Oh dear readers this shoot is a VIBE!!!! Put together by the team behind Norwich based hair and makeup salon Hairsmiths, in collaboration with Most Curious Wedding Fair and fashion photographer Junior of DN. Imagery, this trend setting Micro Wedding styled shoot is pushing the boundaries of groom and bridal styling by embracing an ethos and stimulus that strives to inspire couples to be courageously defiant when it comes to their wedding day. To encourage them to elevate the unique aspects of their personality and individual style…

This last year has thrown more hurdles than anyone could have ever imagined at those in love and wishing to declare that with a wedding. But with set backs comes determination and we wanted to show a pair of humans that refused to be held back, that were declaring their love, were defiant in attitude, were tying the knot, wearing what they flipping wanted, being themselves, holding their heads high and showing that no matter what, they refused to dull their light, they were here, ready and making a declaration! 

Debs of Hairsmiths

With an uber cool punk styling vibe to the groom (that paperclip vintage Moschino shirt though), a slick pink smock style wedding dress coupled with vintage love heart socks (which we need in our lives), hair clips galore in the gorgeous long flowing hair of the beautiful Filipino bride (we just love her bridal look) and photography that packs a punch when it comes to attitude, this shoot certainly lives up to Most Curious’ wedding trend setting reputation.

Deb Dominic of Hairsmiths talks us through the shoot, how it was inspired by the Most Curious Norwich wedding show, DN. Imagery’s unique ‘controlled chaos’ photography style and all of the suppliers involved.

Enjoy lovely peeps.

Clips & Rings…

Words by Deb Dominic of Hairsmiths

Loves young dream and flying in the face of adversity was the notion that powered this shoot and the theme therein.

How It All Began: 

Our brand ethos at Hairsmiths is hugely creatively driven and as a salon of stylists we are set alight by the joy of humans and their remarkable uniqueness.

We are a bunch of individuals (hair and makeup artists) that, for over a decade as a salon, have been working within our amazing community to grow our network and support our neighbours and fellow industry enthusiasts. 

We have an extensive session and editorial background and have won awards for both our bridal styling and our dedication to what we do. 

Our approach is always one filled with genuine passion, which we apply to whatever project we are working on, whether it be cutting an individual’s hair in salon or leading a team of models for the catwalk.

Indeed, meeting Becky and the Most Curious team last year was a meeting of minds and we were off like a bottle of pop with creative ideas, plans, lengthy voice notes, emails and mood boards! 

Most Curious, to us, embodies the idea of each humans unique magic and showcasing that to the world to celebrate how marvelous and different we all are in our own beautiful way.

We love the “why not” approach and live to show people that there are no “rules” when it comes to planning what you want.

We worked on the Most Curious Virtual Show 2020, which was an incredibly poignant project during lockdown and brought inspiration to so many with its beauty.

It’s at that show we met photographer Junior and instantly fell in love with his vibe too. 

His approach to creating, is again, one without boundaries. His work is breathtakingly beautiful and his methods are in his words “controlled chaos”, which he navigates with huge energy whilst working with calm confidence on capturing the essence of the moment and the people in it. 

Shoot Origin: 

As the official Hair and Makeup sponsor for the Most Curious Norwich show, held at festival wedding venue The Fire Pit Camp, we had hair tests in place as part of our show prep, and also to share in our Instagram takeover of their page on the build up to the show. 

Hair tests are a great way to prepare our team for the session work required, to show the designer how the concept can be embodied and for us to plan the techniques/looks we are going to allocate to different models and what hair prep will be required in different hair types to ensure we have everything covered for backstage. 

We work with all hair types and always carry products/techniques through that work with the models hair in the most respectful way. 

Our takeover had posts about us and our ethos, our past work, our previous work with the Most Curious 2020 show where we first worked together, and our prep for the upcoming show.

As we were already creating something worth capturing within the hair tests, we had spoken to Junior about capturing this, so we thought, why not expand that out and build on it to capture a vibe. And that’s where the shoot concept came from. 

Creating concepts within a lockdown, gives you a different slant on the story you want to tell.

Working collaboratively with Junior, we didn’t want to do just a cute shoot, we wanted to show something beautifully defiant. 

Styling Concept: 

We drew inspiration from the show mood boards for the Hair and Makeup for the shoot. 

The vision was to show elements of the forthcoming show styling, whilst also maintaining their unique personalities through the looks. 


Emily’s love of her long hair as part of her identity, stemming from her Filipino heritage and the admiration of her mother’s crowning glory (who she said had hair even longer than her!) was stunning to work with and we wanted to show a romantic texture that would be included in the show, worn down and allowed to move organically to embrace its beauty and celebrate what our model loved about herself. 

The addition of the clips were to show an unorthodox but glamorous finish. And hoops, because hoops are life! 

Harrison’s hair had been coloured the previous week in salon (that’s how we met him haha!) and he was fully on board with the mauve toner we suggested for the shoot.

Makeup was for both of them: fresh skin with a pastel eye for Emily and some accents of gold to pair with the hair accessories and for extra boujee appeal! 

To represent the pair throwing the so called rule book out the window and doing things their way, we called upon those suppliers we admire within our radius whose pieces to us represent that unique spirit. 

The dress is a one off piece by local designer extraordinaire Becky Ball, who’s gloriously bold creations are at home in both slick high end editorials and ethereal woodland shoots.

The type of thing our bold bride would covet not only for a wedding day but wear for brunch or a festival too! 

It also had that Most Curious vibe to it that we spotted straight away when we saw it. 

This was paired with vintage love heart socks and a selection of clips from an abundance (and when I say abundance, I think we counted over 250) of hair clips from a Hairsmiths stylist’s collection, that had been sourced for the Show following the initial brief and mood board sharing. 

For Harrison, we loved his personal style and wanted his vibe to come across in this shoot. We worked with a vintage Moschino shirt emblazoned with safety pins to represent a nod to a punk vibe embodying defiance and youth. (Sourced by stylist) 

A bouquet of dried stems that would be a nod to tradition and could be kept for posterity, held nonchalantly in the hand, from local associate Lisa Angel, with a box of Macarons as a sweet treat perfect for the current restricted wedding size, from an amazing new north Norfolk (my home town actually) company Crumble & Velvet. 

Our shoot locations were that of a current outdoor restaurant Mysabar that comprises of Nordic tents within the castle gardens that have popped up during the last year to offer dining within restriction guidelines, that perfectly portray the current climate and have a joyous festival vibe.

And our salons neighbouring store of interiors designers The Design House, who’s beautiful blossom wall was a nod to the Most Curious’s love of floral, a reference to our models heritage and worked perfectly with the gown she wore! 

On shoot day the rain poured down and we ran from location to location with models wrapped in our jackets carrying umbrellas. We had time restrictions and covid restrictions, but the faith never faltered and the energy was radiant. 

Setting a brief, calling on our talented collaborators and making a vision turn to reality is life affirming. Just like that of wedding planning you could say.

The Line Up…

Photographer: Junior – DN. Imagery; Hair & Make Up Artist Team: Hairsmiths; Hair: Deb Dominic using Label.m UK; Make Up Artist: Meriel.Garland MUA; Styling: Deb Dominic; Pink Dress: Becci Fashion; Flowers: Lisa Angel UK; Macarons: Crumble and Velvet; Venue: Mysabar & Design House Norwich; Models: Emily Toledo & Harrison J Beckett


Wedding beauty on its way!

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