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You may remember way back in November 2011 when Festival Brides was just a baby in the wedding blogmosphere, we featured the restoration of Buttercup – an original vintage VW campervan that was being lovingly restored by Nathalie from Buttercup Bus VW Campers. So far we’ve run two features on her progress; Part 1 which followed Nathalie’s hunt for the perfect vintage camper and the state of Buttercup when she was found and Part 2 the restoration of her bodywork.

Through these posts, Nathalie & Festival Brides wanted to share the process that was involved in restoring and maintaining these beautiful iconic campers and we hope you’ve enjoyed following Buttercup’s progress as much as we have.

Part 3, the final installation of Buttercups restoration is now ready to share with you and it’s a gooden! Beauty really does come from within….

Over to Nathalie:

Buttercup the primrose wedding camper’s final transformation

Buttercup’s restoration is a real beauty and the beast kind of story. She started out as a very ugly old girl, with bits falling off her, unsightly stickers and the inside was a rubbish dump!!!

It required a LOT of imagination to dream up how she could be restored into a beautiful campervan fit to make an appearance at weddings without being laughed at!

We have posted previous blogs about her restoration, but here are a couple of pictures just to remind you how sorry she used to look. (Everyone loves a before and after picture!!!)

Now, once all the bits were welded back on (sourced all the way from sunny California), I had the fun job of choosing a colour. I already had a cream camper and a duck egg blue camper……but being called Buttercup Bus, we really needed a yellow camper. There are a lot of “yellows” out there, ranging from 80’s neon shades to golden yellows but in the end I opted for a mellow-yellow (primrose, based on the classic MG colours from the late 1960s).

I hope that you agree from the picture below, that she suits the colour well.

But it is no good having a pretty camper, if the inside is so repulsive that you would not want to climb aboard! This is where the amazing Gemini upholsterers from Penge worked their magic. I popped over and discussed the fabrics for seat covers, door cards, headlining and floors and they transformed her into a beauty! We opted for white seats with a green piping. I later fitted retro chequered flooring to bring out the green piping.

My amazing Mother in Law and Mum then gave me a helping hand by creating the curtains to match. (Incidentally, I searched for 3 months to find the perfect curtain fabric – it needed to be thick enough to not need lining so that the beautiful pattern could be seen from both the inside and from outside.) I sourced the fabric locally from an amazing lady at Country Cream.

Photo Credits – Bottom right and centre – www.hannahmillardphotography.com (Bride from http://babbphoto.photoshelter.com )

All other pictures attributed to Buttercup Bus VW Campers (Vanilla Chinchilla Ltd)

Once she was completed, we decided to really put the icing on the cake, and fitted her with a brand spanking new 1.6 aircooled engine, and she sounds as sweet as she looks!

She has already ventured on a few wedding hires, honeymoons and holidays and has brought lots of smiles with her sunny paintwork.

Buttercup lives in Croydon (South London / Surrey area) and along with her campervan sisters, is now available to hire for weddings or self drive holidays.

Nathalie – The lucky owner of Buttercup Bus VW Campers


Telephone 0789 996 5903





Thank you so much to Nathalie for sharing Buttercup’s restoration – can you come round and take us for a spin now please!!!?

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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