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Last week we shared Old Bear Film’s incredible video of our white on white styled inspiration shoot in collaboration with The Little Lending Company. If you missed it then please take a look as it really is very beautiful. This week, we are sharing the images from the shoot in all their fabulous white on white glory!

I have so been looking forward to sharing this shoot with you. Working with Penny from The Little Lending Company was a delight from start to finish and we had so much fun discussing and researching ideas. Its amazing what you can put together once those creative juices start to flow and I am really proud of the end result. We didn’t want to go over the top with this shoot. The key was to keep things simple and use the raw and natural beauty of the venue to enhance the decor and bridal styling.

Captured by Beth Moseley Photography and featuring the work of Norfolk’s finest wedding suppliers, the aim of the shoot was to showcase how a simple wedding theme, such as the white on white trend, can be used in different ways to create something beautiful, unique and striking for your wedding day. We’re talking decor backdrop ideas using wall paper and cotton sheets; tablescapes that play with light and texture; make-up that includes just a hint of white; and statement pieces made from flowers and foliage. White was our main focus but we also introduced other subtle colours to enhance each look. Hints of grey, gold, pink and green were used to create shapes, tones and structure. Emily of Love Moi Makeup also used these colours within the styling of the bride to add a very subtle contrast to the white of the wedding dresses. Our wonderful florist Michelle of Swaffham Florist created the most fantastic foliage chandelier that hung above our main tablescape and in front of our white textured backdrop to add a very natural and organic feel to the overall look. This shoot was about using white as our main focus but then finding ways to build on that without detracting or overwhelming it.

As well as focusing on the White on White aspect within the shoot, we also wanted to showcase the venue and the beautiful bridal pieces from ASOS, Free People and Otaduy that we were lucky enough to use. Fishley Hall is a working farm that dates back to the 17th Century so it had some amazing, almost derelict, buildings that carry so much personality and beauty. Old wooden doors, dark atmospheric barns, crumbling brick walls. Areas that would create such cool backdrops for a shoot. It is also surrounded by 350 acres of countryside with wild flower meadows and marshes that were too irresistible not too capture. These areas didn’t necessarily fit in with the original White on White brief but they did fit in with our desire to keep things simple and to play with light and texture. In these spaces we used either the beauty of the natural backdrop or the starkness of the barn buildings to showcase our model and dresses. I especially love the dark images captured in one of the barn’s old rooms. Both Beth Moseley and Old Bear Films used the light here beautifully to showcase the texture and embellishments on the ASOS wedding dress, the green of the waterfall bouquet and also those subtle hints of gold that Emily used within the make-up. I love these shots – they are so different to the rest of the shoot but have completely earned their place to be featured.

I just want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of the suppliers involved for all of their hard work and for being so awesome to work with. I especially want to say thank you to Penny who put up with my last minute organisation and ideas! You rock lady and I have loved working on this shoot with you.

Lastly, a big shout out goes to ASOS, Otaduy and Free People for lending us their gorgeous bridal pieces. They were lucky to get them back as quite a few of us had our eyes on them! That Free People Jumpsuit is just all kinds of wedding cool.

Look out for Penny’s write up on how she put together the amazing decor you are about to see.


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Creative Suppliers, 3 Backdrops and Lots of Candles….

Words by Penny of The Little Lending Company

The idea of a modern, simple white wedding has been something I’ve been obsessed with for a while. So many stunning white-on-white images were flooding my Pinterest and it had been on my radar for a while to work on something very minimal and play with the idea of layering all the whites. White symoblises purity; a cleanliness and innocence, it’s a stunning colour in its own right and if you’re looking for a minimal timeless palette for your wedding, just keep it easy with all white tones and a ton of greenery to boot.

I was keen for all the suppliers involved to bring their creativity to the shoot, I really wanted to capture lots of subtle textures. I worked with the florists and talked about lots of white seasonal flowers, from big blossomy blooms to more modern leafy and whispy stems to really create something a little unruly, home-grown and wild on the flower front. Emma at Buns of Fun on the cakes made a trio of cakes, something we’d been thinking about for some time. I love the idea of a mix of textural finishes on the cake stacks and created a platform display for the 3 cakes. It made for some really interesting shots that were captured in the candle light.

We went for 3 big backdrop set ups at the venue. The first backdrop was all from foraged branches and leaves. With Michelle from Swaffham Florist, we worked carefully into the walls of the barn with small pins creating a frame work for the branches to lightly sit. We built it up almost to the top of the barn wall in one area. It was a stunning wild backdrop that gave the illusion of living plants growing inside.

BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-51FINAL1080px wide-189BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-52FINAL1080px wide-190 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-53FINAL1080px wide-191 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-55FINAL1080px wide-193 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-57FINAL1080px wide-195 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-62FINAL1080px wide-201 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-63FINAL1080px wide-202 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-68FINAL1080px wide-207 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-69FINAL1080px wide-208 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-71FINAL1080px wide-211 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-73FINAL1080px wide-213 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-76FINAL1080px wide-216 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-80FINAL1080px wide-221 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-46FINAL1080px wide-183 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-47FINAL1080px wide-184BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-42FINAL1080px wide-179 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-45FINAL1080px wide-182

A Cotton Sheet, Grey Paint and Clematis….

Our second backdrop was a very soft chalky grey marble effect painted onto a large cotton backdrop. This was a DIY effort from myself before the shoot. Created by using a large cotton sheet, make sure its damp to start with, then using fabric paint that was watered down mixing black and white paints I created a type of cloud/marble effect with a large brush in super soft grey. Darker grey was used with a smaller brush to create outlines within the brush shapes. On the day we then used trailing clematis with pins onto the draped fabric for the ultimate romantic frame.

BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-119FINAL1080px wide-21 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-120FINAL1080px wide-23 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-121FINAL1080px wide-24 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-122FINAL1080px wide-25 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-118FINAL1080px wide-20BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-123FINAL1080px wide-26 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-127FINAL1080px wide-30 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-128FINAL1080px wide-31 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-129FINAL1080px wide-32 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-130FINAL1080px wide-34 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-133FINAL1080px wide-37 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-137FINAL1080px wide-41 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-138FINAL1080px wide-42 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-140FINAL1080px wide-45 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-143FINAL1080px wide-48 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-144FINAL1080px wide-49 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-145FINAL1080px wide-50 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-146FINAL1080px wide-51 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-148FINAL1080px wide-53 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-149FINAL1080px wide-54

Textured Wall Paper, Organic White Cotton and Paper Fern Leaves….

The final backdrop was our Wallpaper from Graham and Brown taped and hung behind our table. We then white spray painted some fresh leaves and flower heads, these were then taped to the wall paper sporadically to create a 3D element and again creating more texture and shades of white against the crumbling painted exterior wall.

Our tablescape was draped with an organic white cotton muslin, and also had a spotty white net sheer fabric; they really helped create the base once rouched to nestle props among. The stationery by Emma Jo was super modern, clean and cool. It fitted into the table setting perfectly. Emma Jo also made the most delicate little paper fern leaves for the plates.

It was important to achieve something very uncomplicated, cool and fresh. You can be so much more creative with a simple palette because you start to think about other elements; the light, the texture and the tones and shapes that can be formed. Less is always so much more for me as a stylist. The key to the white-on-white look not being underwhelming is of course adding interest with the textures, using interesting cut glass tumblers or glazed ceramic plates on the tables. With an abundance of white candle light a white-on-white reception can be soothing and tranquil and totally breathtaking.

BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-183FINAL1080px wide-92BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-150FINAL1080px wide-56 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-151FINAL1080px wide-57 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-152FINAL1080px wide-58 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-153FINAL1080px wide-59BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-177FINAL1080px wide-85 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-178FINAL1080px wide-86 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-179FINAL1080px wide-87 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-184FINAL1080px wide-93 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-186FINAL1080px wide-95 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-187FINAL1080px wide-96 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-189FINAL1080px wide-98 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-191FINAL1080px wide-101 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-195FINAL1080px wide-105 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-117FINAL1080px wide-19BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-114FINAL1080px wide-16BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-112FINAL1080px wide-14BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-197FINAL1080px wide-107 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-200FINAL1080px wide-112 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-201FINAL1080px wide-113 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-202FINAL1080px wide-114 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-203FINAL1080px wide-115 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-233FINAL1080px wide-148BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-205FINAL1080px wide-117 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-206FINAL1080px wide-118 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-208FINAL1080px wide-120 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-210FINAL1080px wide-123 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-211FINAL1080px wide-124 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-213FINAL1080px wide-126 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-214FINAL1080px wide-127 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-216FINAL1080px wide-129 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-219FINAL1080px wide-132 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-222FINAL1080px wide-136 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-224FINAL1080px wide-138 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-226FINAL1080px wide-140 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-228FINAL1080px wide-142 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-230FINAL1080px wide-145 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-232FINAL1080px wide-147BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-238FINAL1080px wide-153 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-234FINAL1080px wide-149 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-235FINAL1080px wide-150BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-239FINAL1080px wide-154 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-240FINAL1080px wide-156 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-241FINAL1080px wide-157 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-154FINAL1080px wide-60 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-158FINAL1080px wide-64 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-162FINAL1080px wide-69 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-164FINAL1080px wide-71 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-168FINAL1080px wide-75 BethMoseleyPhotography_WhiteonWhite-170FINAL1080px wide-78

White on White Film….

Just in case you still haven’t viewed Old Bear Film’s video of the shoot, here is a little snippet to whet your appetite:


Now go and watch the full film!


Film: Old Bear Films
Concept & Styling: Festival Brides & The Little Lending Company
Photography: Beth Moseley
Venue: Fishley Hall
Wedding Dress & Bodysuit: ASOS
Two Piece: Otaduy
Jumpsuit: Free People
Florals: Swaffham Florist
Cakes: Buns Of Fun
Stationery: Emma Jo
Hair & Make-Up: Love Moi Make-Up
Wall Paper: Graham and Brown
Model: Chloe Manning
Music: Chemikal Recipe


Wedding beauty on its way!

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