When I first got engaged and started looking for photographers, I came across quite a few that were offering a ‘pre-wedding’ or ‘engagement shoot’ for free as part of their wedding package. At the time I kind of dismissed this as being unnecessary and booked with a photographer who didn’t have this option. This is something I have always regretted.

Pre-wedding, engagement or love session shoots are such a brilliant and fun way of not only getting to know your photographer but also getting to know how you feel in front of the camera. What you like, what you don’t like, what you think you might like! It’s a fantastic way of testing out ideas and gives you the time to think about the sort of images you want to capture on your wedding day. It also gives your photographer the opportunity to understand how you guys work as a couple and this will be invaluable at your wedding.

Today’s love session sent in by Guida Eventos, an event and styling company based in Portugal, is a brilliant example of how awesome an engagement shoot can be and what lovely memories they can create.

Claudia and António, along with Dreamaker Photography, headed to a beautiful garden in Oporto which used to be famous in the 60’s for it’s music and parties. Couples would bring a picnic and chill in the gardens whilst local bands played until the early hours of the morning! Claudia and António wanted to capture this piece of history in their shoot as well as explore props and poses that they would later use in their wedding. The result is a gorgeous shoot with some beautiful images that are certainly worthy of a frame or two!

We asked Claudia and António a few questions about their engagement, the shoot and of course their wedding which just sounds so perfect…..

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How did you guys meet…

We were both very happy because our football club Sport Lisboa Benfica won the Championship league. In the festivities, we look at each other while we were celebrating and there was the click. Because we have friends in common, we were introduced each other and the love spoke louder.

What did you do for your first date?

We met in spring so I invited Claudia for a picnic near our city river and we spent some amazing time together. It was a very romantic first date!

Who proposed and how?

Like the tradition way it was me ( António) who proposed Claudia. We went for a holiday weekend into the oldest city of Portugal called Guimarães. I took Claudia near the local gardens of the historical Castle and  it was the perfect time for that special  moment. Took the ring off, I was shaking, nervous and sweating… but I made the move. Do you wanna marry me Claudia”?  She said YESSS!!!!

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Can you tell us a bit about your plans for your wedding?

We wanted a rustic and simple wedding. Our biggest dream was having with us everyone we love and just have fun. We choose a picturesque farm from 15th century  with lovely gardens and amazing views perfect for the romantic style that we choose. We were very focus at the little details that make the different moments of our wedding. We want to thank Guida Design de Eventos that make possible all our dreams. She was incredible! Everyone loved the work that she did on that day. Everything she does seems like so natural and unique. She read our minds!

It was the happiest Party of our Lifes. Everyone was having a good time. The atmosphere was made by the people and the true love we all felt on that day! There was nothing more important than the time we spent all together.

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Tell us a bit more about your engagement shoot?

We wanted a most natural engagement shoot possible but at the same time an artistic touch. Because of that we choose Marta from “Dreamaker” to capture that special moments that she only can do. We choose two different location, the amazing gardens of Palacio Cristal on Oporto and then an unique and beautiful beach with a little church just by the sea with amazing views at Miramar.

Lastly, if you could choose any festival to go to, which one would it be and why?

We love the Festival Primavera Sound. Unfortunately we just went to Oporto but the one must be in Barcelona with the greatest bands that we love. Someday soon we hope…

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The Line Up

Photography: Dreamaker Photography
Props and Concept: Guida Eventos


Wedding beauty on its way!

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