One of the things I love the most about working within the wedding industry, is coming across a new and exciting supplier that is offering something completely different and unique to anything I have ever seen before. Someone whose business is driven with design led passion and creativity. A supplier who is pushing the boundaries of tradition and encouraging brides to have the confidence to dress with their own unique personality in mind.

Allow me to introduce you to the brilliant designs of bridal fashion label, Petite Lumière.

Petite Lumière was born out of a passion to design a bridal collection that offered the modern day bride something fashionable, comfortable and less conventional to wear on their wedding day. Their designs consist of separate only dress collections so you can mix and match your own individual style, adding unique hand-made apparel and accessories as you see fit. Even if you have already found your wedding dress, you can use their stylish accessories and jewellery to upgrade your look even more.

The idea with wearing wedding dress separates, is that your bridal look can be adapted subtly throughout the day. What may appear to be an all in one wedding dress to begin with can be transformed into something entirely different for the evening. It’s a fabulous way of taking your new husbands breath away, time and time again!

Their designs are elaborate and bold and are all hand-made, meticulously designed and created bead by bead, pearl by pearl with great care and love.

Want to know more? Meet Anna Goldenberg, creator and designer of  Petite Lumière…..

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself….

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been drawing and painting, being raised in a creative family where everybody works with their hands. I studied Art and Design, and since then I’ve acquired all sorts of new skills, by simply working through them on my own – I have great fun learning new things and trying out new techniques, seeing how to adapt them into my work process. I have a particular passion for Japanese aesthetics, and absolutely love creating silk Kanzashi adornments, with my own modern twist. I also collect vintage kimono silks, which I plan transforming into one-off wedding outfits. 

If You Had The Chance to go to any Music Festival, which one would it be and why?

I absolutely love electronic music so Tomorrowland would probably be my top choice, plus Belgian beers are fantastic.

What made you decide to start Petite Lumiere?

The concept of Petite Lumière was born following my own wedding, for which I designed and created a set of separates and matching accessories, to enable me to transform the look during the day. 

How would you best describe your design style?

My design style is modern yet elegant and feminine, as I strive to offer the brides something different and fun to wear. I always design with the total look in mind, so that my capsule collections of wedding dresses and accessories enable the brides to mix and match their own individual style, and to have more than one outfit on the day. 


What can our readers expect if they were to purchase one of your pieces?

I create all my pieces with great passion and attention to detail, so the brides can always expect high quality materials combined with meticulous work, for those who really wish to have a unique and different look.

What’s the best advice you can give when it comes to choosing a wedding dress and accessories?

Whether it is choosing a wedding dress, shoes or accessories, in my opinion the most important thing is to feel really comfortable in them. Don’t go for high heels if you’re not used to them, or get squeezed into a tight corset which won’t let you breathe. Looking beautiful starts from feeling beautiful and comfortable.

Finally, what is your life quote/mantra?

Work hard, be honest and kind to people and don’t take anything for granted.


Petite Lumière Designer Weekends

If you like what you see then Anna has two forthcoming designer weekends at bridal boutiques right here in the UK. She is planning to bring not only her existing range but also the new wedding dress collection, for a special advanced preview, before it is officially launched worldwide.

If you would like to be there then here are the bridal boutique details and dates:

Heart Aflutter, London, January 23rd-25th

UNBRIDALED boutique, Ayr, February 20th-22nd

Petite Lumière is an online bridal boutique that ships worldwide. For more information visit Petite Lumière’s online etsy shop or visit Anna’s Facebook page.

Big Bridal Fashion Love

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Wedding beauty on its way!

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