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So, it’s pretty standard knowledge that wedding invites are all kinds of important, right? Not only do they give your guests all the info they need to know about your awesome day (oh hey, cute hand-drawn maps and exciting festival-inspired itineraries!), but more than that: the style, colour scheme and all those clever little anecdotes you’ve been poring over for the last month provide a special hint of all the goodness that’s to come at your amazing wedding. You know how it is when you receive a beautiful, original invite: it’s exciting, inspiring, it feels like a little treasure!

So, how do you get that impact from the moment your little invite flies through your guest’s letterbox? (Think Harry Potter’s Hogwarts acceptance letter, we’re talking that level of impact and anticipation!) Whelp, I’ll tell you; it’s ALL about the envelope.

Radical, I know, but trust me, the key to impact and originality is all in the details… Let’s take a look at how to tackle this shall we?

Hidden Beauties

This is my obsession right now and, if I had the time, you better believe I’d already be coordinating some sort of festive spin off of this concept for the holiday that is looming in my peripherals (yeah, I totally can’t bring myself to say the ‘C word’ just yet!) Yup; envelope liners. Whether you buy ’em pre-lined, or choose to DIY (which really isn’t as hard as it sounds!), you can apply pretty much any theme: florals, maps, Shibori, book pages… Really, anything goes, but you simply must do it. There’s nothing like opening an envelope to immediately be presented with a little work of art… I mean!




29Like what you see? Read more on the Shibori trend here!





37Come on, those little scenic water colours in the last image? You KNOW you want to!


Sealed With A Loving Kiss; totally an essential! There are just SO many cute ways to seal that envelope and do you know what it says to your guest? ‘Thoughtfulness and effort’, but in a cool, kinda nonchalant way, of course!

First up, why not take a little butcher’s twine or brown string and wrap that baby up?! After all, it is a GIFT to receive an invite to your crazy-awesome wedding, darling!




5I. Just. Love. It. Wrap your invite, wrap your envelope, anything goes and it simply adds that extra layer, texture and little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your mail!

Too much faff? Fair enough, perfecting a bow can be a little tedious, I’ll give you that. No issue, why not seal it with a custom sticker instead?! Etsy is rife with these designs, so they’re easy to get your eager little paws on and virtually no effort to apply!



23That banner sticker though, I die! Just the perfect finishing touch, right?

Then, of course, (and this is standard procedure for me when sealing envelopes as I a) hate licking an envelope to seal it and b) ADORE this stuff), yup, my friends and family have already guessed it; Washi tape. This decorative masking tape from Japan is a Pinterest favourite and can be used in some cray-cray ingenious ways, but sealing an envelope with a hand torn (it really must be torn, step away from the scissors and let your inner perfectionist chill out) this little colourful tape is errthang!




8Right?! No words, I’m still, after all these years, in love with this stuff!

Got Ink?

To put it simply: stamping is SO HOT RIGHT NOW. Whether it’s just a little inked memento of your special day, or a more functional RSVP address, this little adornment is a must, and works beautifully alongside some of the other trends we’ve already mentioned, so be sure to mix and match these ideas for your envelope style!

Whilst we’re here, y’all totally need to think outside the box when it comes to ink colours. Usually I’d always stick to a simple black or white ink, maayybe navy at a push, then I saw this first image and HELLO! Who knew a subtle redish-brown ink could look so beaut on a brown kraft envelope?! Mind = blown.



15A rope infinity knot?! Oh stop it, you’re killing me! <3





12…Or, of course, you could totally skip the ink and purchase a purpose-made, letterpress style stamp for the ultimate in subtle, stylish stamping! LOVE.

Breaking Postal Convention

Oh, I know, I know, I live on the EDGE, right!?

I can hear you teasing already, “Writing an address in an unconventional manner?! Woah, Clare, calm down. You could change the world with this stuff!”

Yeah, yeah, bear with me! Pinterest is awash with innovative addressing methods and, albeit it a little time-consuming, I think it’s totally worth it! I mean, even the postal service will be like: “She did WHAT?! Dayum, girl!”

…Ok, so maybe it won’t induce that reaction, but I still think it’s a goer!







39Coloured ink, cute little pet names for your nearest and dearest and throw in a couple of cute doodles and I am SOLD!

Have fun getting creative babes, I can’t wait to get see your invites come flying through my door!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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