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We have got a serious treat for you guys today! Grab yourself a nice warm brew, definitely a box of tissues if you’re liable to sob at every love story you see and maybe a set of headphones (if you’re in the office!) and get ready to see some seriously stunning wedding videos from Simon Clarke Films

Hayley & Julian

Tell us a little about yourself…

My name’s Simon Clarke and I make wedding films.

I’m a self trained film maker and have been shooting weddings full time for five years. When I’m not shooting or editing I hang out with my wife, Anna, our two cats, Mumford & Matilda, and watch films and drink wine!

If you had a chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be?

I have been to a few festivals in my time as I’m a massive music fan but I’ve never managed to go to Glastonbury due to always having weddings that weekend. One year we will book it off and go get muddy.

Ellie + Jack…

Emma & Nick

What made you decide to start making wedding films?

Anna is a wedding photographer and I’d been shooting music videos for a while for friends. I started looking into wedding videography just out of interest and soon found that there weren’t film makers in the UK that were making beautiful and contemporary wedding films that I would want if I were getting married again. The ones I found were cheesy and felt like they were shot in the 90’s.

So I starting thinking if I wanted to see better wedding films then I better start making them!

Tell us a little bit more about the wedding packages you offer…

I keep things super simple for my couples. I only offer one package and price. This includes full coverage on the day from myself and Anna.

My couples receive a 20 minute wedding film, a preview and the full ceremony and speeches as separate video files.

Emma + Nick…

Mari-Carmen & BrettNaomi & Mark

What are some of your favourite memories & experiences from previous weddings/couples you’ve worked with?

This is really hard to answer as every wedding is different and unique in their own way.

I have been to some incredible places in UK and across the world doing this job and also met some awesome couples along the way some of which are still good friends of ours to this day.

How do you know if Simon Clarke Films is right for your wedding?

If couples watch my films, like them and want to watch more because they feel an emotion then I’m the right film maker for them.

Emma + Alex…

Emma & Alex

Jessica & Tom
Naomi + Mark…

What’s your best piece of advice for couples who’re trying to choose their videographer?

I always say to couples, even ones who I meet with, book the videographer or photographer for that matter who’s work they LOVE and also that they get on

together as they are going to be there at all the key stages of your wedding day and you don’t want someone that you don’t get on with.

Finally, what’s your life quote?

It’s not a life quote but it is my favourite quote “If you open your mind to much your brain will fall out” It just makes me laugh!

Tamsin + Simon…

Ellie & Jack

Cheryl & AndyBeautiful right?!

The lighting, the details, the real emotion of every special day and every love story… Simon and Anna just nail it every time!

If you’re as hooked as we are on Simon’s beautiful work, you can find him in our wedding directory and get chatting!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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