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We have such a beautiful bohemian styled bridal shoot to share with you today. Brought to you by bridal designer Kate Beaumont and photographer Shelley Richmond, this gorgeous summer shoot combines the natural colours of the location, which includes wild heather, the muted purple and peach of the bouquet, the pink of the brides hair and make-up and the gorgeous haze of the summer sun. It is a perfect example of how the romance and colours of a natural setting can be used to really showcase the beauty of a bride, groom or both. As Shelley and Kate illustrate through this shoot, if done correctly, the result can really be quite striking.

Kate and Shelley are both based in Sheffield and have been working together over the past year on a set of editorial photoshoots inspired by the seasons. Today we are sharing their Summer Haze shoot which features several different looks with Kate’s Peony Separates (which we LOVE), her Anemone Lace Dress and her Camellia Silk Slip.

Kate and Shelley talk us through the aim of the shoot and each individual look…..

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A Summer Haze…..

Kate: “For our Summer Haze shoot Shelley and I created several different looks with my Peony separates, Anemone lace dress and Camellia silk slip.

We echoed the pink and purple palette of the Peak District’s heather covered hills and Izzy’s vibrant pink hair for our first look. Peony’s gathered polka dot tulle skirt was worn with a metallic pink top and big pink knickers which peeked through the sheer layers as the wind rippled by. We switched the top for Peony’s original boldly pattern lace T-shirt top, worn sheer over a back crop top. (Both Peony pieces would usually be worn over the Camellia slip.)

In the meadow we dressed Izzy in my Anemone all over lace dress – creating a more classically bridal look with this delicate and elegant gown. 

Anemone is worn over the Camellia slip, and we took off the lace dress for our second meadow look.

Izzy wore the beautifully simple Camellia silk satin slip, accessorised with an amazing floral necklace worn backwards accentuating her bare back above the curved V of Camellia’s back neckline.”

Shelley: “For me these seasonal shoots have been about exploring the seasons with nature as a backdrop, we wanted to give brides ideas and inspiration for seasonal looks with Kate’s dresses that would work perfectly for outdoor festival weddings set amongst nature. We wanted to keep the shoots simple and beautiful, all about the bride, the dresses and the season.”

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The Line Up

Photographer: Shelley Richmond 
Bridal Wear: Kate Beaumont 
Hair & Make up: Jenn Edwards 
Flowers : Tracey Campbell 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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