It’s always at this time of year that I dream of cosy nights in front of a fire, sipping red wine and watching whatever box set is trending on Netflix (it’s Narcos at the moment and oh my god is it good!) There is just something so romantic and safe about this scene and it’s always centered around a beautiful fireplace.

With this in mind, today we thought we would share with you some cool, quirky and beautiful ideas on how to incorporate a gorgeous DIY fireplace into your wedding decor. Whether you are having a winter wedding or a summer festival, you can recreate that very same romantic ambiance by using clever styling and cool decor.

Get ready to get cosy in front of that wedding fire!!

The Wedding Lounge


Recreating a wedding lounge is pretty standard now for a festival and outdoor style wedding but adding a fireplace to it with cool and quirky styling isn’t! Nothing says home more than a cosy setting in front of a fireplace so if you want to create a space that encourages your guests to relax and chill then you HAVE to add a fireplace to your wedding lounge. They just add so much personality to the space and look pretty damn cool too.

There is also so much you can do with the styling, decor and theme. Think country pub, vintage tea room, a private gentlmen’s club, an intimate lounge for two or even your own living room! Find a cool corner of your venue and get to work in creating your very own unique wedding lounge that is centered around a gorgeous fireplace.

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The Ceremony Area

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Using a fireplace as the focal point of your outdoor ceremony area is such a unique and beautiful way of adding a touch of romantic ambiance to your wedding ceremony. The overall look can really be quite something, especially if you have a lone fireplace sitting in front of a stunning lake or a grand old oak tree.

I always think the key to dressing your ceremony area is to start by looking at your surroundings and really think about what sort of atmosphere you want to create for your guests. The last thing you want to do is detract from any natural beauty or overwhelm your guests with too much to take in so when it comes to dressing your fireplace, keep things simple and remember to compliment the surroundings, not overtake them. Look at the colours around you and the space you have to use and then build from there. If your backdrop is a woodland where the predominant colour is brown, green or orange, introduce one other colour and explore its different shades and tones through your flowers and seating. If you have a space that is rather modest or plain, spruce that fireplace up by adding lots of colour through props, glasses, candles and flowers all along the mantle piece and at the base of the frame.

The pictures below illustrate perfectly when its best to keep things simple or to spice things up…..

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The Decor and Styling


Bottles, coloured glass, candles, photo frames, mirrors, hay bales, flowers, drapes, bunting, books, fairy lights – the list is endless when it comes to dressing your fireplace. Pretty much anything goes! It has to be one of the most versatile props you can use for your wedding as it suits most styles and is so easy to decorate.

As mentioned in the ceremony section, the key to dressing your fireplace is to take into consideration your theme, surroundings, personal style and the atmosphere you want to create whether it’s that home from home or a quirky space for your guests to explore. Know when to keep things simple and when to go to town.

They can also be used as part of your wedding entertainment. Imagine recreating those winter afternoons spent in a pub next to a fire listening to a cool acoustic band playing whilst you munch on your Sunday roast! Use the space in the same way by setting it up as the ‘stage’ for your band to play. If you’ve created a wedding lounge then why not fill the fire place with board games, comics and quirky magazines for your guests to explore. Use it as a photobooth, a table plan, a chill out area for your guests to record wedding messages or even set up a chest right next to it for your guests to leave their presents. The possibilities are endless – you just need a bit of imagination!

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The Photography


Is there anything more romantic and intimate than posing with your beau by a fireplace? It just looks sooooo sexy! Equally, a bride standing pretty in her gorgeous dress with the fireplace as her backdrop also has something quite magical and alluring about it. A fireplace just adds so much romance to a picture whether you are standing with your newly wed or on your own….

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To find a vintage fireplace with a mantle piece, try visiting your local reclamation or salvage yard. You could even build one yourself by using reclaimed wood and a touch of paint.

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I’m off to get cosy in front of the fire!!!

Big Love

Laura xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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