741a5691Morning babes!

Ahh now let me tell you about today’s shoot, because it is all kinds of gorgeous and it proves (in the most elegant of ways) that you don’t have to go full throttle with Tropical, but that hints of this theme can work oh-so beautifully against a bohemian backdrop.

Expect colourful fruit platters, a darling backless dress, a rustic setting and hints of gold here and there; in short, it’s dreamy! I’ll hand over to amazing photographer, Taylor Parker, to tell you a little more…


Lacy + Ethan

This shoot was insanely perfect! Our location, an abandoned sawmill, fit perfectly with the whimsical bohemian feel of the day.

As we posed the bride and groom on rustic pieces of machinery and old metal staircases, nor I, or the two of them could get enough of the excitement!


We threw in a bit of a tropical touch by adding some fruit to our gorgeous table setting, and posing our bride and groom with a pineapple.

With handmade bouquet and headpiece, the dark romantic feel of the day stood hand in hand with our awesome vendors and their outstanding portrayed styles.


The theme was aimed to capture the attention of bride-to-be’s, and express that stepping outside of the box makes for a beautiful, unique wedding day. At Taylor Parker Photography, our objective is to help the couple express creativity in any way possible.

741a5676741a5708741a5714741a5743741a5764741a5774741a5802741a5804741a5824741a5833741a5864741a5866741a5873741a5890And now a note from Alli from the Beauty Alley:

I was thrilled to be involved in this Bohemian photo shoot!

The bride’s look was natural with a little bit of pop with the lipstick. Her hair was accented with a flower crown. The dress was absolutely beautiful and perfect for the theme.

Once the shoot was finished and Taylor Parker Photography revealed the pictures I was so impressed. The flowers, venue, cake pops, and other items were absolutely perfect and the pictures were breathtaking. This shoot will definitely open a lot of brides minds to the idea of the Bohemian theme!

Taylor Parker Photography did a wonderful job on creating a photo shoot for the Bohemian style and it was an honor to work with her and her creative ideas!


The Line Up:

Photography: Taylor Parker Photography

Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Alley

Cake Pops: Sprinkled Southern 

Paper Goods: Lauren Wingler 



Wedding beauty on its way!

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