We have another beautiful and simple engagement shoot on the blog today. When Charlie from CKB Photography sent us this pretty Wild Flower Meadow shoot featuring a sausage dog we instantly felt the love!! Again proving there is no need for lots of props and styling, an engagement shoot can be simple and heartfelt when shot in the country amongst natural backdrops.
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Daz and Georgie are currently on their honeymoon but here is a about their day!! It was a beautifully relaxed and bohemian occasion, full of pretty, natural, and personal details. Held under an open marquee adorned with twinkling fairy lights and white lace bunting. Daz wore a floral bow tie to compliment Georgie’s floral hair crown, they sat on huge 60’s wicker chairs and everywhere was sprinkled with wildflowers. Guests sat on hay bales, Percy the dog wore blue, the namecards were handpainted pebbles. Their cake was a huge ‘naked’ cake adorned with strawberries and daisies and a sweet highlight was the pastel pink stripe ice cream van! Huge initials ‘D’ and ‘G’ carved from bark hung inside the marquee and a giant dreamcatcher swung slowly in the summer breeze outside…
Thank you to Charlie Kingsland – Barrow from CKB Photography . Shot on Film and processed by UK Film Lab. Take a look at her beautiful porfolio here


Wedding beauty on its way!

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