2016-06-30_0001Well it might be all doom and gloom on the weather front in the UK at the moment but we are most definitely feeling the summer vibes on the blog with today’s gorgeous couple shoot.

The shoot was captured by Alexandre Maciel Photography on Fernando de Noronha, a beautiful beach just outside of Rio de Janeiro that was recently voted the most beautiful beach in the world (oh to be there right now!) and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The couple featured live in Portugal but the bride was born in Brazil and wanted to bring her husband to her home country and experience the beautiful wonders of Fernando de Noronha and what better time to do it than on their anniversary.

As the couple do not speak English, Alexandre has very kindly shared his experience of the shoot.


2016-06-30_0002 2016-06-30_0003 2016-06-30_0004 2016-06-30_0005 2016-06-30_0006

Careful Planning, A Stunning Location and The Evening Sun….

First it is worth noting that Fernando de Noronha is an ecological and highly preserved paradise. They say that it is all of what’s left of Eden! However, it is not very accessible. It is not common for people to visit it without a plan because of the high tides and rugged landscape. Access is either by plane or boat so it took careful planning.

Many people in Europe know of our work, which is really cool. We love sharing our work with the world. Almost at the same instant this couple, who coincidentally was going Fernando de Noronha, triggered the idea of the shoot. It was a very enjoyable evening that we had and blessed by the sun and the result is there in these pictures.

We intend to return there this year and already have couples who have not married and couples already married, looking in and scheduling their sessions. This was something genuine and very cool.

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The Line Up

Location: Fernando de Noronha
Photography: Alexandre Maciel Photography


Wedding beauty on its way!

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