We couldn’t be any more excited to be writing this intro if we tried! You might remember back in 2016 we have the privilege of helping launch AM Faulkner’s beautiful bridal accessory collection, Plant Life (read more on that here).

Well, she’s only gone and done it again with an incredible 2018 collection!

If you’re looking for something completely out of the bridal accessory ‘norm’ (all the clapping emojis!), something chic AF, full of texture and intrigue… Girl, you’ve hit the right blog at the right time!

We’re so stoked to give you guys an exclusive first look and chat to the gorgeous Ann-Marie herself to glean all that we can about this fresh new collection and the inspiration behind it. So without anymore fan-girling on my part, it’s our pleasure to introduce AM Faulkner’s insane new bridal collection for 2018…

Night Blooms

Could you introduce yourself to our new readers?

Hi I’m Ann-Marie, the founder and designer of AM Faulkner Bridal. I set up my mainline millinery label back in 2012 then my bridal label followed at the end of 2014.

l really do love the world of bridal, working with clients to produce something for their big day makes me truly happy! I love the industry so much in fact, that since my last collection (Plantlife, 2017) I’ve set up an online bridal accessories store aimed at the contemporary bride, Florence & Dot, and also joined the amazing team at A Most Curious Wedding Fair as a producer and styling assistant. It’s been a busy year!

What are you loving right now?

At the moment I am loving Mexico!

I’m actually sat writing this interview in Oaxaca city airport whilst waiting for a flight to Mexico City. Everything about this place is just incredible – the food, the drink, the sun, the people, the culture. And something I will take with me forever are the colours – everything is so vibrant, they just sing and fill my heart with joy.

I’m nearly at the end of my Mexican adventure but its one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever been to and will never forget it.

Tell us about the women that inspire you + your designs…

So not to harp on too much about Mexico(!), but I would have to say Frida Kahlo. In my first bridal collection I have a piece called the Frida Headdress made from big faux succulents and it’s a bit of a tribute to her.

She just did things her way; a rebel, a feminist and her art was incredible. It tackled infertility, gender equality, miscarriages, heartbreak and sickness back at a time where women definitely weren’t equal.

I visited her house last week which is now a museum and it was beautiful.

What’s at the core of your bridal designs?

I would like to think just good honest design.

I try not to be influenced by trends and don’t really pay much attention to them. I also don’t produce work just because I think it will sell – which is probably why in reality, I don’t sell that much! I just design stuff I like and thankfully people seem to like it too.

I’m also obsessed with fabric (before millinery I was a textile designer) so beautiful fabrics, whether produced by me or sourced, are also at the heart of my brand.   

We’re so psyched to hear more about Night Blooms! What can you tell us about the collection + design process?

I wasn’t actually going to make a 2018 collection! I had a little boy (Woody) last October so didn’t think I would have the time/motivation/brain power to design and produce something. Luckily though, he’s a very very good boy! So with some help from my amazing friends Keara and Selena I have been able to get to the studio and keep the brand going.

I made so many fabric samples for my previous collection, Plant Life, that I felt I still had something to say about the collection. It’s also impossible for me to not have designs running through my mind constantly, so thought I needed to make a collection to get it out of my system.

Everything in this collection was designed and produced at night. Once Woody went to bed in the evening and Daddy came home, I dashed off to the studio to experiment with designs – hence the title – Night Blooms. It was tiring but I’m glad I did it.

And it’s the second part of your Plant Life collection, right? How do they compare?

Exactly. I like to think of it as a second chapter – a continuation.

This collection is a lot more labour intensive. I tried to make Plant Life as baby proof as possible as I was a bit terrified of juggling the business and being a mum, but it’s actually ok!

So for this collection I wasn’t scared to design a headpiece that would take two days or so to produce for example.

Tell us about the fabrics and embellishments used in the collection…

There are loads of giant sequins in this collection which have all been hand stitched, and all the veils (bar one) are two tier veils. As this was all to do with the magic of night time it felt right to make them two tier.

I’ve used lots of polka dots tulles as I love the pattern and also made some black pieces, again reflecting the dark. Also, black looks great with ivory!

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

Probably the ‘Bloom Band’ in the Night shade (as seen below). I wore it recently to a friends wedding to test it out. It’s really comfy and makes a proper statement!

Where can our brides see your pieces and try them on?

My studio is in Stratford in East London – although at the end of the year I’m moving to one in Leyton – but brides are welcome to make an appointment at the studio to try anything on.

You can also find a selection of my pieces at Frou Frou Bridal boutique in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Rock the Frock in Essex, and Scottish Brides can head to Rachel Scott Couture in Edinburgh.

Also this weekend (2nd December) all my pieces will be at Frock and Soul Bridal up in Manchester for an accessories event.

What song best represents the collection + why?

It has to be Patsy Cline – Walking after Midnight.

It’s about the magic of night, searching for love and is also one of favourite songs! It reminds me of my mum, she’s a massive Patsy fan.

And finally, is there a quote that captures the essence of Night Blooms?

“Who said nights were for sleep?” – Marilyn Monroe.

I mean, I can’t pick a favourite. I just can’t! But I can tell you this: if I were getting hitched in 2018, you’d be sure to see me in at least two, if not three, of the Night Bloom pieces!

So rad, and so unique, making them memorable for all the right reasons. Ann-Marie never fails to surprise, enchant and captivate with her collections. Kudos, lady. Kudos!

Head over to AM Faulkner’s website today to see more details of each piece and get planning your bridal (or Christmas party?! I’m just gonna put it out there that the Mini Crescents would be perfect for a sparkly festive occasion) head gear!


Peace + Love 


Clare XO


The Line Up

Photography: James Champion
Hair & Make Up: Portraits Bridal 
Jumpsuit: Velvet Johnstone  
Jewellery: Florence & Dot


Wedding beauty on its way!

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