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Afternoon Peeps,

What do you get if you mix a derelict greenhouse with some quirky brides, fabulous photography, beautiful flower bouquets and pins and a man with a floral crown (and yes he does look hot)? Today’s styled shoot of course!

Put together by the lovely Beth Moseley Photography and the very talented Libby Ferris Flowers, this shoot is all about showcasing how something simple like a run down greenhouse can be the home to some very cool and atmospheric wedding photos. Sometimes all you need is a natural background, two people in love and a talented photographer.

Beth talks us through the ideas behind the shoot.

A More Modest, Unassuming Style….

We set our scene inside a derelict greenhouse – an amazing, evocative space that had been neglected and overlooked for years. We didn’t want to disturb the magical, secluded feel of the glasshouse, a space that was sacred to the owners, and so opted for minimal dressing to showcase an uncluttered and unpretentious effect – less is more, if you like, in response to an emerging trend which we have noticed, of living more lightly on the land, and making the personal ceremony reflect a more modest, unassuming style.  In this shoot we were keen to let the venue and the couple star!

We believe that sometimes the most simple looks and details can have the most dramatic impact, and wanted with this shoot to inspire couples to have the confidence to keep it simple.

The ceremony was bathed in pale, late-afternoon sunshine which appeared to high-light the space, and give a soft radiance to the proceedings.

Informal, wild-looking flowers complemented the slightly haphazard surroundings, in a mix of textures and colours for a natural look.  Local, seasonal flowers such as foxgloves, bellflower and romantic “Blanchette” cluster roses were worn in the bride’s hair to complement the bouquet, and set in tiny trophies on the ceremony table.

Greenhouse Shoot-35 Greenhouse Shoot-36 Greenhouse Shoot-37 Greenhouse Shoot-38 Greenhouse Shoot-41 Greenhouse Shoot-44 Greenhouse Shoot-77 Greenhouse Shoot-79

We wanted to keep the clothes quite simple to further reflect the purity of the couple’s intent, and emphasize an effortless look, but layered up the bridal ensemble to add depth and contrast. We felt that we had fantastic potential for evoking a more left-field, inspirational, quirkiness in the brides and grooms styling which fitted in perfectly with our theme. We wanted to mix it up a bit with the textures of the clothes, the colours and shapes of the flowers and the roles of the brides and grooms.

It’s easy to put together an overly elaborate look, but perhaps harder to leave out everything that isn’t essential.

Greenhouse Shoot-2 Greenhouse Shoot-3 Greenhouse Shoot-4Greenhouse Shoot-54Greenhouse Shoot-7 Greenhouse Shoot-8 Greenhouse Shoot-11 Greenhouse Shoot-57Greenhouse Shoot-14 Greenhouse Shoot-16 Greenhouse Shoot-19 Greenhouse Shoot-58 Greenhouse Shoot-60 Greenhouse Shoot-63

Make-Up By Paula Daynes

Being a freelance makeup artist is probably the best career decision I have made to date.  To be able to create beautiful imagery through the power of makeup is so satisfying.  Whether its to make someone feel “their most beautiful” on their wedding day or to go crazy creatively on a fashion or bridal shoot, all aspects of makeup and transformation appeal to me.  There is power in makeup in more ways than is given credit for, sometimes it’s to enhance but also it can be to hide, and both can be used to a positive gain.

I was delighted to be asked to be the makeup artist on this shoot. Being given a creative free reign too is, to any makeup artist, like winning the lottery.  With stunning flowers and dresses as a guide I was able to pick up elements of the surroundings and colourings of the models to really explore and create both soft looks along with some more dramatic makeup styles to suit the changing set and dress choices.  It felt like a dream team on the shoot that day too with the whole team pushing in the same direction, a very long, intense day but the final images were just so beautiful, it was an absolute pleasure.

Greenhouse Shoot-25 Greenhouse Shoot-26 Greenhouse Shoot-28 Greenhouse Shoot-29 Greenhouse Shoot-66Greenhouse Shoot-31Greenhouse Shoot-67 Greenhouse Shoot-70Greenhouse Shoot-72 Greenhouse Shoot-73

Greenhouse Shoot-45 Greenhouse Shoot-46 Greenhouse Shoot-83Greenhouse Shoot-47 Greenhouse Shoot-48 Greenhouse Shoot-49 Greenhouse Shoot-50 Greenhouse Shoot-51 Greenhouse Shoot-85 Greenhouse Shoot-87 Greenhouse Shoot-88 Greenhouse Shoot-91

A Bit About Beth…

I specialise in natural reportage wedding photography, unobtrusively capturing special moments as the day unfolds. With my friendly, relaxed approach, I aim to capture those special moments that make the wedding day and create a stunning, artistic record that can be treasured forever. I work to get the best out of people while bringing my own expertise in creative storytelling and photojournalism. As a wedding photographer, I like to work with the bride and groom to create unique, contemporary, authentic images that capture the love and individuality as a couple.

Whether their day is alternative or traditional, huge or intimate, I bring my own imaginative, colourful take to create high-quality, creative portraits. love to see my clients’ delight in the end result – wedding photos brimming with the atmosphere, love, laughter and fun of a very special occasion. I love what I do! Every wedding is so different from one another, the location, the couple, the details. Styling a shoot enables me to experiment with ideas and work with talented wedding professionals and nurture ideas I can bring into my clients wedding day. This one was so much fun – I couldn’t believe it when we came across this set of derelict greenhouses, they were what I had dreamed of for our shoot but never did i think we would stumped upon! 

A Bit About Libby….

Libby and the team make and deliver beautiful bespoke bouquets and arrangements for customers who appreciate the shop’s individual style. Libby Ferris Flowers is based in Norwich and, since 2005, has been consolidating its reputation as a leading local florist, with the emphasis on highest-quality, seasonal flowers, a friendly, accessible, inclusive approach and very natural, rambling, informal and pared-back design. We run floral design courses and seminars, host hen-parties and more! 

The Line Up

Photography: Beth Moseley Photography
Flowers: Libby Ferris Flowers
Hair: David Knight at The Pavilion, Norwich
Dress: Love Couture
Grooms wear: Jonathan Trumbull, Norwich 
MUA: Paula Daynes Make-Up Artist 
Venue: Tony and Dorothy 
Models: Laura Hughes, Matt White, Tom Kenny, Heather Spanton


Wedding beauty on its way!

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