If I said ‘Festival makeup’ to you my guess would be that glitter would be the first thought to pop into your mind, closely followed by bursts of bright colours, maybe the odd face jewel or two and not forgetting at least one beautiful feather.

Sounds heavenly, right? And such a bundle of fun. So why not embrace the full festival bride look, and don a little sparkle on your wedding day?

Fig 1a
Image Credit: Dior’s ‘Bright Eyes’ for Spring/Summer 2013 via Vogue

Does it sound a little too daunting to be this daring with your bridal make-up? Well sweetie, if it’s ok for Christian Dior, it’s A-OK by us! Here’s how we’d go about it…

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Image Credit: Into The Gloss

Let’s start with the most popular way to use this trend: to embellish your eyes. There are three main things to consider here: the shape you want to create, the products you want to use and how heavy or subtle you want the finished result to be.

Fig 1d Fig 1c

Image Credit: Kikisloane and sfilante

Where eyes are concerned, gold is a huge trend this season. Just a quick nosey on Pinterest will unearth the endless possibilities. From a striking eye mask of gold glitter, to a dappled gold leaf effect down from the eyes or simply the tiniest of gold dots, directly below the eye. They all look absolutely stunning and the great thing about glitter and gold leaf is you don’t have to be so precise!

Fig 1e

Image Credit: Amy Shore Photography

Speaking of gold, I used a gold Snazaroo glitter to adorn my feet on our wedding day. I’m so glad I took the plunge and went for it – my husband can testify to my uncertainty beforehand – but it was such fun to see the surprise on our guest’s faces, and it just added a subtle bit of sparkle to the boho look I’d gone for.

Fig 2a

Fig 2b Fig 2c

Image Credits: Marionwd, Luiza Carlier and My Luscious Life

If metallics aren’t your thing, then you should consider a pop of matte colour. We love this neon orange liner, or pink triangle shape under the eye. The flash of colour just lifts everything and screams festival fun. As a blue eyed girl myself, I also fell love with that yellow shadow around the eyes, it really enhances the blue and looks so fresh for spring/summer weddings.

Fig 2d

Now, for a truly astonishing addition to you wedding look: a show-stopping line of false lashes from In Your Dreams. We are quite simply head over heels for these little pretties. This range of feathery, jeweled beauties stem from In Your Dreams success as festival face painters. Showcasing their skills at Shambala, Secret Garden Party and the Wilderness festival (to name but a few), go check out their instagram page for the ultimate in alternative makeup.

Let’s take a second to lust over our favourites from the collection Your Aztec Lash (right) and Your Tribal Lash (left).


Fig 2e

This next concept has got to be one of my absolute favourites: the jeweled forehead. An alternative to the crown/head-chain trend we’ve seen, these subtle dots of luxury are so beautifully ethnic – and can be worn in a multitude of ways.

Fig 3a Fig 3b

Image Credits: Young Heart to and Wolf cub Chronicles

Take simple, diamond face gems and follow the line of your brow for a subtle, delicate addition to your look, or maybe even for your bridesmaids. Or alternatively, you could use an assortment of bindi-style gems to form a symmetrical line of jewels across your forehead. Pair these styles with disheveled braids or loosely curled locks to create that stunningly ‘underdone’ festival vibe.

Fig 3c

Image Credit: Planet Video and Hippie Style 2012

Again, if you love this trend, but you’re not sure of the sparkle, it’s also been beautifully demonstrated using white paint. Illustrate simple line and dot patterns or venture into more intricate designs across the forehead. We love the white as it maintains that bridal feel and, on fair skin, produces a softer look than a colour might. Again, hairstyles that sit softly across the forehead will help to maintain a subtle style and, as with all forehead adornments, keeping you eyes looking strong but simple will eliminate any risk of looking overdone.

Now for some truly festival inspired style, let’s talk about body art. You might have seen me sing the praises of Flash Tattoo on Instagram a week or so ago, well here I go again… Essentially, we’re talking about those temporary tatts you wore when you were a kid, but with a whole other level of grown up sass! Think delicate peacock feathers, cuffs formed of leaves, chevrons and a host of other beautiful designs to choose from. They’re available in black, gold, white or silver and will adorn whichever part of your body you choose.

Fig 4c Fig 4b Fig 4a

Image Credit: Flash Tattoos

Put simply, we at Festival Brides think of Flash Tattoos as wonderfully formed little slices of luxury, and if you want to play out this trend in a low-key-yet-totally-awesome kind of way, you’ll love them too!

In a nutshell, this makeup concept is super fun and quite simply bang on trend. Why not get your guests involved too? Pay our buddies The Parlour a visit (you can find them in our directory) and let this interactive make up team take your wedding by storm! You could even introduce these guys as a part of your evening entertainment, adding that festival sparkle to your wedding party.

Be brave ladies, and grab that pot of glitter!

Big Love

Clare xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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