Beautiful boho blooms are the subject of our affections on the blog today, as we introduce our love for Bridget’s Flowers. Based on the outskirts of pretty Kings Lynn in Norfolk, this whimsical flower boutique is run by the talented Megan Nurse after she took over the business from her mother a few years ago. After working as a Saturday girl in the shop every week, Megan naturally fell into the senior position of running the business and her love for flowers has continued to blossom over the years. She now (with the support and talented hands of her mum!) provides brides with the most unusual and exquisite bohemian flower arrangements.

One of the lovely things about Bridget’s Flowers is that they support Norfolk’s local growers and very much involve the community in their work. They pride themselves on giving the bride the very best experience from consultation to the day of flower delivery. Aside from providing excellent customer service, the business is also high on top when it comes to following and setting the latest industry trends.

I personally love the trailing effects from the ceilings and whimsical arrangements down the aisles. Anything that creates a ‘wow’ factor and a little bit a lot of impact. I’m talking less flower walls and more natural, hanging installations and archways, table centre pieces and so much more.

This whimsical and wonderful Mother and Daughter venture has certainly impressed us. Just look at the arrangements below – it’s so refreshing to find a florist that’s ‘out of the box’ and willing to help inspire brides that want much more than the ‘norm’ when it comes to wedding flowers. Here’s florist Megan to tell you more about her love of petals and all things floral!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

So incase you didn’t know my name is Megan Nurse, I am twenty-three (almost twenty-four and first started working at Bridget’s Flowers when I was eighteen years old (officially). I have been a Saturday girl since I was sixteen as my mother encouraged me to work a few hours at the weekend for some pocket money. The name behind ‘Bridget’s Flowers’ is my mum… Bridget who I took the company over from a few years ago, she is still very much involved during large installations and set ups but I get to enjoy everyday life here at the shop with the team.

My hobbies include lots of exercise (I am a gym fanatic) as well as enjoying our gorgeous North Norfolk Coast and heading out on the water to paddle-board once a week. I have two gorgeous cats (blue eyed ragdoll’s which honestly look like super models) and I live in a lovely little cottage just outside of King’s Lynn with my boyfriend of six years.

What made you decide to start Bridget’s Flowers?

So I sort of fell into working for Bridget’s Flowers when I turned eighteen. I wanted to undergo an open university degree in Business Management, I was unable to partake if I wasn’t working in a managerial role so I decided to get involved in the shop and see what it was all about. From then onwards I fell in love… the weddings amazed me, the meetings with loved up couples, making their dreams a reality and building a fabulous relationship with these lovely people.

I also loved meeting other vendors and working closely with other people in the same industry. I am a massive chatter-box and so meeting lots of lovely industry friends at wedding shows is fun and easy (they’re a long old day so you need to make some friends to motivate you and stay sane).

I can’t deny the main passion behind working so hard to make the shop a success comes from my mother… who wouldn’t want to follow in their parents footsteps and make something more of a platform they have already been given (my brother has been given the same opportunity as my parents also own a construction company so we get pretty competitive).

Tell us a little bit more about your beautiful floristry style?

I LOVE the natural, whimsical, unusual style of work. Its one of those you either love it or hate it. I just can’t understand why you would structure flowers via wire when you can let them fall loose and natural I just LOVE the simple yet effective style of work. Don’t look too much into it and just do what makes you feel creative and open minded. There is no wrong answer with floristry couples either love or hate what you are able to create… fortunately for me the very boho style is trendy right now so I am so grateful people love what we can do for them. My favourite flowers have to be vines, hopps, garden roses, anything quirky and unusual. I get a kick out of people asking ‘is that real’ or ‘what on earth is that I have never seen it before’.

You mention you source your flowers locally, can you tell us a bit more about this and the type of flowers you use?

Yes so the bulk of our flowers are sourced from local farmers/growers and then brought back to the shop daily via our lovely deliver driver Paul. I am HUGE on supporting out local growers and I believe supporting British Blooms not only means I feel I am doing good in our community but also the flowers are collected daily which means they are FRESH and much more affordable. I am therefore able to drop my prices significantly compared for other flower shops on the terms that my couples/customers are happy for me to use locally sourced/dreamy flowers.

Examples of what we can source includes; hydrangeas, peonies, stocks, sweet peas, sunflowers, gladioli, lilies, astas, brassica, lissianthus and SO MUCH MORE.

What is the best piece of advice you can give a bride when it comes to choosing her bridal bouquet and wedding flowers?

HAVE WHAT YOU WANT… there are lots of helpful mums/mum in laws who want to try and include something like their favourite flowers/colour theme or style of bouquet. DON’T DO IT… Be yourself and do YOU.

A bridal bouquet is all about showing off your personality and personal preference in terms of style, do you want quirky, cool flowers because thats how you are or something a little more traditional such as roses, hydrangeas etc. Another big one to think about is what style is your dress? Do you want something which makes a statement as your dress if pretty yet simple of does the dress do the ‘wow’ and therefore you bouquet would be something smaller and less statement full.

Colour theme is also another big talking point… how do we know what colour scheme to go for? Take into account the time of year, your favourite colour, bouquets/colour sashes you have seen you like etc and of course do not rush making this choice. The pop of colour you include in your colour scheme will follow through you whole day from flowers to dresses to napkins to chair sashes etc so do not compromise you are only going to do this day once so make sure you are 100% happy with each decision.

If our readers were to book you for their wedding, what kind of service can they expect?

I love to meet my couples (at some point) a lot of our brides are making contact from abroad/London right now who wish to come down to Norfolk to get married. I love to catch up and talk through all your different ideas, discuss your budget and keep things as informal, casual as possible. We request a £100 non refundable deposit to secure the date (which can be done at anything there is no rush to make a decision during our first appointment) and from them onwards we keep in touch, re-jig the quote if needs be and move prices up and down to suit you and catch up one final time usually four to six weeks prior to the wedding to dot the I’S and cross the T’s.

Feel free to include any testimonials in this section.

“Megan was an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the process of organising our wedding flowers. Despite it being a small wedding, Megan took lots of time to make sure we were well informed from our initial enquiry. She was so helpful with the different mixtures of flowers, along with how to look after them and she provided everything we needed. The combination/colours we settled on were stunning and everyone commented on how beautiful they were! A personable, genuine service and very reasonable price. Thank you so much Bridget’s Flowers”

“The flowers for my wedding were amazing. Just what i imagined and the colours were great!!”

Thank you Megan for all the lovely flowers you done for my daughter Laura’s wedding last weekend…Truely amazing everyone commented on them..done the Town Hall .. Beautiful venue great theme thanks for making it so special…”

“Ordered my wedding flowers from Bridget’s, everyone here is lovely and would help me in every way to get my flowers right for the big day. They looked beautiful on the day and smelt so good! Thank you! We couldn’t have asked for a better florist.”

“Our flowers from Megan were amazing, so beautiful. We had lots of complements from everyone about them and Megan could not have been anymore helpful! xx”

How do couples know if Bridget’s Flowers is right for them?

Do lots of research on other florists also… check out our IG page as we showcase a lot of our wedding instalments and bouquets etc on there. Meet us! We would like to think you will fall in love with us and our little shop when you pop in. We also have lots of look books to show you from our previous brides/styled photo shoots so there is usually an image/bouquet in particular our brides and grooms fall in love with.

Do you have any flower trend predictions which you think will be big for 2019?

I think more of the quirky installments will continue to become a trend setter, I’m talking less flower walls and more natural, hanging installations and archways, table centre pieces and so much more.

I personally love the trailing effects from the ceilings and whimsical arrangements down the aisles. Anything that creates a ‘wow’ factor and a little bit a lot of impact

Finally, what’s your quote/motto at Bridget’s Flowers?

“I must have flowers always and always” Claude Monet

Image Credits: Darina Stoda Photography


Wedding beauty on its way!

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