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Ever wondered how some couples just get that extra little sparkle in their wedding photography? Their looks warm, inviting, you might even dare to go as cliche to say that it looked ‘magical’?! Well, my darlings, it’s all a trick of the light and here to tell you exactly how to ace your lighting design for the big day are the incredible Oakwood Events. So without any further rambling from me, Oakwood go ahead and illuminate our day!


Hello! We’re Oakwood Events Ltd and we install beautiful bespoke lighting schemes for weddings. We’re a small, creative team adding sparkle to over 120 weddings a year in Bucks, Berks, Oxon and beyond.  When we’re not in the office answering emails and designing lighting schemes you’ll find us in a barn or marquee ceiling, amidst thousands of twinkling lights or hanging our stunning chandeliers.

We’ve worked in some incredible places, from barns in a hippie commune to tipis to woodland weddings and even a cow barn complete with cows! The best part of our job is seeing our clients’ faces when we switch on the magic and they see their space transformed with light!

Get the Glow

Lighting might not be the first thing people think of when planning wedding décor, but good lighting can create an atmosphere that captures the magic and sparkle of the day. Lighting can be used to highlight features, define spaces and make your decorations, venue, flowers and guests look even more gorgeous. Lighting can also take your professional photographs to another level, providing opportunities for flattering light, stunning backdrops and framing those take-your-breath-away moments! Lighting is crucial, and we’ve got some ace ideas and tips to get you well on your way!

So, let’s get down to it, here’s our round up of some of the best lighting effects for festival weddings… 



Fairy lights

Well known for their magical properties, whether as a ceiling canopy, wound around pillars, along walkways, around trees… The design possibilities are endless and equally stunning. Just make sure that if you’re using lots of fairy lights, you choose a dimmable variety; once the dancing starts you don’t want to leave your guests too starry eyed!

fairylightsandpompoms  lightslounge bushandtreelighting

Festoon lights

A fabulous alternative to fairy lights, festoon lighting creates a rustic, soft glow. Suitable both inside and out, festoons produce a perfect festival vibe.

randomfestoonloops festoontreelightsandribbons


The ultimate lighting statement; hang them low over long tables, as a ceiling centrepiece in a marquee or tipi or, for something gorgeously alternative, why not suspend weather safe versions outdoors?

outdoorchandeliers fairylightsandchandelier barnchandeliers

Paper lanterns

The perfect mix of light, colour and texture. Cluster them to create a focal point or spread them indoors and out to blend and produce uniformity between spaces.

lacepaperlanterns fairyligthsandlanterns


Great for subtle, warm light or for bringing in colour to work with your theme, uplighting can be used to highlight features, walls and trees and bring your outdoor space to life in the evening.

cowbarnlights uplightingandfairylights

Bright Ideas

If you love the idea of lighting but aren’t sure where to start here’s our handy guide of things to consider:

  • What is the purpose of the lighting? Arrival wow factor, atmosphere over the meal, day to evening transition, making an outdoor space more inviting, setting the mood for dancing… or all of the above!
  • How much natural light will there be? Consider the time of year (check sunset time), your itinerary including the scheduled time of the wedding breakfast and the natural light in your venue.
  • What are the existing venue lights like? If possible, visit your venue after dark. See if the existing lights give an attractive light inside and out and check if they can be dimmed for the evening.
  • What is the style of your wedding and venue? A good lighting scheme will work with your theme, complement existing venue features, create photo opportunities and be as unique as you are!

canopyandpompoms canopyandpompoms2 Fairylightcurrtain

Come and say hello

Like what you see? Well, we’d just love to get involved in your special day and help make your lighting dreams a reality, why not drop by and say hi?

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…So good, right!?

Here’s hoping we’ve left you starry eyed for the rest of your Thursday!

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