Well good morning lovely peeps! I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far. Only 2 more sleeps until the weekend and apparently its going to be a sunny one. Lets hope the rumours are true as I am not ready to kiss our summer goodbye.

We have a gorgeous ethereal bridal fashion shoot to share with your eyes today, put together by Yorkshire based bridal boutique Ghost Orchid Bride and captured by Enchanted Brides Photography and For All The Days Video.

The shoot, which features beautiful bohemian dresses by Chantel Lauren, Odylyne the Ceremony, Daughters of Simone and And For Love, is captured at 3 different locations in Cornwall; The Quarry / The Forest / The Beach. The concept was inspired by the notion that love is a form of escapism and can take us to places where we feel secure, content and happy.

Make sure you watch the video by For All The Days at the end. It is soooo good and really captures the locations and dresses so beautifully. We are also LOVING the backing track.

Katey of Ghost Orchid Brides tells us more:

Ether: the upper regions of air beyond the clouds….

The concept was inspired by the otherworldly landscapes of Cornwall and we wanted to create an almost metaphysical atmosphere with the shoot.  Through the use of unearthly visuals and sounds, we wanted to bring to life the idea of love as an escapism to another world….

“They ran to only what they knew. In that moment they believe to live for nothing but each other” – Lyrics from With the Night by Everyone Moves Away (video track)

The title of the shoot “Ether” is an extension of this concept in both meanings of the word. Ether: “a pleasant smelling drug used as an anaesthetic” is representative of an all-encompassing euphoric kind of love, one that overcomes earthly pains and troubles. Ether: “the upper regions of air beyond the clouds” again feeding into the transcendental landscapes of Cornwall and picking up on the notion of love as a spiritualistic feeling.

With stripped back, understated styling we wanted the dresses and settings to speak for themselves (aided by the beautiful models and hardworking team of creatives of course!) and celebrate the idea of a fuss free modern take on bridal that focusses on the emotions behind the day.


The Quarry….

The Forest….

The Beach….

The Video….

The Line Up

On All Locations:

Photography: Enchanted Brides
Videography: For All The Days
MUA: Amy Pike
Model 1 (blonde): Milly Curry
Model 2 (dark): Lily Spillanex

The Quarry:

Hair: Vicki Ann Hoskin Hair Artistry
Gowns: Chantel Lauren

The Forest:

Gowns: Odylyne the Ceremony and Daughters of Simone
Hair: Vicki Ann Hoskin Hair Artistry

The Beach:

Gowns: And For Love and Odylyne the Ceremony
Hair: Andrea McNeil


Wedding beauty on its way!

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