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Clare and Jack were a dream couple!! Clare had a very exact vision centred around marrying ‘In the Wood’s’. Her attention to detail made for a dream woodland wedding. Check out her post about planning a wedding in just 9 weeks!!  They kept it all very simple and stylish and let the woods do the talking.. Clare was the most laid back bride probably because she was the most organised bride and had a diagram for everything…..Over to Clare and Jack – Their beautiful love story and wedding in the woods!! Part 2 – The reception will follow next Monday.

We grew up together spending time walking my dogs in our local area, spending plenty of our young relationship out in the fresh air. One of our favourite walks is at a battlefield site, we’ve taken that walk a million times, its been a place of great happiness for us both and also an escapism for us together through some of the hard times we’ve faced. That park is a comfort to us, and so just after Christmas (30th Dec 2012, to be exact) whilst paused on a bench, with a beautiful view, it seemed the perfect place for J to pull a tiny vintage ring box out of his pocket (up until that point I though he was just kidding me!) and pull out a delicate, gold love-me-knot ring and ask me to marry him. After much smiling and excitement, we continued our walk (much to Rupert’s relief) and celebrated with family and champagne later that day! (We later ordered the diamond together, all the way from Bethlehem!)

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Hands on set up, skinny bunting & persian rugs…

We sign posted the woodland from the lane, using jig sawed MDF and poster paint to hand make the signs.

The woodland path was decorated with lengths of skinny, minimal bunting (we were desperately avoiding anything remotely ‘English Tea Party’) hanging from the trees in an off-white and taupe linen fabric (sourced from IKEA). The 10x 15m lengths were beautifully hand sewn and distressed by my mother and now mother-in-law!

The hay bale seating was adorned with faux sheepskin rugs (sourced from IKEA), and the reserved seat signs were simply navy card, hand painted and put in demi-john jars that J sourced from a charity shop, filled with sand. We also bought 2 long Persian style rugs (actually from Iran, I believe) off of ebay, injecting a rich burst of colour to the woodland floor.

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Poppy the cool red camper van & Rupert the Dog!!

Kent Campervan’s Red VW Camper – Poppy, chauffeured the entire bridal party + photographer to and from the woodland. Our boy Rupert was dressed in style with a blue dickie bow from Etsy.

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Bohemian meets simplicity with a dash of skaterboy!

The ceremony sheets were designed by J + I, and home printed. I then sourced some white sweet shop style paper bags, filled them with locally sourced dried rose petals and lavender, and pegged them to the ceremony sheets, along with our custom made #WEDINTHEWOODS festival bands, designed by J + I and sourced from www.idcband.co.uk.

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The ceremony sheets were displayed in 2 worn wooden pallets. We also supplied woodland creature masks to make things a little more interesting for the kids, I sourced them  www.bluefrogtoys.co.uk

The first reading was a poem called ‘Love is Enough’ by William Morris, read by my head of department from university and good friend, Elaine. This was followed by a close friend Caleb’s reading ‘Blessing for a Marriage’ by John Dillet Freeman. Finally my aunt, Kay, who read a slightly adapted Native American Apache Prayer, ending our ceremony with the words ‘…may you know harmony as you grow forever young together’.

As for music, we walked in together to Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ played and sung by our good friend Tim Ramage. Tim then accompanied J’s sister, Holly, as she sang Florence + the Machine’s ‘You Got the Love’ during the signing of the register.
Tim then also rounded the ceremony off with his version of Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’.

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Ok let me just get the tissues and wipe away the tears.. Having spent the day with these guys we are truly touched to cover their wedding on the blog!! Part 2 coming on Monday…Until then xx

Line up & credits

Photography Credit: Amy Shore Photography 
Ceremony Venue: ‘In the Woods’ – Kent
Bride’s Dress: Zara
Bride’s Shoes: Topshop
Bride’s Jewellery: Red evil eye bracelet (handmade by Clare) / Handmade thin gold chevron bangle – Violet Fly on Etsy / Gold cuff – Watch this Space Boutique, Leicester / 4 tiny turquoise studs – Holyland treasures on Etsy  / Custom made diamond engagement ring – Artëmer Studio on Etsy / Gold love-me-knot ring ( Etsy) / Wedding band was a cross-section of my late father’s wedding ring, made to fit me.…and of course the gold foot glitter –Snazaroo
Rupert’s bow tie collar: Silly Buddy on Etsy
Groom’s Outfit: Oxford short sleeved shirt: Burton (would you believe!) / Navy chinos: All Saints / Brogues: Topman / Tan belt: Charity shop find / Red evil eye bracelet: Handmade by Clare
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Mango (from Asos)
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Shoes – Topshop / Thin gold chevron bangles: handmade to size by Violet Fly on Etsy / Flower crowns – Tanyas Little Shop on Etsy  / Double arrow earrings: H&M
Flowers: 3 large single white silk flowers, from Dunelm (who knew, right?!) braided with brown string around the stems
Hair & Make Up: My Bridesmaid did my hair and I did my make-up – using primarily Benefit products.  I swear by them- worth every penny! I kept it pretty simple, a gentle coral blusher, nude lips and a sweep of liquid eye-liner.



Wedding beauty on its way!

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