Good Morning! How are we all? Not long now until the 4 day weekend commences and I for one can’t wait. I love Easter. Not only do I have a perfectly reasonable excuse to binge on chocolate but also, it represents the start of the many bank holiday weekends we have yet to come which means more long weekends and more excuses to party on a Sunday!

Before we sign off for the weekend, we have a fabulous festival wedding supplier to share with you. One with over 7 years of experience in the industry and a genuine passion for what they do. Ladies and Gents, meet Magical Events Ltd. Tipi and glamping bell tent suppliers based in Norfolk.

Now I don’t know whether you have noticed but there is a lot of amazing talent coming out of Norfolk at the moment, especially with suppliers that meet the festival wedding niche. Magical Events is most definitely one of those suppliers. They were the first company to supply the giant hat tipis in Norfolk so they know their stuff and, along with their glamping bell tents, can offer you everything you need to create that perfect outdoor wedding. What also makes them that extra bit special is that all of the furniture they supply with their tipis has been handmade especially for them by a local carpenter out of reclaimed wood and scaffold boards. Theirfurniture is unique which makes what they offer that little bit more special.

We asked Matt and Lisa, the owners of Magical Events, all about their business and the excellent customer service they have become renowned for.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We are husband and wife team Matt & Lisa living just outside Swanton Morley in Norfolk, married for 14 years later this year we also have a Doberman called Amber. Norfolk is a gorgeous part of the world to live in with the most stunning coastline and we love living here, but it can be a bit chilly in the winter months so we often head to
Thailand for a few weeks of R & R after a busy season.

If you had the chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be and why?

We really love small local festivals as they are far more intimate and relaxed and it is really important to us to support the local community.

What made you decide to start Magical Events Ltd?

Well it was quite random really! We initially had a love of camping and would spend our weekends going to small festivals and Europe in our VW Camper Van. We had friends who would have loved to come but just didn’t like the thought of camping they thought it was too much like hard work which is where the idea of Magical Camping
came from.

We purchased 1 Bell Tent and set up a website offering fully furnished Bell Tents for hire around the UK. To be honest we thought it would just be a part time thing but by the end of the first year we had 10 Bell Tents and bookings for 20 for the following year. Partway through the 2nd year Lisa got made redundant from her job which initially seemed like a set back until we saw the Giant Hat Tipis! We absolutely loved them and thought why not let’s go for it and so Magical Tipis was born the first Giant Hat Tipi company in Norfolk.

We are now in our 7th year as a business and have just combined both Magical Camping and Magical Tipis under one banner – Magical Events Ltd.

We must say that although this was never our plan when we purchased our first Bell Tent. We have been on the best journey and absolutely love what we do and where this has taken us and cannot wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.

What makes your tipis and the services you supply stand out from a crowd?

We are a small personable business and as such like to put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We try and treat every customer as though they are our only one and everyone booking Magical Events Ltd can rest assured that they are always dealing directly with the owners Matt & Lisa. We have been married for 14
years this year ourselves and know the importance of marriage, we feel very privileged to be a part of our couples big day and as such want them to feel special.

We can see that the furniture you supply with your tipis is handmade and unique to you. Can you tell us a bit more about this and what is available to book?

When we first purchased the tipis we knew we wanted to give them a really rustic warm inviting feel and off the peg furniture was just not going to work. We found a great local carpentry company who hand made all of our tables and benches out of reclaimed wood and scaffold boards and then waxed them to give a great finish – we
have never been a fan of heavily varnished furniture!

We had our bars made from the same materials as the tables and went on the hunt for vintage Chesterfield Sofa’s. We combine winged back chesterfield arm chairs and sofas with chesterfield club sofas and armchairs and then finish the look off with vintage wooden ammo boxes to use as tables.

Our furniture looks amazing inside the tipis and works so well with all the different styles whether it’s bright colours or greenery as it provide a really natural rustic base to your theme.

We also offer dance floors, stages, lighting, fire pits, walkway matting, heating, fully furnished bell tents for guests to stay in and can arrange toilets, generators and showers. We are always on the look for new things as well so would encourage customers to let us know if there is something in particular that they would like that
we do not offer as it could be the next perfect addition to our brochure.

2018 sees you celebrating 7 years in the business. How have the tipis and the services you offer grown/changed in those 10 years?

Wow when we first started the tipis we only had 2 Giant Hat Tipis and 20 Bell Tents, we worked from home with everything being stored in our garage and large shed we had built in the garden.

We now have 7 Giant Hat Tipis, Catering Tents, 30 Bell Tents and all of the furnishings for both the tipis and the bell tents, the garage is no longer big enough!

On average we have 5 events to set up for every weekend which would have felt impossible when we first started but we now have a great team so this is no problem at all.

Do you have any good tips for styling, dressing and lighting your tipis?

Unlike a standard white marquee the Tipis look amazing before they are even decorated because of all the natural wood inside. They really do lend themselves to a rustic, DIY, relaxed festival style feel and look great with both bold colours as well as greenery. The main thing to remember is that you do not need a big budget to dress the tipis as you can do as much or as little as you like and they will still have that WOW Factor.

We love warm white fairy lights wrapped around the poles inside as they look amazing and give off enough light without it being too bright. Festoon lights lighting up the brims of the tipis and walkways really add to the festival vibe and look stunning at night.

Coloured LED Uplighter’s look amazing in the dance area and really add to the atmosphere as they colour change to the beat of the music, they also look stunning in a tipi with a fire pit inside as the smoke from the fire comes out of the tipi coloured, we have a great shot of this on our website.

What’s your best piece of advice to couples trying to choose a venue where your tipis can be used?

Where possible try and pick a venue that suits your style and is as relaxed as you are, the tipis can be time consuming to set up so ideally try and find a venue who will allow us to set up a couple of days before your wedding so that you then have the time to decorate especially if you are planning on doing a lot of it yourself.

If a venue already has power and toilets then this can be a big saving for you as you usually still have to bring in power and toilets for most venues.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether the tipis will fit then please do ask us to help as we are always happy to go and carry out site visits if it is a venue we have not been to before.

If our readers were to book you for their wedding, what sort of service can they expect?

We try really hard right from the first enquiry to help and guide our couples because there can be a lot more to planning an outdoor wedding then people think, but with the right support it doesn’t have to be stressful.

We help and guide our customers to book the right number of tipis for the number of guests they have and make sure they have sufficient comfortable space inside should the great British weather not be at it’s best!

From booking and paying their deposit we are on hand to answer questions, help with finding other suppliers if needs be and generally provide support if they need it.

We like to be as flexible as possible with the set up and take downs of the tipis, some venues will only allow us to set up on a Friday and take down on a Sunday so when people are using more flexible venues or private land then we like to try and make the experience as relaxed as possible. If they would like to use the tipis on the Sunday after the wedding then usually this is no problem and we will take them down Monday or Tuesday at no extra charge.

On the day of the set up they will be met by Matt and our 4 staff, they really are the best guys and have been with us for the last 4 years we are always getting comments about how polite they all are. Our guys will set the tipi up and then once they are finished they will walk the couple round to show them how everything works and to make sure they are happy with everything. We are then all call during the weekend should they need us.

Do you offer any open weekends where couples can come and see your tipis?

Yes we do two open weekends a year one in the Spring and one in the Autumn and set them up at different venues around East Anglia we work with. We have fantastic local suppliers join us for the weekend who we can wholeheartedly recommend as being amazing at what they do and reliable, many of them have been with us since we started the Giant Hat Tipis.

Our next open weekend is on the 21st & 22nd of April 10am – 4pm each day at College Farm, Thompson, Thetford IP24 1QG.

We do recommend that people book an appointment with us if they would like to talk about the tipis as we can get quite busy.

Finally, what’s your life quote/motto at Magical Events Ltd?

Always treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself and remember to enjoy life and the journey it brings.


Wedding beauty on its way!

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