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So, you might’ve noticed the appearance of a new pin board on our Pinterest feed. A board that, you might say, I’ve been paying a fair bit of love and attention to this last month, a favourite child if you will. And you’d be right, I am utterly obsessed and have fully immersed my senses in the trend for black weddings…

In short, I’ve moved over to the dark side, guys! And let me tell you, it is chic AF over here.

This midnight shade is made even deeper, even more sumptuous with the addition of luscious berry tones: ripples of raspberry, sultry plums and rich scarlets all working in harmony to juxtapose the crisp black. It’s certainly not a colour palette for the faint of heart, but if you want to be daring, if you want to intrigue, then the inimitable chic of Black Forest Luxe is sure to capture your heart…

43b4343a…And this is where it all started, my friends!

For me, The Reformation‘s Opera Bolero in the shade Aubergine set against that gorgeous black dress was the start of this obsession mood board.

That sumptuous shade, with the luxurious velvet creating that multi-tonal dimension all set off by her crisp black silhouette…

D’you feel me?! It’s just downright sexy.

And there’s a hell of a lot more where that came from! Behold…

15428310252There’s so much beauty to be found on the dark side, no?! And we’re just limbering up here, babe!

As far as wearing the midnight shade is concerned, I’m gonna make it easy for you: we love it all and we love the bride bold enough to wear it…

From the super sexy, almost mysterious wrap-around veil she wore, to a simply black ribbon to tie up her dishevelled waves (very Parisian chic), to the black diamonds gracing her finger to the textured black dress, in all its sheer (and I mean that quite literally) glory, with that deep plunging neckline; anybody would think this bride were making a statement…

Hell yeah she is.

76338131211Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 22.14.34 42 theeverafterstoryLeft: Free People Right: The Ever After Story

1415161721Then of course there’s the dark side of decor.

Ohhh man, I don’t even know where to start.

Lit only by the flickering light of candlesticks atop black cast iron holders, the table is littered with oversized Karma Chocolate Dahlias and inviting raspberry linen napkins.

Stationery is swept with lavish crimson inks, and opulent gold calligraphy glints from the black menus at each place setting. Heavy matte slate serving platters contrast with the shine of brassy gold goblets…

It’s a feast for the senses, a richness and intensity that fixates guests and indulges them in all it’s mysterious depth.

201918922Of course, photographers have had their glorious way with this trend too.

Shots are getting moodier, shadows are longer, darker, more drawn out.

The effect is magnificent and sheer satisfaction: textures of florals are brought to life, intimate moments are captured at dusk; the darkness brings a perhaps surprising warmth, a gentle softness to the focus, yet maintains drama and oozes style in abundance.

Good lighting is desirable, but sometimes only a little lighting is perfection.

23402429272630313635And don’t think that your wedding food will abstain from this trend…

Dark is the new delicious, guys!

From midnight macarons (*obsessed*), to dark, espresso infused chocolate frosting.

Ice cold drinks, in bowl-like tumblers garnished with blackberries and bubbles infused with Cassis.

A scatter of foraged, sweet roasted beetroots or a midnight feast on a platter of dark artisan chocolate…

It’s our every temptation, our every decadent desire.

34383941I just can’t deal.

Everything about this mood board gives me LIFE.

In my mind, it’s hands down the most incredible way to host a winter wedding right now. The depth and lusciousness seems so appropriate for the season, while also managing to totally avoid any preconceived stereotypes of a winter/Christmas wedding. I mean…

Welcome to the dark side, guys, can we tempt you to stay a while?

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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