TITLEMorning morning!

This fine Wednesday we’re taking you guys on a little drive, in fact, we’re driving off into the sunset in a perfectly adorned, on-trend model of a vehicle…

The Getaway Car.

I guess it’s something that (unless you have a particular passion for a certain car!) kinda gets left to the last minute, or at least isn’t exactly top of the priority list… I mean, I get it: if it was a choice between focusing your time on a totally dreamy gown or super rad getaway car, it’s a no brainer for most, but that’s not to say that your vehicle has to be dull!

In fact, entirely the opposite! Getaway vehicles are a really fun aspect of your wedding; they incite excitement as you drive from ceremony to reception venue, gaining whoops, honks and waves, from guests and non-guests alike! They’re a space to have a lot of decor fun, a final fun farewell, tin cans rattling as you drive away, tossing your bouquet into the crowd as you leave…

So today, kinda irregardless of what motor you choose to drive away in (no really, if you were just planning on borrowing your Dad’s Volvo, we’ve even a look for that!), we’ve rounded up some of 2016’s hottest getaway car looks. From the very trendy boxy cars of the 70s and 80s, to bumpers laden with flowers or windows of farewell words; this is how to getaway in style…

All Boxed In

This is hands down my favourite wedding car trend for 2016: boxy looking vehicles… (I ain’t no vehicle specialist, can yah tell?!)

From the Mercedes used in Rue De Seine’s Nomadic Love Shoot to the incredible ’91 Volvo in Free People’s Getaway Car Shoot, they are just right. on. trend.

With an effortlessly cool air of nostalgia, these vehicles will take anything you throw at them!

So our advice?

Go to town!

Floral garlands, chalk painted messages in windows, a very homespun look of cardboard signs and tin cans… The more nonchalant the better, these cars own the field this year!






Signed Off

Perfect for a grand exit, we absolutely love the idea of a fond farewell sign.

Whether it’s a bit European chic, with a fabric ‘Bon Voyage’ swag, a personalised modern white vinyl in the rear window screen, or even a neon sign?! (I’m not sure of the logistics, but hey it looks GORGE).

Whatever the car, whatever the font style and whatever the message you want to drive away with, this timeless adornment fits every bill; it’s a getaway trend that’ll never go out of style.







Go Continental

I mean, there’s just some kind of other worldly charm about cars on the continent… Am I right?!

From the kooky French Citroen 2CV, to Germany’s sweet little BMW Isetta, or even Italy’s iconic little Fiat 500…

I just can’t! SO. CHIC.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, fancy injecting your day with a little European charm, or if maybe you just fancy reflecting your honeymoon destination in your chosen vehicle…

Whatever your reasoning, it’s good and we wholly support it!





Unexpected Blooms

Now this, my friends, this is a super fun trend: yes, it’s flowers on cars, but not like you’ve ever seen it before!

It’s a cream vintage VW Beetle covered in red rose heads.

It’s an entire rooftop laden with bright colourful blooms inspired by Indian Jai Mala Garlands.

It’s a vintage convertible trimmed with ornamental lavender…

Really, get creative with your blooms, anything goes!






Bumped Up

Ok, so fancying up your car’s bumper isn’t exactly a new trend for 2016… But man alive do we still love it, and 2016’s seeing the following upgrades:

Balloons on bumpers

Tassel trailing bumpers

Swagged garland bumpers

…Or a combination of all of the above!

For 2016, more is most definitely more when it comes to bumper decor, not to mention the bumpers so heavily adorned with blooms that the suspension’s struggling a little bit!











Fly By

And finally, if the budget for the getaway decor is a little on the tighter side, why not drive off towards your ‘happily ever after’ with a bundle of brightly coloured balloons?!

I mean, nothing says ‘Just been to the best party of my life’ better than a take-home balloon! Right?!

Colour coordinate with your vehicle, again adopting the ‘more is more’ attitude where possible, et voilà!



BA4Come on though, don’t pretend like it wouldn’t be totally fun to drive down the street in that last vehicle, albeit maybe a little risky!

And on that note, I’m just gonna get all mumsy on y’all for a second, and ask that you please interpret these ideas safely!

Now go, have fun with this, it’s a real let-loose aspect of your wedding day!

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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