When this very beautiful elopement styled shoot landed in my inbox last year, I thought it was a real wedding. The intimacy and passion between the couple is just so real and the format and storytelling of the images are almost identical to that of a real elopement. From getting ready in the morning to the couple portraits at the end – each image pieces the story together beautifully and I think you too will see why it plays more as a real elopement than a styled shoot. Perhaps that’s why we love it so much.

Put together by Open The Door Events, a creative wedding design and planning company based in Andalucia, Spain, the shoot’s aim was to capture their idea of an ideal wedding with ‘passion, the wilderness and food glorious food’ and to ‘create a feeling of blissful solitude as if’ the couple featured ‘were the only two souls left in the world.’

Look out for the amazing bridal crown and headpiece by MARTINA DORTA and the gorgeous silk OTADUY wedding dress. We want them all in our wardrobe!


A Folk Love Story….

This session is inspired by my idea of an ideal wedding. Passion, the wilderness and food glorious food. The initial idea behind the session was to portray a strong bond held between two people. To show their intense hunger for one another.

To create a feeling of blissful solitude as if they were the only two souls left in the world.

Heathcliff and Catherine….

The seasons of Autumn and winter were the main inspiration behind the styling. Warm autumnal tones were chosen for the floral decoration to emphasise the wintery earthy palette of the forest. I decided to have a Victorian like feast laid out on the rustic wooden table amongst the flowers to add even more texture and shades to the colour palette. Roasted meats, honey glazed vegetables, rich dark chocolate cake and homemade pies and tarts were served on coppery bronze platters, the table overflowing with vibrancy.

We chose to shoot in Granada the south of Spain for its diverse wild landscapes, the bohemian city where the couple awake, the dense woodland and towering pine trees and the remote mountainous backdrop to emphasise the vastness of the space around them.

We wanted each and every photo to tell their story, for the look in Fiona’s eyes as she is about to marry Miguel to linger.

The hauntingly beautiful bride dressed in light silks from Otaduy’s latest collection floating through the forest as delicately as a wildflower, her handsome groom never leaving her side once, their hands entwined. The last few photos taken during the sunset give off a Wuthering Heights essence of the wild love between Heathcliff and Catherine in the lonely moorland setting.

The Line Up

Photography: STTILO 
Concept, Organisation & Styling: OPEN THE DOOR EVENTS
Wedding dress: OTADUY 
Bridal Crown: MARTINA DORTA 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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