Good morning, gorgeous brides-to-be! We have an absolute hair and beauty TREAT in store for you today as we take a look at some of the best beauty trends sweeping through this year and consider how they work beautifully for a trend-lead bride or her bridesmaids!

From 2016’s favourite festival braid to the understated low-set knot, and from the painfully cool metallic lip trend to the sea of fresh freckled faces that permeate our Pinterest feed.

I can’t wait any longer to dive into this treasure trove, so grab yourself a coffee and let’s go!

Boxer Braids

I’m pretty certain I’ve raved about my love for ‘Boxer’ / ‘Double Dutch’ (and any other name you might know them by?!) braids before on the blog, but girls, these braids ain’t going nowhere!

From catwalk, to festival the Boxer braid seems to transcend circumstance. Keep ’em sleek and neat for an über chic look (that’s got a kinda badass vibe to it, no?), or tease them out to get a more voluminous, dishevelled boho vibe.

We’ve been loving the boxer braid starting close to the front hair line, so it’s visible from the front and back, and teased out until it’s borderline messy if we’re honest! (More on that in another upcoming FBrides shoot!)





…And as for that last photo.

Swooning. Swooning hard.

We love that slightly softer half up / half down take on the Boxer braid; a gorgeous transition into bridal style.

Freckle Faced

Personally, I’ve been LOVING this trend. Probably because I’m not naturally blessed with many freckles, but whether you are or aren’t, freckle-faced is the way to go this Summer!

‘But why?!’ I hear you all you freckle-less ladies cry! I know, it’s a funny thought, right? But freckles do two things in terms of beauty: one, they suggest your natural skin is shining through, with little to no help from foundation/concealer etc, and two, they make you look more youthful!

So, if you’re naturally blessed with those beautiful little pigmented dots then go right on ahead and let them shine though your makeup, but if not (like me) there are tutorials amass to help you get that beautiful fresh-faced look on youtube (check this one out for starters), and believe me when I say, they’re not hard to recreate when you know how and with a little practice!

(No really, we’re talking eyebrow pencils in a couple of shades and then a lot of dotting… It’s that simple!)




Love. Love. Love. In fact, I’m wearing mine right now!

Glossy Lids

Now here’s a trend that changes quite dramatically with how it’s interpreted.

Glossy lids can be as beautifully subtle as that last freckle image, or as bold as some of these next ones. It can be a high shine colour pop statement, or a paired back water-like sheen; it’s totally your call.

Either way, this is taking the dewy makeup trend to the next level, and we love it! The simple sheen can be easily achieved by laying down a light layer of a mineralised, illuminating powder on the eyes (something like Kevin Aucoin’s Celestial Powder) and then gently tapping (so as not to sweep the powder away) a light layer of original (unscented) vaseline into the lid.

Again though, search youtube for countless tutorials or work with your make up artist to create the glossy lid you want!





Just beautiful – in fact let me go grab my big ol’ tub o’ vaseline right now!

Twist + Knot

Probably the most subtle and understated of 2016’s hair and beauty trends (I mean, come on, the 90s are back in style!) the low-set twist or knot is a seriously sophisticated bridal look.

Arriving on the catwalk in all shapes and sizes, the only criteria for this look are that it is positioned low at the nape of the neck (or if you’re opting for a half-up style the knot should be level with, or lower than, your temples) and that the knot is well formed and relatively sleek (a little serum/oil goes a long way to get that shiny, flyaway-free look).

It’s subtle, elegant and beautifully minimal, while managing to be wonderfully original too.







…And now for something a little less understated, but undeniably gorgeous!

Metallic Lips

This one’s a crowd splitter, but after a lot (probably a little more than is normal) deliberation I’m on side!

Metallic lips. A trend most of us thought we’d left in the late 90s is back, spear-headed by non other than trend-setter, Kylie Jenner.

But have no fear, unlike the metallic lip products of the late 90s, this new wave is a little LOT more refined. Expect a fine sheen, no chunky glitter pieces and a liquid lip formula that’s gonna stay put.

We’re especially smitten with the pale/silver frosted colours. Perfect for an edgy summer look.







It’s worth noting that while some of those super close up shots of the lip colours seem to highlight every lip crease, the colours appear far smoother and more creamy from a normal distance away! We heart it!

Wet Look Locks

This next on is daring, but when done right, can be so stunning.

Wet-look hair.

I mean, what?! Don’t we spend our mornings trying to avoid dragging ourselves out the door with dripping locks!? (I know I do! #thestruggle)

Well, according to catwalks, the red carpet, a whole heap of magazine editorials and this article from Vogue, wet look hair is an essential for Summer 2016 and beyond!

Now, hear me out, I’m not just talking jump-outta-the-shower-and-good-to-go, refined wet look hair that lasts is a pretty fine art! Read more in the previously linked Vogue article, but in essence: carefully towel dryed hair, with a rather hefty dose of flake-free gel, distributed and textured with a wide tooth comb and finished with an all important spritz of leave-in conditioner… In an insultingly-simplified nutshell *cue nervous laughter*

Nevertheless, whether it’s short pixie crop like Ms Mulligan’s, or longer tresses defying gravity as they remain perfectly swept back of your face, it’s a bold statement that we love for a bride, her maids or a wedding guest!





Yup, that’s one bandwagon we are most definitely on!

Embrace your Face

With the rise of the goddess that is Gigi Hadid, and the forever baby-faced Ms Gomez, it may be that we see the beauty world finally turn it’s back on the world of contouring… Now that we’ve all just about mastered it, of course! (yes, I’m rolling my eyes!)

Instead, we’re seeing beautifully youthful round-faces making a comeback, without an attempt to define a bone structure in sight!

Hallelujah! (says the slightly chubby cheeked girl!)

The beauty world seems to be taking the oh-so body positive turn towards embracing your god-given face shape, which of course means owning your strong bone structure too, if that’s your natural look, and we couldn’t be more on board.

Natural beauty that’s simply enhanced.




Just gorgeous. And I’m loving the lack of super-curled or false lashes in those images too. All hail the bare lash game!

Warm + Smokey

… With that being said, of course (y’all knew I was about to totally contradict myself, right?!) at the opposite end of the scale, for my bold eye-makeup girls, this year is still loving the warm-tone smokey eye!

Bronzed gold highlights, contrast with deep rusty browns to create a super-blown out smokey eye that is just killer for summer and into autumn too. This look works perfectly for any eye colour, just be sure that you pair with a bold enough brow to handle all that eye drama!





Wow, right?! It’s dark and dramatic, while maintaining a warmth that softens it. So gorgeous.

And finally…

Rose Gold Hair

This one’s for my coloured-hair brides!

Looking for the perfect shade for your wedding day? Something statement, yet elegant, bold, yet soft… Meet the Rose Gold hair trend.

It’s our love of all things blush and rose gold rolled into one bottle of hair dye*

*Who am I trying to kid I bet this took hours of labour and about 6 different shades of hair dye!

It’s super feminine, while being so unusual, and we’re kinda in love over here!




Pretty luxe, right?!

And that’s it, our round up of some of our favourite hair and beauty trends for 2016! What looks have you guys been loving? You know we’d LOVE to hear your favourite trends and products in the comments below!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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