Well yay! We’ve made it to the middle of the week! How’s everything going with the wedding planning at the moment? I hope that you’re feeling super positive about creating a really personal and individual day. Of course, you might want to extend your celebrations (and why not?!) so today, it’s a massive treat to introduce you to one of the fab venues you’ll find in our festival wedding directory, Hadsham Farm Weddings, an amazing dry-hire venue that offers 3-day venue hire and the use of their gorgeous lakeside tipis. Pretty sure you’re going to love this so let’s hear from owner Charlie…

Tell us a little about Hadsham Farm Weddings…

Hadsham Farm is a traditional family-run farm in north Oxfordshire. We offer a stunning lakeside tipi wedding reception venue suitable for up to 200 guests between the months of May and September. Because the Tipi is up permanently for 5 months, we offer so much more than a typical rental set-up – full wooden floor, panoramic windows to the front, power, water and ‘posh’ toilets all included within a fixed price. We offer exclusive use of the venue for couples to create a truly bespoke wedding experience – no set suppliers and no corkage – just hire the venue and create a unique occasion over 3 tranquil days – no rush, no hurry and minimal restrictions!

What options are there for couples who come to you?

We are a ‘dry-hire’ venue meaning that we hire the venue for a fixed fee and thereafter, couples have complete choice of their suppliers for the event – caterers, florists, drinks, music, stylists, celebrants – you name it! And it that’s at all daunting, then we are very happy to make recommendations.

We LOVE the fact that couples can stay with you for three-day celebrations. What kinds of thing do people usually include?

A typical 3-day hire of our venue would involve couples arriving on the Friday with their close friends and family and spending the day setting up and decorating the venue in their own unique style! Typically, we see flowers galore, bunting, lanterns and various other festival-style props being used to adorn the Tipi. If a bell-tent hire company has been used, then these would typically go up on the Friday too. Saturday is usually the big day and the sun hopefully comes out! The party normally goes on until midnight when our planning permission decrees they music must be switched off – at which point, the majority of guests head off to their hotels. Those guests camping over then either head to their tents or carry on chatting by the fire in the chill-out tent. On Sunday, most people entice their close friends and family back to the venue for a Sunday brunch – either DIY or arranged with their caterers – and then get people to earn their feed by helping tidy away all the decorations and leave the venue as they found it.

What made you open Hadsham up for weddings?

My wife and I got married on the farm in 2012. It was a fantastic day and we got a lot of comments from our guests about what a beautiful setting we had down by the lake. Hadsham Farm has been hosting wedding receptions ever since and we are enjoying helping people create their own unique countryside weddings.

It’s great to hear that you don’t charge corkage or specify the suppliers that couples have to use. Is the freedom something you feel really strongly about?

Exactly that! Being frank – we make our money out of the venue hire fee and we don’t see the need to then add to our couple’s budget by charging corkage or getting kickbacks from set suppliers. We do have a list of props couples can hire and do charge for camping, but essentially, we’re a flat-rate fee venue.

Tell us a little bit about the tips themselves and what’s provided…

Our hire fee includes:

  • 3 stunning interlinked Nordic Tipis – with a maximum capacity of 200 guests.
  • A beautiful ‘chill-out’ Tipi – linked to the main Tipis, with various chill-out furniture and an indoor bio-ethanol firepit.
  • Weather-proof panoramic frontage – providing a view over the lake in all weathers
  • Catering Tent – linked to the main Tipis – with prep tables, power, water and lighting
  • Toilets – luxury toilets including disabled access and baby changing facilities
  • Power – via a ‘super silent’ generator – all fuel and cable distribution included
  • Drinking water
  • Wooden flooring throughout
  • Rectangular wooden tables and benches to seat 150 ‘day’ guests – 6 per table and in a layout of your choice
  • Extra chairs and high chairs if required – provides seating from 1 to 100 years old!
  • Lighting – fairy lights in each Tipi and disco lights for the dance floor
  • Heating if required – via an indirect fan heater – all fuel included
  • Sound system – we provide the amplifier and the speakers, you supply the music, DJ or band! Music curfew at midnight, sorry!
  • Freestanding rustic bar – not stocked!
  • Outdoor fire pit and seating – weather dependent (logs included)
  • Outdoor festoon lighting – around the venue, the camping area, the island on the lake and the access track
  • Car parking for c75 (well-parked) cars

What do couples need to consider when they’re planning their wedding with you?

As we are a ‘dry-hire’ venue, couples need to consider that they are basically organising their own DIY wedding when then book with us – we are not a ‘package wedding’ venue – in short, we are just taking the hassle out of hiring a field and hiring in a separate Tipi, generator and toilets. There is still a lot to organise – catering, drinks, flowers, music, decoration etc. – but the co-ordination of creating the venue itself has been done for you.

What do couples need to do if they’d like to find out more?

Go to our Website for more information and to download our brochure or send me an e-mail!

Can you sum up what makes Hadsham Farm Weddings so special in five words?

Beautiful, secluded, exclusive, magical, romantic.

Finally, what’s your motto at Hadsham Farm Weddings?

Erm – not sure we really have one! We’re a family-run farm, we’re lovely people to deal with and we really like it that people really seem to love our wedding venue!

Thanks so much Charlie! We’ve loved having you with us today and wow, those tipis! If you’d like to find out more about Hadsham Farm Weddings, take a look at their website or check out their listing in our festival wedding directory.

Images: Maryanne Weddings Photography


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