Moon_Age_1214Good morning, dreamers!

My goodness are you guys gonna love today’s post. So, if you caught up with yesterday’s post about our (super gorgeous) visit to A Most Curious Wedding Fair, you might’ve noticed a few dreamy pieces floating around the bridal catwalk that you’ve not seen before…

Remember that show-stopping feather bell sleeved gown?

The long sleeved lace mini, paired up with that incredible feather bomber jacket?

Well, that’d be the brand-spanking new collection from Velvet Johnstone, Moonage Dream.

Her second bridal collection, Moonage Dream previewed at Most Curious, and today we have the truly magical privilege of launching the collection and giving YOU the first ever look at her jaw-droppingly gorgeous lookbook!


Now, that’s enough of me chatting… Magic like this needs no introduction!






How did you get into bridal fashion?

It was a very natural and magical journey, around the time I got married in 2013.

My work has always had a modern, dreamy and nostalgic romance to it, which I guess is why people started to ask me to design their wedding dresses.

The year I got married I made five dresses, plus my own and loved every second of it! I guess that’s when I started to think that maybe bridal was for me!

When I discovered Most Curious Wedding Fair it felt like the stars had aligned and I knew I was exactly where i needed to be with Velvet Johnstone. Becky, Cat and Sara (the creators of Most Curious) have been super supportive from day one and really helped me to believe I could make the transition over to bridal design. For that I’m beyond grateful.

I showcased a bridal edit with them, curating pieces from previous collections that were perfect for bridal fashion and launched my debut bridal collection at Most Curious the following year, winning the Rock and Roll bridalNEXT! Award which felt magic!

Bridal fashion is so inspiring at the moment… Well it’s the brides really! There’s a new found fresh approach to everything and i’m so excited to be a part of it.




Who is a Velvet Johnstone Bride?

A Velvet Johnstone bride is always really cool in one sense or another…

She wants to feel incredible, expressing her true self comfortably and confidently.

She’s looking for something a little different and enjoys the relaxed and unconventional vibe of Velvet Johnstone.

She sounds like our kind of bride! Now, tell us about your new collection, Moonage Daydream, what’s the inspiration behind it?

My collections are always inspired by many different things: random thoughts, daydreams, memories, music, people, all mixed together to create a little bit of magic.

Moonage Daydream was inspired particularly by my best friends, the memory of my Mam’s wedding dress, angels, the universe, and not least a sense of utter loss, yet massive inspiration when David bowie passed, the humbling impact the moon has on me, true love and, of course, glitter freckles!




We are in LOVE with the fabrics you’ve used, can you tell us a little more about them?

Thank you! I am a very tactile person so the fabrics and textures are really key to my work and can often lead the design.

I love layering different weights of silk and embroidered tulles. The movement from the feather georgette blew my mind; it looks like an entourage of angels!

If you had to choose a bridal ensemble (the works: dress, jacket, veil… Everything!) from the collection as your favourite, what would it be and why?

My absolute fave is the Issy Stardust mini paired with a Lemurian Queen crystal crown by Jill Urwin and a set of Cha Cha shoes by Joanne Stoker.

Have a look…


Moon_Age_1215This is the piece designed in memory of my Mam’s wedding dress.

It doesn’t especially look like it, it’s more about a vibe and feeling of how it would be today. It made me cry when I was sewing it and numerous times since (in a good way!) so it’s safe to say it holds a very large part of my heart. I believe the crystal crown has the power to connect us through the stars to distant ones and promotes a sense of oneness and the shoes, well I wore them on my own wedding day, and I love them!!

But then, if we’re talking about an entire ensemble I’d go for the lace Dalia mini & lace train skirt teamed with the Moon Child feather bomber and crystal Goddess head piece by Jill Urwin.

I love the drama of how many looks can be achieved from layering and delayering!

See for yourself…






Moon_Age_938But then, if I wanted to strip it back a little for a super cool laid back vibe, I’d go with the Reesie gown and cut out capeline hat by Ann Marie Faulkner.

Check it out…


Moon_Age_397…Oh or, of course, the Moonage Daydream mini!

I’d wear it just as it is, with bare feet!

I mean, just look…



…You’re allowed more than one wedding dress these days, right?!

Hell yeah you are! And of course, the song that best represents the collection?

Moonage Daydream – David Bowie.

(insert heart emoji here)





What’s the best piece of advice you can give a bride when it comes to searching for that perfect wedding outfit?

Follow your heart.

Go for what feels right to you. Something that makes you feel stunning, amazing, comfortable, confident and totally you; the best possible you.

Try on as much or as little as you need, stay true to yourself rather than conforming to something you think you should be wearing!

It is absolutely all about you X

Finally, what is your life quote or mantra?

Dream with your eyes wide open…



Moon_Age_1260Just amazing.
The moment I saw this collection at Most Curious I fell in love, it’s unapologetically free. Such movement, such feeling in every detail…

The collection will land on Velvet Johnstone’s website in the very near future, and until then, she’s taking enquires via and appointments are open!

The Line Up

Photographer: Leoni Blue Photography

Model: Olivia Ancell

Hair & Makeup: Sian Duke

Location: She’s Lost Control


Wedding beauty on its way!

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