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We have an awesome autumnal couples shoot to share with you today.

Sent in by the lovely Brook Rose Photography and featuring Adeola and Megan, a very cool couple with a love of vintage fashion, marvel comics and film, this fun loving shoot captures not only Adeola and Megan’s fun loving relationship but also their quirky individuality……

“Adeola and Megan are such a cool couple and so fantastic in front of the camera.” Explains Brook. “This was a super fun couples shoot. I am in love with Megan’s style from her pin up curls to her fantastic dress from 20th century foxy lady. I love these pictures as well. They are full of so much joy and love and they give me a massive smile upon my face when I look at them.”

Captured just as the leaves started to fall, this lovely shoot really does showcase why Autumn is such a beautiful season to embrace.

We asked Adeola and Megan how they met and why they chose to have a couples shoot….

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How did you guys meet…

We first met at a freshers Fair at Uni. My friend and I were raking in the freebies and so was he! Haha! I guess you could say it was love at first sight!

What did you do for your first date…

We are pretty unconventional and don’t really do romantic dates as such but the closest thing to it was when we went to see Avengers just us two marvel nerds.

Who proposed and how…

Adeola hasn’t proposed …yet 😉 However I think couples shoots are a fantastic way to step back from everyday life and really appreciate each other and have pictures you can treasure for a lifetime. Time goes by so fast and having pictures together are so priceless. I would recommend for everyone to get some, whether your engaged or married or just a beautiful loving couple, its fantastic to be able to look back on them in following years.


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Tell us a bit more about your engagement shoot…

Well I chose Brook as she has been a friend to mine for many years and I’ve seen her business and talent blossom from the start! I trust her with a camera. Being a photography student myself I can be quite critical of other photographers but Brook definitely knows what she’s doing and she’s lovely too so that’s a bonus and also makes being the other side of the camera feel natural!

The  location was purely for the open space and the autumnal leaves and trees were just beautiful. And my outfit wasn’t far off the norm for me haha! I dress quite retro every day. I adore the glamour and petticoats and I have the utmost respect for the the war time era. Not only is retro hair pretty in my opinion it’s also practical. It’s creation was to be stylish and remain out of your face so as long as you set your curls right you don’t have to worry about how your hair looks all day

Lastly, if you could choose any festival to go to, which one would it be and why…

For myself my heart belongs to Twinwoods Vintage Festival but I think Adeola would much prefer Annacey Animation Festival. It may not be music but it’s defiantly his favourite.

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The Line Up

Photography: Brook Rose Photography


Wedding beauty on its way!

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