17Oh hey, gorgeous people!

Ok, so I’d be the first to admit that I’ve not always been a huge advocate of pink…

Then 2016 happened. Pink got one hella cool makeover. And now I can’t get enough.

Tones of blush are just everywhere right now, from delicate barely-there blush, to hints of pale pink in amongst an oh-so-trendy botanical setting, to warmer coral undertones for summer or the über cool soft matte translucent blush trend.

To put it lightly, we’re besotted. So when the gorgeous blush Astilbe flowers started appearing in their masses on our Pinterest feed (which I think might be my favourite bloom for 2016!), we just had to create this mood board for you…

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The Barely there Blush

It’s delicate, it’s sheer and it’s barely blush.

With just a hint of that heavenly shade, it’s perfect for a subtle, shimmering eye look, embellished flowing bridesmaid dresses, the sweetest of desserts and most feminine of lace gowns…

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In Amongst the Botanical

Pair the delicate pink of Astilbe up with another of 2016’s biggest trends, the Botanical, for a beautiful contrast that speaks to the heart of any outdoors girl.

A hand-clutched bouquet of the Astilbe set in amongst the highlands, an elegant glasshouse adorned with pale pinks and deep greens, or an aisle-side arrangement of these small feathery blooms alongside bold leaves… The Astilbe flower may seem small and subtle, but it has such power in it’s beauty, it can’t help but draw the eye…

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An Undertone of Warmth

Perfect for the Summer, the Astilbe flower welcomes warm undertones with open arms, it’s a surprisingly flexible bloom!

Pair with golden flower vessels for a table piece, or style alongside warm tonal variations of blush: a coral macrame chandelier, or the soft texture of a feathered jacket. Or, try a gentle contrast with yellow shades for a bright, fresh feel…


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The Soft Matte

My absolute favourite way to embrace pink in 2016; it’s feminine, yes, but in a ridiculously cool, understated kinda way.

When choosing materials, be inspired by the Astilbe’s soft, feather-like texture, choosing velvet finish nude nails, a smooth blush buttercream cake, or pink suede shoes, and take a cue from the bloom’s perfectly subtle colouration, opting for translucents to create a gentle, blurred effect…

20 32 29 28 24 26 16 11 12 13 15And sigh…

I think it’s official, pink (done right!) might be my new favourite colour!

Peace + Love,

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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