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Well, pinch me because it’s August already! When and how did that happen exactly? Anyway, I’m going to stop thinking about that right now because today I get to introduce you to someone who just makes me smile. The fantastic Emily is the talented wedding photographer behind Little Phat Dog Photographic (great name right?) and we’ve just welcomed her to our festival wedding directory. Today, I’m handing the blog over to her right now so she can say hello…


Tell us a little about Little Phat Dog Photographic…

So, firstly, I guess I should start with where I got the idea for my company name! Well, It actually came from my parents’ dog Reggie who’s small, annoying, chubby but lovely. He’s a Labrador cross, a Heinz 57 of the dog world as we aren’t really sure what he was crossed with. My guess is a small breed of pig. I also own a mischievous but beautiful terrier called Winnie and a constantly worried Lurcher called Scrumpy. They are definitely a big part of my life (as well as my camera of course.) It’s now my second year in business and I’m on my 35th wedding. I’m also starting to expand and am about to start working with a very talented photographer called Katie.

How would you describe your photographic style?

I would describe it as; natural and storytelling with a small hint of tradition thrown in for good measure.


How do you go about telling a couple’s story through their wedding photographs?

Every couple is very different and I like to meet and get to know them and their unique stories before their big day so I can tailor my style to them.

Not everyone is happy in front of the camera! What’s your advice to couples who might be stressing about all the attention?

I totally understand that! I actually hate my photo being taken, unless it’s a selfie and it’s on my phone so I can delete it if necessary. However, having your photo taken by me is going to be completely different. I’m not like that annoying friend who always seems to get bad shots and post them on social media thinking its hilarious! I’m like a fairy-godmother who finds the right light and makes you laugh so that the shots you get are natural and beautiful and most importantly – FUN!

Another thing that often stresses couples out is the weather! Do you need perfect weather for perfect photos?

So, I know for most couples perfect weather is 22 degrees of hot sun…maybe not all couples, but a lot of us would love that for our wedding day (me included.) However bright sunshine can be a photographers worst nightmare for many reasons that I will not bore you with! (squinting people in group shots being one of them.) It can also make colours look a bit washed out. So for this reason I actually prefer a dull day, or even a rainy one! Colours look so vibrant and you get beautiful contrasts. So no, you definitely don’t need the ‘perfect’ sunny weather.

Are there are details or moments that you personally love to capture at weddings?

The speeches can be brilliant fun for photos as people in the crowd are generally so relaxed when they are listening that they don’t notice that I am there with a camera at all. I have some brilliant shots of people laughing and smiling when listening to speeches! I also love the moment when the bride is getting into her dress – you can see the exact second when she realises she is actually getting married hit her as the dress is done up!

What are some of your favourite memories + experiences from previous weddings/couples you’ve worked with?

Still, one of my favourite memories of all time is the very first wedding I shot for one of my friends, it was at the Deer Park Hotel in Honiton. One of the bridesmaids had arranged for the bride’s horse to be brought to the reception and I will never forget the look on Sarah’s face when she saw Rocky arrive looking super smart on the lawn of the hotel. There were so many happy tears and it brings back lots of lovely memories.


Tell us about the photography packages that you offer…

I offer two main packages:

A full day, which is 12 hours coverage from bride and groom getting ready up until the first dance and includes a usb presentation box and 500+ edited images or a half day which is 6 hours coverage and also includes a usb presentation box and all edited images. You get 350+ shots with this package.

I also offer a tailor made package if neither of the above are what your looking for!


What do you think are the ‘must-have’ wedding photos?

The bride getting into her dress is one of my favourites because it’s such a beautiful moment and it only happens once in a lifetime. Then there’s the CONFETTI SHOT!!! – enough said!

Couple shots are also really important to me. I know that some of my couples get awkward and feel that they don’t really want mushy couple shots but trust me on this you NEED them. They don’t have to be cheesy and uncomfortable and its such a good time to be alone with each other on the day – in fact in can be the only time on the day that you are alone together! (except for the funny lady following you around with a camera – thats me by the way.)

What’s your best piece of advice for brides who’re trying to choose their wedding photographer?

Choose someone you like! You spend all day with that person (12 hours is a long time!) and if you don’t get on with them and the energy doesn’t bounce between you it doesn’t matter how good a photographer they are, the photos won’t be natural!


Finally, what’s your life motto?

‘When life gives you lemons, slice those suckers up and find some Tequila’.

Emily, you’ve been BRILLIANT and thanks so much for joining us today. If you’ve like to find out more about Little Phat Dog Photographic, jump on over to Emily’s website or check out her listing in our festival wedding directory.


Wedding beauty on its way!

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