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‘After Glow’ is how I would best describe this shoot captured by Whitney Heard Photography and sent all the way from America. I believe this couple has a unique story, love and look. Both owners of tattoo shops that met and after one date instantly fell in love, this shoot represents their “after-wedding” bliss and judging from the pictures, bliss is certainly the most appropriate word to use.

After a surprise proposal and a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas where they were wed by Darth Vader, Memphis and Travis Cladeauo are two people who show that sometimes you just know when that special person has walked right into your life.

The style of this shoot is soft, natural, intimate and real. It is clear how much these two love each other and captures perfectily the after glow of their wedding. It is also incredibly sexy!

What I love the most about this shoot is that it pretty much sums up everything that Festival Brides stands for……..it’s alternative in style, free spirited, individual and honest.

Here’s Memphis and Travis’ story……

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We Became Best Friends….

Travis and I met on February 1st 2014 at the Grand opening of my tattoo shop. We had mutual friends and he was invited to the after party – I was pretty intoxicated that night and we spoke briefly but I remember thinking he was really sweet. I went home that night and didn’t think much of it. I had just gotten out of a pretty bad relationship and had no intention of dating for a long time. Turns out he was going through the same situation. We spoke a few times over the next 2 weeks about our shops – he owned a rival tattoo shop about 10 minutes from my shop. February 14th rolled around and after a few pretty catastrophic events at my shop he invited me to come see his shop – I went to Grim City (his shop) after we closed for the night to meet up with him and we hit it off. We stayed at Grim City till midnight and then decided to go get cheeseburgers together- I was driving. He pulled out the burgers while on the way back to my house and tried to feed one to me – completely missing my mouth and smearing my cheek with cheeseburger. I remember thinking at that exact moment – “oh shit” – I knew I was screwed that minute. He was smart, funny, gorgeous and so sweet and I was already smitten. From that night on – he and I were literally inseparable. We did everything together from that night, talked about everything. We became best friends.

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You know I’d marry you tomorrow…..

We went through more trauma and turmoil in the next month with our lives and we got through it like it was nothing and everything that was thrown at us made us closer. One night after a particularly rough day we were snuggled up on his couch and I was devastated, crying my heart out and Travis said “You know I’d marry you tomorrow – Will you marry me?” It was so unplanned and so honest I said yes and the next thing I knew we were planning a trip to Las Vegas to get married the day after his 33rd birthday. I had surgery a few days before our trip and I was going through the nightmare of having to close down my tattoo shop after the city and our landlord had made it impossible for us to keep the doors open. Trav and I just grew closer and made the decision to merge both our shops at the same time as merging our families. We got married by Darth Vader in Vegas a month and a half after we’d met – just the 2 of us. We had written our own vows and paid extra for fog machines and it was the most beautiful wedding I could’ve asked for.

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Brody and Dahlia…..

Sometimes you meet your other half in the most unexpected times and places in your life and he is my best friend and truly the best partner in the world. We had so many people telling us were crazy but we had so many signs pointing to this being right- we started dating on Valentine’s day, we named our daughters after the same person (his daughter is Brody and mine is Dahlia, after Brody Dahl) – we are such different people but in every way I fall short he picks me up and now with our merged shops we’re so much stronger.

The Line Up

Photography: Whitney Heard
Make-Up: Courtney Lackner – Peachy Keen Studio
Hair: Mary Jane Fagan


Wedding beauty on its way!

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