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Afternoon Lovely People, So you might of noticed we have a brand new website! Do you like? I hope so as it has taken just under 2 years to get this to you!!! Bless my fantastic web designer, Melissa Love. She has been an absolute saint and been so patient with me. I am very indecisive but we got there in the end and I am so proud and happy with what she has created for me. I love it and I really hope you do too.

I will be sharing a post this week to properly introduce you to the new site and all the fantastic new features it has. I am especially proud of our new directory and venues page so if you have a moment please take a look. I LOVE the venue pages!

To kick off the first post I have written for our new website, we are sharing an absolutely beautiful real wedding with you today. I have loved viewing and editing this wedding. Not only is it full of so many smiles that are completely contagious (cue grinning at my laptop like a Cheshire cat) it has also been a trip down memory lane for me as the couple, Danny and Kate, married on Koh Tao Island in Thailand where I lived for just over a month in 2008. I have set foot on the very beach where they said I do and it has completely transported me back to a very special and incredibly chilled (and tanned!) time in my life.

Danny and Kate married on the 7th August 2015 at Koh Tao Cabana, a beautiful resort on Sairee Beach on the small island of Koh Tao, Thailand. They always knew that they wanted their wedding to be relaxed and informal and you can’t get more chilled than a beautiful beach where the ocean is crystal clear and the views are stunning! Thailand has always been a country they loved so the shores of Koh Tao was the perfect choice for their boho beach wedding.

We love Kate’s effortless boho bridal style with her tousled hair (plaited by herself the night before) gorgeous bespoke dress (handmade by her friend) and bohemian foot chains. She has such a chilled and free spirited vibe to her that is so endearing and definitely suited to the shores of Koh Tao. We also love how happy and relaxed all of their guests seem to be – this wedding is just full of so many happy faces but then wouldn’t you be if you were on a beach in Thailand? I think so!

As well as their gorgeous photos by Emily Fae Photography, we also have their brilliant video by the incredibly talented Ayla of Wagtail Productions to share. If you have a spare 10 minutes then grab yourselves a cuppa and allow Ayla to transport you to Thailand for Kate and Danny’s beautiful boho beach wedding. It really is a wedding film that is worth watching.


Kate + Danny Wedding >> Koh Tao << Thailand from Ayla- Wagtail Productions on Vimeo.

Alright Then!

Whilst we were on an amazing holiday to New Zealand, south Island to celebrate Danny’s 30th Birthday, he decided to organise a rather special experience for us. We took a helicopter ride (which neither of us had done before) through Skippers Canyon just outside Queenstown. We landed in the canyon just by the river where a part of Lord of the Rings was filmed. As a keen photographer I was quite taken with the scenery, taking plenty of pictures. I then turned around to see Danny down on one knee asking me to marry him…my response ‘Alright then!’ There were some tears (happy ones) whilst we sipped on some champagne that the pilot had brought with him.

Our Wedding-1 Our Wedding-2 Our Wedding-6 Our Wedding-7 Our Wedding-9 Our Wedding-10 Our Wedding-11 Our Wedding-13 Our Wedding-16 Our Wedding-23 Our Wedding-25 Our Wedding-30 Our Wedding-34 Our Wedding-41 Our Wedding-42 Our Wedding-46 Our Wedding-47 Our Wedding-54 Our Wedding-55 Our Wedding-56 Our Wedding-57 Our Wedding-61 Our Wedding-67 Our Wedding-68 Our Wedding-72 Our Wedding-73 Our Wedding-74 Our Wedding-79 Our Wedding-82 Our Wedding-86 Our Wedding-87 Our Wedding-88 Our Wedding-89 Our Wedding-92 Our Wedding-93 Our Wedding-95 Our Wedding-97 Our Wedding-100 Our Wedding-111 Our Wedding-112 Our Wedding-115

A Relaxed Informal Ceremony on The Beach…..

Our ceremony venue was Koh Tao Cabana, Sairee Beach on the small island of Koh Tao off the coast of Thailand followed by our reception at Whitening, Sairee Beach. We always knew we wanted a very relaxed and informal celebration with all of our closest friends and family and it had to be on the beach. We are both huge fans of Thailand so it seemed the perfect place. We went on holiday to Thailand a couple of years before we were going to get married and scouted out the perfect place.

I walked down the aisle too Blue Suede ‘Hooked on a feeling’ and then we both walked out to Finley Quay, ‘Your love gets sweeter.’

Our Wedding-133 Our Wedding-134 Our Wedding-139 Our Wedding-143 Our Wedding-147 Our Wedding-150 Our Wedding-153 Our Wedding-155 Our Wedding-157 Our Wedding-158 Our Wedding-160 Our Wedding-169 Our Wedding-177 Our Wedding-181 Our Wedding-182 Our Wedding-186 Our Wedding-193 Our Wedding-197 Our Wedding-203 Our Wedding-208 Our Wedding-217 Our Wedding-223 Our Wedding-226 Our Wedding-228 Our Wedding-234 Our Wedding-236 Our Wedding-248 Our Wedding-252Our Wedding-280 Our Wedding-294 Our Wedding-298 Our Wedding-300 Our Wedding-303 Our Wedding-310 Our Wedding-312 Our Wedding-315 Our Wedding-317 Our Wedding-322 Our Wedding-328 Our Wedding-332 Our Wedding-336 Our Wedding-342 Our Wedding-351 Our Wedding-352 Our Wedding-353 Our Wedding-355 Our Wedding-357 Our Wedding-358 Our Wedding-359 Our Wedding-360 Our Wedding-362 Our Wedding-365 Our Wedding-367 Our Wedding-370 Our Wedding-371 Our Wedding-375 Our Wedding-377

Fairy Lights, Coconuts and Floating Flowers

The resort was already a beautiful setting that didn’t need a lot of decoration. There were already fairy lights and flowers and we asked for coconuts cut in half and filled with water and floating flowers. The walkway up to the restaurant was stepping stones over water, which they filled with candles and floating flowers.

Our Wedding-380 Our Wedding-383 Our Wedding-384 Our Wedding-387 Our Wedding-389 Our Wedding-390 Our Wedding-394 Our Wedding-395 Our Wedding-397 Our Wedding-403 Our Wedding-422 Our Wedding-432 Our Wedding-454 Our Wedding-456 Our Wedding-457 Our Wedding-462 Our Wedding-464 Our Wedding-468

Favourite Moment…..

There were many, but top 3 would be…speeches, the beautiful beach front ceremony and the live band.

Our Wedding-476 Our Wedding-478 Our Wedding-481 Our Wedding-491 Our Wedding-495 Our Wedding-506 Our Wedding-537

Any Advice?

Invite who you genuinely want there and don’t feel pressured into inviting old and distant family that you never see, but feel like you don’t want to upset them.

If you’re thinking of getting married abroad, plan well in advance and always consider the language barrier. Always remember it is YOUR special day, don’t feel like you have to follow all traditions, just do whatever makes you happy.

The Line Up

Photographer: Emily Fae Photography
Videographer: Wagtail Productions
Venue: Koh Tao Cabana
Brides Dress: Handmade by a Friend – Marie Steinert
Bride’s Shoes: Foot Chains – Etsy
Bride’s Headpiece: Rock N Rose Crown Head Band
Groom: Shirt – T.M Lewin; Navy Chinos – Gap
Bridesmaid Dresses: Coralie Beatrix
Bridesmaid Accessories: Beach Cove Jewellery
Flowers: Koh Tao Cabana
Catering: Rim Lae Restaurant 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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