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Good morning fine people!

This one’s for your little maids and lads! Inspired by Maurice Sendak’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and the lost boys of Peter Pan, we’re pooh-poohing the traditional cutesy flower girl and straight laced page boy look and heading into the wild! Perfect meandering through white sands, or playing hide and seek in a woodland, this fun, dream-like trend is not only super cool, but something the mini members of your bridal party are gonna LOVE.


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The key to this look, however you decide to embark upon it, is for your little people to look a little dishevelled. No over styled hair, just a hint of sparkle and earthy, natural toned clothing. They should look like they belong in that woodland and most of all they should look comfortable, enjoying the rusty crown you’ve placed on their head, or embodying the lost boy spirit of their tribal painted face. Don’t force it, find something they’ll love and you’ll have yourself a seriously happy, free-spirited mini bridal party.

Dress up Wild, Child

This first look takes the crown of little king Max from Sendak’s novel, as seen in the first picture, and puts it in seriously ruffled hair for your lads and paired with a tulle skirt for your little ladies. We adore this look, it’s perfectly ‘devil may care’; as though your minis have raided the dressing up box and come up with this (actually seriously thought out) combination of their own accord! Super cute, fun and it works perfectly with a pair of little Hunters for miniature festival-chic style.


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Image credit: Captain and the Gypsy Kid


Image credit: Captain and the Gypsy Kid


Image credit: Captain and the Gypsy Kid


Image credit: Captain and the Gypsy Kid


Image credit: Captain and the Gypsy Kid

I mean, those little felt crowns in the last two images, come on! So stinkin’ cute; they’d fit any colour scheme and are totally DIY-able. We’re completely head over heels for that little gold star wand too… No bouquets here, thank you!

Little Nomadic Feet

So, what do you pair such a little ensemble with? Moccasins of course. Tree-climbing, woodland floor scrambling, cartwheel-worthy moccasins. They’re adorably nomadic, comfy and available in an array of colours, heights and with every embellishment imaginable. They sing ‘The Lost Boys and Tigerlily’ to the high heavens; that perfect balance of cute meets rascal. They couldn’t be any more boho; can you tell we’re super fans?


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Ah! That last little maid is all kinds of sweet. Moccasins, unbrushed hair, a feather headdress (more of them in a moment) and a fringed dress, seriously I need this outfit, never mind the kids, sheesh!

From the Woodland Floor

Ok, so if you little ones aren’t up for crowns (fair does, it’s a big responsibility being a prince/princess) continuing with the Tigerlily vibe, we’ve been swooning big time over Kids on the Moon‘s latest collection, Moonsafari. There are some incredible trends throughout their lookbook (you’ll see them pop up throughout this post) but our favourite has to be their use of feathers. Delicate, sparse feathered crowns, single striped feathers pinned through a high pony tail or simply attached to a leather cord and wrapped around the the upper arm for the lads. It’s tribal, but keep the feathers white and neutral and it’s a minimal, gentle look.

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Of course, this trend can be done full throttle too, and your little lads are sure to love this. True Peter Pan style, full feather headdresses make an insanely cool photo prop. Let the little members of your bridal party make some of the biggest statements!


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Image credit: Captain and the Gypsy Kid


Image credit: Captain and the Gypsy Kid

…I know right?! That last beach shot is just the coolest thing, it totally works for the slightly older lad too. On that note, here’s another little gem from Kids on the Moon that we think is just perfectly elegant for a slightly older bridesmaid; an antler adorned bun. Fixing a single, short antler into a loosely braided bun (I know I said no overly styled hair, this is the one instance I’m endorsing it), gives a beautiful ‘I just picked it from the woodland floor’ look that’d be gorgeous for an autumnal wedding. Beware though, it’s quite a subtle statement so keep everything else simple, using light delicate fabric in muted pastel and grey hues.

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Mask Make Believe

Fact: no dream-like kids trend would be complete without a mask. Think mythical woodland creatures, loads of textures and for heavens sake make sure your photographer gets a portrait of them wearing it – they’re just the coolest little accessory. That second picture, the portrait of the little fox in the long grasses is one of my favourite photos; he’s got so much attitude and charisma, all behind a mask.


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The Lost Boys

Here at Festival Brides, you guys know that we’re crazy on painted faces and facial adornment for brides (if you didn’t know that, take a look here) so naturally, another way to get this wild child trend onto your minis is to grab yourself a pot of white Snazaroo paint and give them their Lost Boy stripes. Think dots over the eyebrows, a single imperfect white line or the classic double stripe across cheeks for that effortlessly cool dose of tinker.


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Let your minis live their wild Max-style dream and embrace this seriously cool and supremely free-spirited trend for your wedding.

Have fun with these looks and let your inner child run a little wild!

Much love

Clare xo


Wedding beauty on its way!

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