides Wear Blush

That’s right! Bohemian brides you can rock the blush trend without looking at all cutesy and here’s how. When it comes to blush flower crowns, as we said above, either go for a deeper, Morroccan-like blush or a supremely pale wash. In both instances pairing with brass or gold elements is an absolute game charger.

10 11

And of course the dress. Brides, please on’t be scared to consider a blush dress for yourself, not just your maids. It’s a warm, sophisticated bridal statement that we just LOVE. Again, texture is key: layer up various sheer fabrics and pair with natural textures, like that gorgeous straw hat, or dishevelled blonde braids, or couple will sultry brown eyes, especially if you’re a brunette. Complimenting your blush with natural textures and earthy tones ensures you stay a million miles away from anything too girlie, and instead create an elegant look with plenty of depth; it’ll work perfectly in your outdoor venue.

12 17 23 24 25 27 31 32 30 26

I just adore that last image of Emily Blunt. With the light behind her, the blush dress creates such a delicate warm haze around her, don’t you think? Sheer sophistication.

And, of course, blush gets a major tick from us when it comes to your wedding day beauty. Whether you opt for a so-hot-right-now Petal Pout (follow the link for a ‘how to’), a beautiful sweep of coral blusher or those divine half moon nails; blush is the colour for your pretty lil’ face. Just remember to choose your Blush tone carefully, being sure to compliment your complexion, and when it comes to makeup: blend blend and blend again! We want soft feminine tones, no doll-like glowing cheeks!

20 21 22 28

Well, my bohemian brides, it’s been a journey! I’ve been contemplating these images for a good month now and I was struggling to convince my (really rather tomboy-ish) self that you’d still love this trend. Here’s hoping that I’ve managed to convince you girls as ardently as I have myself.

Now, where’s that coral blusher I loved last summer…

Clare xo


Wedding beauty on its way!

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