Afternoon, babes! Your hump day is about to get a whole lot prettier, as we delve into our first bridal style mood board of 2018. I’m so overexcited for this, my heart’s all aflutter, or maybe that’s the double shot latte I just drank… Who knows! Either way, prepare to feel all the feels as we explore one of 2018’s most beautifully symbollic bridal trends: florals.

Delicate all-over textures, muted boho-luxe colour, and ultra-feminine ditsy floral lace… This trend is taking multiple forms, but is undoubtedly permeating this year’s bridal collections. An instinctive part of the divinely feminine in all of us, adorning our bodies and hair with flowers is a trend as old as time, so it’s no wonder we gravitate so naturally back to it.

Now, pop your blinkers on, pretend it isn’t a cold grey January day and immerse yourself in a meadow of spring blooms…


Tinted Blooms

While we love an all-white gown (I mean, who doesn’t?!) there is something so wonderfully fitting and natural about the addition of colour to a floral gown.

2018 sees muted tones embroidered onto delicate white lace, to add that colourful dimension while playing it super cool. I mean, has floral ever looked as cool as the Ziggy Stardust (what a name!) gown by Rue de Seine?!

Delicate Ditsy

I don’t know about you girls, but I hear ‘ditsy’ and I think ‘cutesy’… Well, I couldn’t be more wrong, as this year sees the ditsy floral become a very chic addition to bridal style.

We first fell in love with this concept in late 2017 upon spotting the painfully cool Senda gown by Immaclé Novias (first and fourth image below). That all-over ditsy, with the t-shirt style sleeves… Seriously understated chic from one of our favourite brands.

All Over Botanics

For those of you with the ‘go hard or go home mentality’ (I’m right there with you!) then you’ll wanna hit up this year’s trend for head-to-toe botanics.

Be it the beautiful floral lace of Rue De Seine’s Benny Bodhin, or the all-over skirt texture of that Christos Costarellos gown, embracing florals to the fullest is a key look for 2018 brides.

Feature Florals

As we said when we opened the post, adorning our bodies with florals is an ancient practice. Steeped in notions of enchantment, beauty, true love, new beginnings and fertility, flowers are a powerful symbol to adorn your body with on your wedding day.

…Which is why we love these feature florals, their placement and embellishment highlighting them as the gown’s focal points. Be it tattoo lace sleeves, or the delicate beaded florals of Bo and Luca‘s new collection, Shakti. Highlighting with floral symbolism is a beautifully bohemian choice for your wedding day.

Florals; a poignant image of the divinely feminine, delicate while strong in all their forms. In this, the year predicted to see the uprising of women across the globe, there’s a reason this wonderfully feminine symbol is so prevalent.


Peace + Love


Clare XO 


Images: k.y.h.a, maorlan, Luke Polihrom, Immaclé Novias, Jack Henry, Luke Polihrom, Rue De Seine, maorlan, Kate Willa, Marcos Sanchez, Melike Doganbas, Wianda Bongen, Marcos Sanchez, Tali Photography, Rue de Seine, Christos Costarellos, Alice Mahran, Tali Photography, Rue de Seine, Danailama, Eat Pray Photo, Renee Edwards, Amy B Pics, Bo and Luca, Chase Wild, Bo and Luca, Christie Nicole, Christie Nicole, Bo and Luca, Harpe Paris, Bo and Luca, Carly Tia,  Bo and Luca


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