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As you’ve probably noticed, our blog posts have been a bit sporadic over the last few weeks to which we apologise. We both work full time and it’s been manic especially as it’s coming to the end of the year which is the busiest time for both Kel and I. We’ve barely had time to sleep (you should see these bad boy bags under my eyes – it’s not a good look!).

Anywho, things have started to calm down (thank god!) which means we can return to what we love the most – blogging about all things weddings and we’ve got lots in the pipeline………………sneak peek of an awesome vintage camping engagement shoot coming your way later!

But first, you may remember earlier this month we  featured the very cool Buttercup Bus VW Camper Hire and their 3 very lovely campers, one of which (Buttercup) is currently undergoing a ‘few changes!’ If you missed this post, please click here.

We promised to keep you updated on her progress and I’m pleased the say the first instalment, from the lovely Nathalie, is in!

Enjoy getting to know this little lady! She’s going to be a camper beauty – can’t wait to see her develop over the next few months!

Over to you Nathalie………………….

“Buttercup Bus VW campers are a south London based wedding and holiday hire company, offering three vintage campervans:

  • Pushka in classic cream
  • Belinda Bus in vintage blue and cream
  • Buttercup – an ugly duckling currently under restoration for March 2012

Pushka and Belinda, basking in the sunshine


These classic campervans love to grace the roads, turning heads wherever they go, and we wanted to share with you the story of all the work that is involved in sourcing and restoring these buses so that everyone can enjoy them.

Buttercup was purchased a few months ago after a year of searching for the right campervan. We were most particular about finding a campervan that was solid underneath, has sound mechanics and yet was a blank canvas for us to design to meet our particular wedding and holiday hire requirements.

Much expense and time went into finding the right camper with Nathalie, the company owner, travelling long distances to inspect potential candidates and negotiate. Nathalie also brought along her trusty VW specialist Darren, from VW Airfix, to quality assure the integrity of the campervan. Sadly, there are many “chicken wire and newspaper” nightmare buses out there – a trap that we did not want to fall into!

Darren, our trusty mechanic helped us to source our campervan (VW Airfix in Carlshalton, Surrey)


After some time Darren contacted Nathalie with a campervan that one of his customers was selling– a project bus that needed rescuing and was priced to account for the many hours of labour (and expense) the bus would require.

This ugly duckling needed a new (and very expensive) gear box, a new front face, bodywork restoration, a good paint job and completely new interior – not a project for the faint hearted!

So here is part one of the story of Buttercup’s journey from ugly duckling to beautiful swan………..

Before going under the knife…

Here is Buttercup just before we purchased her. This tangerine and black colour scheme was not exactly the look we were going for and that big wheel on her nose was hiding that beautiful face!

Buttercup looks sad parked at the side of the road waiting to be bought!


Buttercup’s bum did not look much better with a non matching maroon and white door which had been bolted on to replace her original rusty one. There were some fancy exhaust pipes fitted which needed replacing with a standard and reliable exhaust system.

Yes, Buttercup’s Bum was a patchwork of ugliness...


Her Bumper had square holes cut into it to support a rudimentary bike rack which had gone missing, and yes, there was a rather unsightly Tattoo on her rear saying “Big Boys Toys” – Here is a close up… yuck!

Not really sure whether any comment could do justice to the ugliness of this bus tattoo on Buttercup’s Bum....


When looking at the inside of the bus I felt like an estate agent, coming up with the phrase “hmmm – lots of potential in here…..” But at least it contained her spare driver’s door, dashboard and a sorry looking rock and roll bed.

Hmmm – some imagination is required here to see the potential


This bus needed some love (and some serious retail therapy!)

Over the next few weeks Festival Brides will take you through Buttercup’s surgery, makeover and wardrobe as Nathalie slowly transforms her into a carriage fit for a bride!

Bring on the next instalment which will be in a few weeks time  – Nathalie sent us a sneak peek and she’s looking good!

If you are interested in hiring Pushka, Belinda Bus or the soon to be lovely Buttercup for your wedding or self drive, please contact Nathalie:


Mobile:  07899 965903


All images provided by Buttercup Bus VW Camper Hire.

Happy Tuesday!

Big Love

Festival Brides x


Wedding beauty on its way!

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