We have a gorgeous Moroccan inspired wedding shoot to share with your eyes today. Captured by Tanya Wesel Photography and put together by Daniela Müller of Shop and Marry, the shoot took place in Germany where both of the ladies are from, yet featured suppliers from all over the world. Exciting designers such as the amazing Anna Goldberg of Petite Lumiere who traveled all the way from Israel to be a part of the shoot. She provided the dresses, lingerie and head pieces and they are all so very pretty. We especially love the play suit featured in the first few images. The lace detail on the bodice and down the back is just gorgeous and we love the setting of the lake.

Daniela tells us a bit more about the shoot and why she wanted to bring a bit of Morocco to Germany…..

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Capturing Morocco….

A trip to Morocco has inspired me for this shooting. The many magnificent colours, the different oriental smells and the human friendly way of life there, have exercised a great fascination for me.

Back from the trip, I wanted to bring a little piece of Morocco in the wedding world. Equally thrilled about the idea was the photographer Tanja Wesel who immediately explained to implement this shooting with me.

We had a lot of ideas, but the appropriate location, namely a desert landscape, we could not find in Germany. However, after a very long and intensive search, we found a sand pit that seemed to us suitable.

Also, we were able to inspire the Israeli designer Anna Goldberg of Petite Lumiere there for. She traveled especially from Israel to Germany to be part of this shooting. When Anna went into the set, her first sentence was: “Daniela, you actually brought a piece of desert to Germany”. A sentence that is not gone out of my mind because Anna actually comes from a country with a large desert and share this natural fact does not occur in Germany.

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The Line Up

Photography: Tanja Wesel
Video : Kau Warszus
Concept, Styling & Decor: Daniela Müller of Shop and Marry
Bridal Gowns & Headpieces: Petite Lumiere 
Henna Painting: Valerie Koch
Hair: Lydia Gerzen
Make-Up: Angelika Penner
Flowers: Monika Schmitz
Stationery: Carte Royale 
Wedding Cake & Cookies: Madame Miammiam 
Models: Irina Kapschefsky & Mark Becher


Wedding beauty on its way!

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