Have you heard the fab news everyone?? We are going to have sun next week, for a whole week!! Huge smile on my face – Vitamin D top up!

You might remember Belle, the beautiful bug from The Hurly Burly event we covered in Brighton back in May… Check our the post here.

We have stayed in touch with Joss and Kelly from Sussex Love Bug ever since and just had to share their wonderful story with you.. So here it is in Kelly’s words – Belle the beautiful bug is born;

For 6 long years I worked at Amex, as PA to a Director, actually it wasn’t even that long as I had a year off with each child. I loved my team there, but the work was dull and repetitive, I longed to arrange something fun but the most I could do was get involved in the Christmas Party planning. Luckily I received a call about a year ago from my boss to tell me I was being made redundant and cried for about 10 minutes, I called Joss, my husband and through gasps I explained the situation, I was only upset because of the financial situation. What are we going to do?

Thanks to gardening leave I had the whole of the summer holidays with Jimmy and Matilda and in this time I had to decide what I was going to do, I panicked and started applying for ‘safe’ PA jobs and then had to have a word with myself, why do I want to do that again? So, in September one of my best pals from school was married at Grittenham Barn in Sussex and during the wedding Joss and I got talking about how great it would be to get involved with the wedding industry, and I hate to say this but he came up with the idea of buying a VW Beetle as a wedding car, the seed of Sussex Love Bug was born.

(Kelly and Belle on their first wedding job and Matilda and Jimmy next to Belle)

Within 4 weeks of the wedding we found the car we longed for on eBay, at first we never thought we would find a white one in good nick.  Joss drove down to Southampton to collect her from her elderly owner who could no longer care for her. He drove her home to me and the kids and from here we drove directly to Brighton Breeze VW rally and instantly, we were part of it.

We decided on her name after asking friends on a Facebook thread, Belle it was, partly because of the old train, Brighton Belle, party because of the sounds of wedding bells, definitely NOTHING to do with the Disney Princess, yes brides have asked if that is the reason for her name.

Joss started work on the website, he and my Dad fitted her new interior and we were off, we were on Facebook, Twitter, the directories and then the phone rang, it was our first enquiry! We were so excited, the bride and groom lived in Shoreham, as do we so it was perfect. I was so nervous going to collect her but I have now realised that people just love seeing Belle arrive outside, every passenger we have loves the sound of the engine and the looks on peoples faces as we pootle by. I love being half of www.sussexlovebug.co.uk and wouldn’t go back to the corporate world for all the tea in China, well, maybe all of it!

We cover the whole of Sussex and have a number of packages for couples to choose from, most go for our Bravo package which includes cava and photos. Brides can be collected from wherever they like and driven with whoever they like to their ceremony and if their day dictates they can then we driven on to their reception, Belle is always glad to have her photo taken too!!  She fits in with most wedding styles, especially vintage, festival, beach, and has a beautiful hand painted, suitcase on the back which has our name on one side and ‘Just Married’ on the back for the journey to the reception.


Having Belle has also inspired Belles Vintage Wedding Fair at Hove Town Hall and Belles Bridal Bazaar at Brighton Unitarian Church. This time next next year I would love to have launched Belles Events, including Wedding Planning… Watch this space!

If you would like to enquire about booking Belle for your wedding please contact Kelly and Joss on  07954 578605 or email info@sussexlovebug.co.uk



Wedding beauty on its way!

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