Hello beauties and welcome to another dose of real wedding festival inspiration. Today we bring you the most eclectic, bold and beautifully collaborated wedding, submitted by none other than the super talented and arty Most Curious babe Ann-Marie Faulkner. Ann-Marie certainly knows a thing or two about weddings, working in the industry and all, and she has a unique vision when it comes to styling, making and designing. So, you can imagine our excitement when her very own wedding dropped into the inbox!

Ann-Marie wed Munky on the Isle of Skye out in the open outdoors with a backdrop to die for. The interfaith humanist ceremony featured a hip hand-fasting ritual and gave reference to nature and love – perfect ceremony and setting match right there! The party then followed on to Skeabost Memorial Hall where explosions of colour, paper streaming bunting and bright market fabrics filled the DIY space. With the help of her Most Curious team, Ann-Marie was able to pull in the all the favours to pull out all the stops. The whole setting is uber cool, eccentric and fun….and we love the little touches, for example, the little wedding favour gift bags – who doesn’t love a Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer?! Ann-Marie and Munky fly the flag for couples daring to be different on their big day….

Just do your own thing and try to enjoy it! Also, make your own traditions. The day is about two people in love, declaring it in front of loved ones. Sometimes this can be forgotten in the craziness of wedding planning, so don’t forget why you’re doing it in the first place.

Ann-Marie stole the show in a stunning beaded and exquisitely detailed Temperley London gown by day and a slightly more relaxed boho dress by best friend Velvet Johnstone for the evening. She designed and made her own crown and veil using sheer, fine, glitter gold tulle and lots of sequins, delicate beading and faux grapes. So unusual, so different, so beautiful…this girl’s style is off the chain!

Captured by the crazy talented Lee Garland, we are honoured to share Anne-Marie and Munky’s wedding with you. And at this point we have to add, that this gorgeous couple achieved all of this on a budget of £7,800. Who says you have to break the bank for love?!


Thailand Engagement in the Sea!

Our engagement is so ridiculous it sounds like a lie, but honestly it happened! We were on holiday in Thailand with a group of friends. On one of the last days when we were in Koh Lanta and Munky and I went for a swim in the sea. The sun was setting and Munky turned to me and said ‘Ann-Marie, will you marry me?’ I just started laughing….then he said ‘If I give you this ring, will you marry me?’. I was pretty shocked but obviously said yes! I didn’t know what to do, so I ran out of the sea towards my friends leaving poor Munky by himself!

Beautiful Wedding on the Isle of Skye

We were married at Loch Coruisk for the ceremony and had our reception at the Skeabost Memorial Hall for the reception which are both on Isle of Skye. We both knew we wanted to get married outdoors and we both love the Scottish Islands (Munky is Scottish and I lived there for 4 years). A couple of my good friends live on Skye and it’s one of my favourite islands, so with some help from them (a lot actually!), we found our venue.

When I’m not working on my label, I work as a producer for A Most Curious Wedding Fair. I guess most of the inspiration came from there. I knew I wanted a colourful wedding but don’t feel like I really did much planning! Our wedding was pretty much a continuation of the show and all the ideas circulating as the wedding was only 8 weeks after it!

Two Outfit Bride and Eccentric Bespoke Crown

I have always been a fan of Temperley London but knew I could never afford one of their dresses so decided to make my own outfit. I asked my friend Cheryl (Velvet Johnstone) if she could help me and being the beautiful soul she is, she insisted on making it for me as a present! About 4 weeks before the wedding however, I went on a trip to Biscester Village with some friends and had a quick look in Temperly. There was the dress I had coveted, in my size and mega mega reduced. I took it as fate and after much anxiety and nervous sweating, I bought it. I suddenly became a two outfit bride which I would never have predicted.

I wore Kat Maconie for most of the day, DM’s for the ceremony (we had to walk over a mountain), Vans for the evening (for dancing!). I made my own flower crown – I knew I wanted a Frida type crown and after buying the shoes (which were the first thing I bought), I used the colours from them as reference for the crown. I wanted it to be quite eccentric so had loads of colourful faux flowers, some bead work, sequins, dried flowers and even a bunch of faux grapes.

Interfaith Ceremony on the Banks of the Lock and Colourful Explosion of Bouquets

The ceremony took place on the banks of Loch Coruisk on the south of Skye. It’s an inland Loch which you need a boat to reach. Our wedding party were all based in Portree so we arranged for a coach to take everyone down to the harbour and chartered a boat called the Misty Isle which took everyone over to the Loch. The sun was shining gloriously on our wedding but the wind was also howling. The way over to the Loch was like a water rapids ride at a theme park! Luckily the boat crew gave us all rain macs otherwise we would have been soaked! The loch was really sheltered so the ceremony was wind free thankfully.

We had an interfaith wedding, which is very similar to a humanist wedding, but with more reference to nature and love. We had an amazing celebrant from Davina Mac Cluskie –  who totally nailed our ceremony.

As the ceremony was in the most beautiful setting we didn’t really have to style it at all. I wanted it to look like an explosion of colour against a natural background so we asked our guests to dress colourfully and I made a couple of colourful flags which would contrast with the surroundings. Most of the colour came from the beautiful flowers styled by The Floral Editor. I had a huge bouquet and 4 bridesmaids with bouquets.

Handmade Veil, Cruelty Free Cosmetics and hair by Best Friend

The veil (also made by me, Ann-Marie Faulkner) was a chapel length silk tulle veil in a beautiful nude shade to match my dress and covered in a fine gold glitter. I always feel like the veil is the thing to pull everything together, so even if you have a ridiculous and fun headpiece and wacky shoes, as you as put a veil on it suddenly elevates your look. I tell this to my brides all the time but now I can speak from experience.

I just told my bridesmaids to wear whatever they wanted! They are all so different and I wanted them to be comfortable and feel great. I think their dresses were a mix of vintage, ASOS and high street.  I made them all headpieces to complement their outfits.

I did my own make up with the most amazing brand of cruelty free cosmetics – Hour Glass Cosmetics.

DIY Reception, Bright and Bold Décor and Market Fabrics

Our reception was in the Skeabost memorial hall which is quite a big village hall in the middle of no where. The walls were a crazy shade of pink and bright red; perfect in carrying on the colour explosion theme. I wanted it to feel like you had walked into the inside of a piñata when you entered ,so with the help of my Most Curious girls, we designed some paper streamer bunting. We made them a few nights before the wedding in our Airbnb. We had an amazing and huge paper steamer backdrop behind the top table that was very generously given to us by B from Pop Pop Papier. It was the backdrop at the 2018 show and I managed to salvage it – B said if I could get it down in one piece I could have it!

We had lots of DIY elements as we tried to do the whole thing on a tiny budget. I’m very lucky and grateful to have extremely talented and generous friends whom contributed to the wedding. All the flowers were a wedding present from one of my best friends Fi who is The Floral Editor – it would never have looked so good if it wasn’t for her.

The table cloths were just cheap market fabric in colours that worked and the final touch was the styling on the tables that was beautifully put together by The Floral Editor and Kitchen East. Fi made lots of little arrangements with bright colourful flowers and dressed the tables with matching candles and vases.

Playlist Put Together by Friends, Hand Written Menu and Home Printed Stationery

We would have loved a DJ, but because of our remote location it wasn’t really possible so we asked a few of our friends with excellent taste in music to make us an hour long playlist each. That way we had awesome music all night and didn’t have to worry about silence. Another one our friends drove a PA system over from Dundee. It was covered in leopard print and sounded great.

I really wanted everyone to just sit wherever they wanted, but our caterers said it would be easier to serve with a table plan as we had a few veggies, food allergies etc, so we made one. I just designed the place names and printed them on moo luxe cards from moo.com The menus were hand written by Kitchen East and looked beautiful.

Locally Sourced, Seasonal Food and Midnight Pies!

The Kitchen East guys were one of my best wedding finds! I found them via The Wedding Collective and I can honestly say it was the best wedding food I have ever eaten. All the plates, glasses and crockery that was provided by them also matched perfectly with our theme. The main elements of our budget were allocated to the photographer (as we wanted pics we could treasure) and food (as we are obsessed with food). We had been struggling to find a catering company due to our location. Skye is absolutely incredible for good food but it was peak season and we just couldn’t find anyone that we liked. It was all really traditional wedding caterers or weird greasy burger vans. We wanted to eat seasonal food that was sourced from the area that tasted and looked great. We also wanted sharing plates that could be passed around to encourage people to talk to each other and move around. We’re really not into formal dining so didn’t want anything traditional.

Budget Cake, Tunnocks Teacakes and Sparklers

Our cake was semi DIY – we bought the bottom tier of a white M&S wedding cake and Fi decorated it for us with edible flowers. Just as well it was a budget cake as we completely forgot to cut it! Everyone was having such a good time on the dance floor that we never got round to cutting the cake. We did it the day after!

We just wanted something fun so made little paper bags with some tunnocks teacakes, caramel bars, sparklers and some little letter pressed matchboxes that said “you are the light of my life” We ordered those specially from a print company we love in New York called MC Pressure.

Lee Garland Photography

Lee Garland was our photographer with Kim Ralphio as his second shooter. I’ve known Lee for a little while through Most Curious. We first met on a shoot and it felt like I’d known him for ages. He’s so easy going but also insanely talented and I’ve always loved working with him. Lee and Munky have also got to know each other over the years and they get on really well! We are so happy with our wedding photos, he documented the whole day perfectly. There were so many things we missed on the day that Lee captured and we will honestly cherish our photos forever.

First Dance

Our first dance was to Syreeta – ‘I love every little thing about you’. We love this song! Also, when our son Woody was born, we used to play this and dance with him and he would love it! He still does and it’s officially our family song now.

Favourite Moment

There were lots, but the one that sticks in my mind was the actual ceremony. The boat over was so windy and choppy and I was so anxious all morning. Then when we docked, climbed up to the Loch and looked around, we were in the most beautiful place I’d ever seen, surrounded by everyone we loved. The weather was suddenly perfect. It was overwhelming.

Any Advice?

We had a pretty small budget which was unrealistic at the start – £5000. I think we ended up spending £7800 in the end which is still amazing considering what we had. This was mostly down to the generosity of our talented friends who I cannot thank enough. We also negotiated prices with some of our suppliers which was a massive help. I would always encourage couples to negotiate with suppliers. They’re not there to rip you off – despite what the main stream media say. The prices they charge reflect the quality of their work, however there can sometimes be room to manoeuvre on price.

The Line Up

Photographer: Lee Garland
Second shooter: Kim Ralphio
Venue: Loch Coruisk / Skeabost Memorial Hall
Brides Dress: Temperley London
Brides Evening Outfit: Velvet Johnstone
Brides Shoes: Kat Maconie
Headpiece and veil: Ann-Marie Faulkner
Jewellery: Islay Spalding
Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS
Grooms outfit: The Lost Explorer
Grooms shoes: Grenson
Hair: Ric @ Square Roots
Make up: Hour Glass Cosmetics
Flowers: The Floral Editor
Decorations: Pop Pop Papier
Stationery: Moo
Catering: Kitchen East
Cake: M&S

Transport: Skye Luxury Travel & Misty Isle Boat Trips
Celebrant: Scottish Highlands Wedding
Wedding Favours: MC Pressure
Post wedding adventure: Skye Adventure


Wedding beauty on its way!

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