I hope you all got lots of bunting wedding inspiration from Part 1! If you haven’t read it yet then please click here.

Part 2 brings you Festival Brides favourite bunting suppliers.

We love them because not only do they rock at what they do, but they are also doing it for the right reasons – read on to find out why:

Our Pick: The Cotton Bunting Company

Suitable for use indoors and out, The Cotton Bunting Company design classic, beautifully made and impeccably finished bunting that screams quality, but without the unreasonable price tag that seems to come hand in hand when the word wedding is involved, and that is why we love them!

They set out to offer better value and better quality and the proof is in the pudding.

Each pennant consists of two pure cotton flags that are sewn together so they hang beautifully and flutter gently in the breeze. They’re then stitched to a white cotton line (depending on the range you choose) and are finished to ensure the flags will not fray.

For only £12 for 5 M on their most popular range, it’s certainly one for the bargain bin!

You can choose from white bunting (as shown in the first picture); cream satin bunting; english country bunting (my favourite – shown above and below); floral garden bunting (below); different shades and patterns of pink, blue, lemon and much more.

To see their full range or for more information please visit www.cottonbunting.com or call Donna on 01245 363310

Images provided by The Cotton Bunting Company

The Gifted Penguin

Eco friendly and hand crafted, The Gifted Penguin offer a gorgeous range of recycled heart-shaped bunting which I can just imagine hanging between the newly weds reception breakfast chairs or attached to the cake table.

They have a romantic home-spun feel to them and the fact that they are made from recycled paper makes them even more appealing!

They are not the cheapest at £10.99 for 2.5m, but if they help look after this wonderful planet we live on then its a small price to pay.

To view their full range please visit www.giftedpenguin.co.uk

Image via The Gifted Penguin

Bunting Queen

These guys offer camper van bunting!! Do I need to say more!!??

Quirky, vintage, country, shabby-chic, street party and summer fete are all words I would associate with Bunting Queen! They do it all and if you can’t find what your looking for then they’ll make it for you!

All of their bunting is handmade using fabrics they have carefully picked themselves to ensure the quality is good.

You can buy decorative bunting from the Bunting Boutique or order unique personalised bunting created specifically for your wedding in the Design Den.

They also offer a hiring service, which is perfect if you’re not planning to reuse your bunting, and at £1.5o per m it is another addition to the bargain bin!

They have a huge range of designs so I strongly recommend a visit to their website.

Below are some of my favourite’s:

English Country Garden

English Country Garden

Pastel, spots, stripes and checks

Pastel, spots, stripes and checks

Hot pink, silver and white


For more information on Bunting Queen and their services please visit www.buntingqueen.co.uk or call Bunting Princess on 07882 190040

All images via Bunting Queen.

For our wedding, my mum and I are going to have a go at making our own! The plan is to visit as many boot fairs, vintage fairs and charity shops and collect as much material as we can lay our hands on and get sewing. I’ve found some awesome tips on how to make your own but that’s another blog for another day!

Happy Friday!

I hope you all have a fab weekend.

Big Love

Festival Brides x


Wedding beauty on its way!

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